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Rewa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajgarha B.ORewa486003
Akauri B.ORewa486223
Akauri B.ORewa486111
Akauri B.ORewa486556
Amiliya B.ORewa486115
Amilki B.ORewa486550
Amilkoni B.ORewa486220
Amwa B.ORewa486446
Andwa B.ORewa486223
Anjora B.ORewa486220
Ataria B.ORewa486445
Ataria B.ORewa486446
Atraila B.ORewa486226
Atraila B.ORewa486117
Atraila B.ORewa486447
Baba Ki Barauli B.ORewa486223
Babaiya B.ORewa486445
Badagaon Kothar B.ORewa486445
Badagaon B.ORewa486553
Badagaon B.ORewa486226
Badhara B.ORewa486445
Badraon B.ORewa486448
Badwar B.ORewa486553
Bagadha Pidhihan B.ORewa486440
Baheradabar B.ORewa486331
Bahuribandh B.ORewa486446
Bahuti B.ORewa486331
Baikunthpur S.ORewa486441
Bakshera B.ORewa486440
Bandhwa B.ORewa486115
Bans B.ORewa486117
Bansa B.ORewa486550
Bara B.ORewa486445
Barahadi B.ORewa486114
Barahata B.ORewa486331
Barahula B.ORewa486447
Baraon B.ORewa486441
Baraon B.ORewa486331
Barati B.ORewa486123
Barsaita B.ORewa486553
Basahat B.ORewa486226
Basrehi B.ORewa486447
Beeda S.ORewa486446
Belwa Badgaiyan B.ORewa486441
Belwapaikan B.ORewa486114
Bhaluha B.ORewa486340
Bhamra B.ORewa486445
Bhanigawan B.ORewa486223
Bharigawan B.ORewa486341
Bhatlo B.ORewa486550
Bhir B.ORewa486340
Bhita B.ORewa486553
Bholgarh B.ORewa486450
Bhungawan B.ORewa486223
Bichharahta B.ORewa486331
Bihra B.ORewa486450
Bihra B.ORewa486445
Bijhauli B.ORewa486335
Biradei B.ORewa486335
Birkham B.ORewa486446
Budhiya B.ORewa486114
Busaul B.ORewa486445
Chachai B.ORewa486448
Chak S.ORewa486226
Chakdahi B.ORewa486445
Champagarh B.ORewa486223
Chandai B.ORewa486226
Chandpur B.ORewa486220
Chaukhadda B.ORewa486220
Chaukhandi B.ORewa486447
Chaura B.ORewa486226
Chitgarh B.ORewa486445
Chorahata S.ORewa486006
Dabhaura S.ORewa486556
Dagardua B.ORewa486115
Damodar Garh B.ORewa486331
Delhi B.ORewa486441
Delhi B.ORewa486111
Deogaon B.ORewa486111
Deokhar B.ORewa486447
Deora B.ORewa486441
Deora B.ORewa486445
Deorihangaon B.ORewa486340
Deorisengran B.ORewa486340
Deotalab S.ORewa486341
Dewas B.ORewa486441
Dhakhara B.ORewa486226
Dhangan B.ORewa486341
Dhausad B.ORewa486335
Dhawa Tiwariyan B.ORewa486335
Dhawaiya B.ORewa486114
Dhera S.ORewa486333
Dighwar B.ORewa486123
Dihiya B.ORewa486550
Doha B.ORewa486441
Dondar B.ORewa486556
Duara B.ORewa486338
Dubahai Khurd B.ORewa486111
Dubgawan B.ORewa486335
Dubgawan B.ORewa486111
Dulahara B.ORewa486448
Dwari B.ORewa486123
Farahada B.ORewa486333
Gada-137 B.ORewa486223
Gada-138 B.ORewa486223
Gangeo B.ORewa486111
Garh S.ORewa486115
Garhi Soharwa B.ORewa486220
Garhwa B.ORewa486117
Gauri B.ORewa486331
Ghooman B.ORewa486556
Ghopi B.ORewa486111
