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Sheopur Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Sheopur district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agra B.OSheopur476332
Arrod B.OSheopur476332
Asida B.OSheopur476337
Awada B.OSheopur476339
Bagadiya B.OSheopur476337
Bagord B.OSheopur476332
Balawani B.OSheopur476335
Bargawan B.OSheopur476355
Beerpur S.OSheopur476335
Bijaipur S.O (Sheopur)Sheopur476332
Bukhari B.OSheopur476339
Chambal Colony Sheopur B.OSheopur476337
Chimalwani B.OSheopur476332
Dantarda Kalan B.OSheopur476337
Dhondha B.OSheopur476332
Dhondhar B.OSheopur476337
Dord B.OSheopur476332
Filozpura B.OSheopur476339
Gadi B.OSheopur476332
Gaswani B.OSheopur476332
Ghunghas B.OSheopur476335
Girdharpur B.OSheopur476337
Gohar B.OSheopur476335
Gohta B.OSheopur476332
Goras B.OSheopur476355
Gurunaawda B.OSheopur476337
Heera Lalka Pura B.OSheopur477332
Heerapura B.OSheopur476335
Iklod B.OSheopur476332
Jaida Mandi B.OSheopur476337
Jaini B.OSheopur476337
Jalalpura B.OSheopur476337
Javasa B.OSheopur476337
Javdeshwar B.OSheopur476337
Kalarna B.OSheopur476337
Kanapur B.OSheopur476337
Karhal S.O (Sheopur)Sheopur476355
Kathon B.OSheopur476332
Kemarakalan B.OSheopur476335
Khirkhiri B.OSheopur476355
Magrdha B.OSheopur476332
Makdawadakalan B.OSheopur476339
Manpur B.OSheopur476337
Nagda B.OSheopur476337
Ochhapura B.OSheopur476335
Pada B.OSheopur476355
Pandola B.OSheopur476339
Premsar B.OSheopur476337
Raghunathpur B.OSheopur476335
Randep B.OSheopur476339
Ratodhan B.OSheopur476339
Sahasram B.OSheopur476332
Sarsai B.OSheopur476355
Sasaipura B.OSheopur476355
Sheopur Baroda S.OSheopur476339
Sheopur S.OSheopur476337
Shyampur B.OSheopur476335
Silpuri B.OSheopur476355
Soi Kalan B.OSheopur476337
Sonthwa B.OSheopur476337
Sunswada B.OSheopur476355
Tarra Kalan B.OSheopur476335
Tillipur B.OSheopur476337
Tulsef B.OSheopur476339
Udhotpura B.OSheopur476339

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