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Morena Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Morena district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adhanpur B.OMorena476111
Ahroli B.OMorena476224
Aisa B.OMorena476134
Amilheda B.OMorena476111
Arhela B.OMorena476219
Atar B.OMorena476229
Badawali B.OMorena476115
Badhrentha B.OMorena476229
Baghchini S.OMorena476219
Baghel B.OMorena476221
Baghpura B.OMorena476134
Bamsoli B.OMorena476229
Banmore S.OMorena476444
Barbai B.OMorena476111
Bareh B.OMorena476111
Barrend B.OMorena476224
Bertha B.OMorena476001
Bharra B.OMorena476224
Bhindosa B.OMorena476554
Bijaigarh B.OMorena476111
Bilgoun B.OMorena476221
Bindwa B.OMorena476111
Bisnori B.OMorena476221
Budhara B.OMorena476115
Chaina B.OMorena476219
Chandkapura B.OMorena476111
Chandpur B.OMorena476134
Chhajra B.OMorena476221
Chichawali B.OMorena476554
Chinnnoni Karera B.OMorena476221
Chinnoni Chambal B.OMorena476224
Chowki B.OMorena476229
Datehara B.OMorena476554
Deogarh B.OMorena476219
Devpur Maphi B.OMorena476229
Dhamkan B.OMorena476221
Dhanela B.OMorena476444
Dharmgarh B.OMorena476115
Dhorera B.OMorena476221
Dikhatpura B.OMorena476001
Dimni S.OMorena476134
Dipera B.OMorena476224
Distt. Court Morena S.OMorena476001
Dondari B.OMorena476115
Gadhia Raipur B.OMorena476111
Gadhiya B.OMorena476115
Galetha B.OMorena476219
Ghuriya Basai B.OMorena476221
Gopalpura Morena S.OMorena476001
Gopi B.OMorena476554
Gospur B.OMorena476001
Goth B.OMorena476111
Gudha Chambal B.OMorena476219
Hadwansi B.OMorena476219
Hathariya B.OMorena476221
Hetampur B.OMorena476001
Hingona B.OMorena476001
Hirapura B.OMorena476229
Imliya B.OMorena476221
Itawali B.OMorena476221
Jai Nagar B.OMorena476444
Jaitpur B.OMorena476444
Jakhona B.OMorena476134
Jalalgarh B.OMorena476229
Jaloni B.OMorena476111
Jarah B.OMorena476001
Javrol B.OMorena476229
Jhundpura B.OMorena476224
Jigani B.OMorena476001
Jonhan B.OMorena476111
Jotai B.OMorena476115
Joura city B.OMorena476221
Joura Khurd B.OMorena476001
Joura S.OMorena476221
Kamtari B.OMorena476111
Kanhar B.OMorena476228
Karari B.OMorena476134
Karsada B.OMorena476115
Kasmada B.OMorena476111
Kelaras S.OMorena476224
Khadiahar S.OMorena476554
Khandkapura B.OMorena476111
Khandoli B.OMorena476001
Khaneta B.OMorena476001
Kharagpur B.OMorena476444
Kheda Mevda B.OMorena476001
Khitora B.OMorena476219
Khutiyanihar B.OMorena476224
Kichol B.OMorena476115
Kirranch B.OMorena476115
Kishanpur B.OMorena476001
Kishorgarh B.OMorena476229
Kishroli B.OMorena476111
Kolua B.OMorena476554
Kondera B.OMorena476224
Konthar Kalan B.OMorena476115
Konthar Kurd B.OMorena476115
Kot Sirthara B.OMorena476228
Kotwal B.OMorena476001
Kulholi B.OMorena476229
Kumheri B.OMorena476219
Kuretha B.OMorena476115
Kurroli B.OMorena476224
Kurthari B.OMorena476115
Kuthiyana B.OMorena476134
Lahrra B.OMorena476228
Laljeetkapura B.OMorena476111
Lalkapura Dohrota B.OMorena476115
Lallu Basai B.OMorena476554
Lalorkalan B.OMorena476001
Ludhawali B.OMorena476111
Madhogarh B.OMorena476224
Mahasukhkapura B.OMorena476111
Mahua B.OMorena476111
Malbasai B.OMorena476111
Mamchon B.OMorena476228
Mangrol B.OMorena476229
Manpur Rajpooti B.OMorena476554
Mata Basaiya B.OMorena476001
Mirghan B.OMorena476554
Mohanpur B.OMorena476219
Morena City S.OMorena476001
Morena Goun B.OMorena476001
Morena H.OMorena476001
Morena Mandi S.OMorena476001
Mrigpura B.OMorena476001
Mudiakheda B.OMorena476001
Mundrawaja B.OMorena476221
Mungaoli B.OMorena476001
Nagra B.OMorena476115
Nagra B.OMorena476001
Nahar Donki B.OMorena476219
Nand Gangoli B.OMorena476219
Nandpura B.OMorena476219
Narhela B.OMorena476221
Navali Badagoun B.OMorena476554
Nayakpura B.OMorena476001
Nayapura B.OMorena476111
Nepari B.OMorena476224
Nirar B.OMorena476228
Nirara B.OMorena476224
Nitehara B.OMorena476221
Noorabad B.OMorena476444
Pachokha B.OMorena476224
Padhawali B.OMorena476444
Pahadgarh S.OMorena476228
Panchampura B.OMorena476219
Pariksha B.OMorena476554
Parikshit Ka Pura B.OMorena476111
Paroli B.OMorena476444
Parsota B.OMorena476221
Pawaya B.OMorena476444
Piparipooth B.OMorena476115
Pipersewa B.OMorena476444
Porsa S.OMorena476115
Purawas Khurd B.OMorena476554
Rachhed B.OMorena476111
Rahu Ka Gaoun B.OMorena476229
Raja Ka Tor B.OMorena476229
Rajodha B.OMorena476115
Ram Pahadi B.OMorena476229
Rampurkalan B.OMorena476229
Ratan Basai B.OMorena476111
Rijhoni B.OMorena476224
Rithona B.OMorena476111
Rithorakalan B.OMorena476444
Ruar B.OMorena476111
Ruar Maina Basai B.OMorena476221
Runhera B.OMorena476111
Rupahati B.OMorena476111
Sabalgarh Mandi S.OMorena476229
Sabalgarh S.OMorena476229
Samai B.OMorena476224
Sangoli B.OMorena476115
Santhon B.OMorena476115
Semna B.OMorena476229
Senthar Badai B.OMorena476115
Senthara Ahir B.OMorena476115
Shivlal Ka Pura B.OMorena476001
Sihoniya B.OMorena476554
Sihori B.OMorena476001
Sikorodi B.OMorena476554
Sikrodi B.OMorena476444
Silawali B.OMorena476115
Singroli B.OMorena476224
Sirmorkapura B.OMorena476134
Sujangadi B.OMorena476224
Sujarma B.OMorena476224
Sukhpura B.OMorena476219
Sumaoli B.OMorena476221
Susani B.OMorena476221
Tareni B.OMorena476115
Tentra B.OMorena476229
Thara B.OMorena476111
Tilawali B.OMorena476219
Tilonjari B.OMorena476228
Uasith B.OMorena476111
Ummedgarh Bansi B.OMorena476219
Usainpur B.OMorena476224

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