Golahata B.ORewa486445
Gondari B.ORewa486117
Gondkala B.ORewa486220
Gorgaon B.ORewa486114
Govindgarh S.O (Rewa)Rewa486550
Gurh S.ORewa486553
Handia B.ORewa486115
Hanumana S.ORewa486335
Hardi B.ORewa486553
Hardi Badi B.ORewa486441
Hardi Saon B.ORewa486446
Hardoli B.ORewa486556
Hardua B.ORewa486445
Harrai Badi B.ORewa486445
Hata B.ORewa486335
Hatwa B.ORewa486123
Hatwa B.ORewa486441
Hinauta B.ORewa486446
Hinauti B.ORewa486117
Itma B.ORewa486447
Jadua B.ORewa486445
Jaldar B.ORewa486553
Jamu B.ORewa486441
Jamui B.ORewa486117
Janakhai B.ORewa486223
Janeh B.ORewa486220
Jawa S.ORewa486223
Jay Pee Puram B.ORewa486450
Jaypee Nagar S.ORewa486450
Jhalwar B.ORewa486445
Jodauri B.ORewa486441
Jodhpur B.ORewa486338
Jonha B.ORewa486447
Joraut B.ORewa486111
Judmaniya B.ORewa486341
Kachoor B.ORewa486450
Kailashpur B.ORewa486335
Kakarha B.ORewa486226
Kakredi B.ORewa486445
Kalwari B.ORewa486117
Kanauja B.ORewa486005
Kanchanpur B.ORewa486447
Kanchanpur B.ORewa486441
Kandaila B.ORewa486441
Kankar B.ORewa486117
Kapsa B.ORewa486446
Karaundi B.ORewa486553
Kashiyargaon B.ORewa486117
Katki B.ORewa486440
Katra S.O (Rewa)Rewa486117
Keoti B.ORewa486117
Khadda B.ORewa486446
Khair B.ORewa486440
Khaira B.ORewa486441
Khaira B.ORewa486006
Khaira Kankesra B.ORewa486123
Khajha B.ORewa486223
Khajuha Kala B.ORewa486553
Khamaria Chaubey B.ORewa486445
Kharhari B.ORewa486440
Kharihan B.ORewa486448
Kharra B.ORewa486115
Khatkhari B.ORewa486331
Khaur B.ORewa486005
Khodwani B.ORewa486335
Konigadehara B.ORewa486447
Koniyakala B.ORewa486223
Korigawan B.ORewa486340
Kota B.ORewa486556
Kotrakala B.ORewa486220
Kotwa B.ORewa486556
Kuiyakala B.ORewa486123
Kulbaheria B.ORewa486333
Kumhra Judwani B.ORewa486445
Kushwar B.ORewa486445
Kuthila B.ORewa486223
Lalgaon B.ORewa486117
Lalitpur B.ORewa486550
Lasa B.ORewa486335
Laulachh B.ORewa486445
Laxmanpur B.ORewa486005
Laxmanpur S.O (Rewa)Rewa486440
Lohi B.ORewa486005
Look B.ORewa486447
Maddepur B.ORewa486450
Madhi B.ORewa486111
Mado B.ORewa486441
Madri B.ORewa486117
Madri B.ORewa486556
Madwa B.ORewa486550
Mahmoodpur B.ORewa486111
Mahsaon B.ORewa486553
Mahsua B.ORewa486114
Majhgawan B.ORewa486335
Majhigawan B.ORewa486226
Majhigawan B.ORewa486440
Majhiyar B.ORewa486440
Mangawan S.ORewa486111
Mangi B.ORewa486226
Manikwar S.ORewa486123
Mankahari B.ORewa486440
Matima B.ORewa486441
Mau B.ORewa486448
Mauganj S.ORewa486331
Misirgawan B.ORewa486331
Moharba B.ORewa486446
Mudaria B.ORewa486331
Mukundpur B.ORewa486550
Nadna B.ORewa486441
Naigarhi S.ORewa486340
Naudhia B.ORewa486114
Naudhiya B.ORewa486341
Naunkala B.ORewa486335
Nawagaon B.ORewa486111
Neega B.ORewa486550
Negura B.ORewa486223
Nipania B.ORewa486006
