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Panna Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Panna district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adhrod B.OPanna488442
Ahirgawan B.OPanna488001
Ajaigarh S.OPanna488220
Amerchhi B.OPanna488222
Aramganj B.OPanna488220
Badagaon B.OPanna488333
Badwara B.OPanna488333
Baghwar B.OPanna488442
Bagrod B.OPanna488442
Baharasar B.OPanna488441
Banahari Kala B.OPanna488220
Banoli B.OPanna488220
Banuli B.OPanna488442
Baragarhi Camp B.OPanna488001
Baramajhaganj B.OPanna488220
Bari B.OPanna488442
Barkheda B.OPanna488442
Barkola B.OPanna488220
Barrach S.OPanna488051
Barsobha B.OPanna488441
Bhapatpura Kurmiyana B.OPanna488220
Bhilsain B.OPanna488333
Bhitrimutmuri B.OPanna488333
Bilgarhi B.OPanna488441
Bilha B.OPanna488050
Bira B.OPanna488220
Birsinghpur B.OPanna488446
Birwahi B.OPanna488333
Bisani B.OPanna488448
Bonda B.OPanna488441
Bori B.OPanna488448
Brijpur B.OPanna488001
Chandora B.OPanna488220
Dadwaria B.OPanna488333
Dalan Choki B.OPanna488001
Deogaon B.OPanna488220
Deorabhapatpur B.OPanna488220
Deori B.OPanna488442
Deoriranwana B.OPanna488441
Devendra Nagar S.OPanna488333
Dhanwaha B.OPanna488442
Dharampur S.O (Panna)Panna488222
Diya B.OPanna488001
Dwari B.OPanna488001
Gajanda B.OPanna488448
Ganj B.OPanna488333
Ganjabdagaon B.OPanna488442
Gargipadaria B.OPanna488050
Girwara B.OPanna488333
Gunnor S.OPanna488059
Gunore B.OPanna488050
Gurdinpur B.OPanna488222
Hardi B.OPanna488220
Harduwa Camp B.OPanna488001
Hardwahi B.OPanna488051
Hathkuri B.OPanna488446
Hirapur B.OPanna488442
Itain B.OPanna488446
Itwan B.OPanna488001
Itwankala B.OPanna488051
Jamuniyai B.OPanna488001
Janakpur B.OPanna488001
Jarguwn B.OPanna488442
Jaswantpura B.OPanna488001
Jhaladumari B.OPanna488442
Jharkuwan B.OPanna488441
Jigdaha B.OPanna488333
Jijgaon B.OPanna488441
Kachori B.OPanna488448
Kakarahti S.OPanna488050
Kalda B.OPanna488333
Kamtana B.OPanna488441
Karhai B.OPanna488446
Karya B.OPanna488442
Kathbariya B.OPanna488333
Khamariya B.OPanna488442
Khamariya B.OPanna488448
Khora B.OPanna488222
Kiratpur B.OPanna488222
Kishangarh B.OPanna488446
Kunjwan B.OPanna488001
Kunwarpur B.OPanna488220
Lahargawan B.OPanna488050
Lamtara B.OPanna488448
Laxmipur B.OPanna488001
Madhvaganj B.OPanna488220
Madwa B.OPanna488442
Maharajganj B.OPanna488442
Maheba B.OPanna488441
Mahendra B.OPanna488442
Mahod B.OPanna488442
Majhgaon S.OPanna488101
Makhanpur B.OPanna488222
Mandla B.OPanna488001
Manipur B.OPanna488222
Mudwari B.OPanna488050
Murachha B.OPanna488446
N.M.D.C Panna B.OPanna488001
Nachnora B.OPanna488050
Nanchanda B.OPanna488448
Nandanpura B.OPanna488222
Narayanpura B.OPanna488446
Nardaha B.OPanna488222
Nawasta B.OPanna488220
Nayagaon B.OPanna488222
Padara B.OPanna488441
Padaraha B.OPanna488220
Padariyakala B.OPanna488446
Paderi B.OPanna488050
Palli B.OPanna488051
Panna Baldeo Bazar S.OPanna488001
Panna Coll S.OPanna488001
Panna Gandhi Chowk S.OPanna488001
Panna S.OPanna488001
Patanakala B.OPanna488442
Patankala B.OPanna488050
Patatamoli B.OPanna488333
Pawai S.O (Panna)Panna488446
Phadi Khera B.OPanna488001
Pharswaha B.OPanna488220
Piperwaha B.OPanna488441
Pista B.OPanna488220
Pondi B.OPanna488333
Purena B.OPanna488441
Purena B.OPanna488448
Raiguwan B.OPanna488446
Raipura B.OPanna488442
Ramkheria B.OPanna488001
Rampur B.OPanna488448
Richhora B.OPanna488050
Rohaniya B.OPanna488448
Sahanagar S.O (Panna)Panna488448
Sakariya B.OPanna488050
Saleha B.OPanna488333
Samana B.OPanna488001
Sarangpur B.OPanna488448
Sathniya B.OPanna488050
Selon B.OPanna488220
Sikarpura B.OPanna488446
Simarakala B.OPanna488446
Simari B.OPanna488446
Simariya S.OPanna488442
Singhpur B.OPanna488220
Subdua B.OPanna488220
Sudor B.OPanna488448
Sugraha B.OPanna488448
Sumgaraha B.OPanna488050
Sundara B.OPanna488333
Sunwani Kala B.OPanna488441
Syameradanda B.OPanna488333
Tai B.OPanna488441
Tarajharukuwa B.OPanna488001
Tikariya B.OPanna488446
Umari B.OPanna488050

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