Pachpahra B.ORewa486111
Padar B.ORewa486333
Padariya B.ORewa486123
Padra B.ORewa486114
Padri B.ORewa486448
Padri B.ORewa486226
Pahadi B.ORewa486331
Paharkha B.ORewa486115
Paikangaon B.ORewa486115
Paipakhara B.ORewa486450
Palhan B.ORewa486441
Panni B.ORewa486333
Panti B.ORewa486335
Pantibadi B.ORewa486553
Panwar B.ORewa486556
Parasi B.ORewa486115
Parasiya B.ORewa486223
Pariharinpurwa B.ORewa486447
Patauta B.ORewa486553
Patehara B.ORewa486335
Patehara B.ORewa486331
Patehara S.ORewa486447
Pathari B.ORewa486448
Pathat B.ORewa486447
Patiyari B.ORewa486223
Patulkhi B.ORewa486331
Phool B.ORewa486331
Phulha B.ORewa486115
Piprahi B.ORewa486335
Purani Jagir B.ORewa486446
Purauna B.ORewa486447
Purwa B.ORewa486341
Purwa B.ORewa486445
Ragauli B.ORewa486445
Raghunathganj S.ORewa486338
Raghurajgarh B.ORewa486111
Rahat B.ORewa486446
Raipur Karchulion S.ORewa486114
Raipur Sonauri B.ORewa486226
Rajadhau B.ORewa486331
Rajgarh B.ORewa486448
Ramnai B.ORewa486114
Rampur Teonther B.ORewa486340
Ratahara B.ORewa486003
Ratangawan B.ORewa486333
Raura B.ORewa486114
Rausar B.ORewa486006
Rehi B.ORewa486220
Rewa AG College S.ORewa486001
Rewa APSU S.ORewa486003
Rewa Bansagar Coloney S.ORewa486005
Rewa Bicchiya Road S.ORewa486001
Rewa Chauhatta S.ORewa486001
Rewa Chirahula S.ORewa486001
Rewa City S.ORewa486001
Rewa Engineering College S.ORewa486002
Rewa Ghoghar Mohalla S.ORewa486001
Rewa H.ORewa486001
Rewa Medical College S.ORewa486001
Rewa Uprahaty S.ORewa486001
Rewa Venkat Bhawan S.ORewa486001
Rithi B.ORewa486553
Rupauli B.ORewa486446
Sadahana B.ORewa486448
Sagara B.ORewa486338
Sagra B.ORewa486440
Sansarpur B.ORewa486441
Sarai Unmulan B.ORewa486117
Saraisenger B.ORewa486338
Sarui B.ORewa486220
Sathini B.ORewa486440
Semariya S.ORewa486445
Shahpur B.ORewa486331
Shahpur B.ORewa485331
Shahpur B.ORewa486441
Shivrajpur B.ORewa486340
Shukulgawan B.ORewa486550
Shukulgawan B.ORewa486123
Silpari B.ORewa486338
Sirmour S.ORewa486448
Sirsa B.ORewa486111
Sitapur B.ORewa486333
Sitlaha B.ORewa486223
Sohagi B.ORewa486226
Soharwa B.ORewa486220
Sonaura B.ORewa486003
Sonauri B.ORewa486226
Sonversa B.ORewa486117
Suji B.ORewa486123
Sujwar B.ORewa486441
Sukwar B.ORewa486446
Supiya B.ORewa486550
Sura B.ORewa486114
Sursa B.ORewa486114
Tamarabasi B.ORewa486006
Tamradesh B.ORewa486123
Tangha B.ORewa486223
Teoni B.ORewa486111
Teonthar S.ORewa486220
Thp Sirmour S.ORewa486451
Tighara B.ORewa486445
Tikar B.ORewa486550
Tikuri Unmulan B.ORewa486115
Tilkhan B.ORewa486441
Ulahikhurd B.ORewa486123
Umari B.ORewa486114
Umari B.ORewa486448
Umari Govindpur B.ORewa486226
Unchi Auni B.ORewa486223
Vasigada B.ORewa486331

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