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Mandla Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahmadpur B.OMandla481998
Amgaon B.OMandla481885
Anjani B.OMandla481995
Anjania S.OMandla481998
Aurai B.OMandla481998
Bakori B.OMandla481661
Bamhani B.OMandla481885
Bamnhi Bhawal B.OMandla481662
Bamni Deohara B.OMandla481664
Bamni S.OMandla481771
Barai B.OMandla481995
Barwahi B.OMandla481662
Beejadandi S.OMandla481666
Bhaishwahi B.OMandla481664
Bhartipur B.OMandla481662
Bharweli B.OMandla481668
Bhimdongari B.OMandla481996
Bhuabichhia S.OMandla481995
Bichhia B.OMandla481885
Bijegaon B.OMandla481662
Bijegaon Colony B.OMandla481668
Bilgaon B.OMandla481661
Bineka B.OMandla481661
Binjhia B.OMandla481661
Borgaon B.OMandla481662
Chabi S.OMandla481672
Chandwara B.OMandla481661
Chhapartala B.OMandla481996
Chichgaon B.OMandla481768
Chirai Dongri B.OMandla481662
Chiraidongri S.OMandla481768
Chubhawal B.OMandla481663
Danitola B.OMandla481995
Deogaon B.OMandla481663
Deori Nainpur B.OMandla481668
Deorikala B.OMandla481885
Dhadibhanpur B.OMandla481995
Dhangaon B.OMandla481996
Dhenko B.OMandla481771
Dithori B.OMandla481668
Gajraj B.OMandla481664
Gaurachhapar B.OMandla481776
Ghagha B.OMandla481661
Ghughri S.OMandla481664
Ghutas B.OMandla481995
Gokulthana B.OMandla481776
Gwara B.OMandla481885
Hirdenagar B.OMandla481661
I.T.I. B.OMandla481661
Indri B.OMandla481768
Itka B.OMandla481776
Jaharmau B.OMandla481771
Jamgaon B.OMandla481776
Kakaiya B.OMandla481771
Kalpi B.OMandla481662
Kanha National Park B.OMandla481768
Kanhadgaon B.OMandla481668
Katra B.OMandla481661
Kauwadongri B.OMandla481663
Keolari B.OMandla481995
Khajari B.OMandla481664
Khaloundi B.OMandla481996
Khari B.OMandla481661
Khatola B.OMandla481995
Kindari B.OMandla481661
Koko B.OMandla481995
Kudameli B.OMandla481662
Kudela B.OMandla481996
Lafra B.OMandla481771
Lawarmundia B.OMandla481662
Limarua B.OMandla481771
Machhala B.OMandla481663
Madhopur B.OMandla481998
Madhupuri B.OMandla481661
Maharajpur S.O (Mandla)Mandla481665
Mainpuri B.OMandla481995
Malara Bichhua B.OMandla481665
Manadehi B.OMandla481665
Mand B.OMandla481998
Mandla City B.OMandla481661
Mandla H.OMandla481661
Maneri B.OMandla481885
Mangali B.OMandla481996
Mawai B.OMandla481996
Meda B.OMandla481996
Mohania Patpara B.OMandla481661
Mohgaon S.OMandla481663
Motinala B.OMandla481996
Mugdara B.OMandla481771
Munu B.OMandla481663
Naharganj B.OMandla481996
Naijhar(Pondi) B.OMandla481995
Nainpur S.OMandla481776
Niwas S.OMandla481885
Padariyanarayan Ganj S.OMandla481662
Padaw Mandla S.OMandla481661
Padmi B.OMandla481661
Padri Patpara B.OMandla481661
Palasunder B.OMandla481768
Pandiwada B.OMandla481662
Patan B.OMandla481664
Patha B.OMandla481662
Pathasihora B.OMandla481668
Pindrai S.OMandla481668
Piparia (B) B.OMandla481662
Piparia Niwas B.OMandla481885
Poninagrar B.OMandla481662
Poundi Jhurki B.OMandla481672
Poundi Linga B.OMandla481661
Poundibaharmunda B.OMandla481996
Purwa B.OMandla481661
Raiwada B.OMandla481668
Rajo B.OMandla481996
Ramhepur B.OMandla481664
Ramnagar B.OMandla481661
Rampuri B.OMandla481768
Rata B.OMandla481768
Sahjar B.OMandla481672
Salwah B.OMandla481664
Semarkhapa B.OMandla481661
Sijhora S.OMandla481996
Silghiti B.OMandla481664
Silgi B.OMandla481771
Singarpur B.OMandla481663
Suktara B.OMandla481998
Surhali B.OMandla481672
Tabalpani B.OMandla481995
Tatri B.OMandla481768
Thanamgaon B.OMandla481885
Thonda B.OMandla481995
Udaipur B.OMandla481662
Umardih B.OMandla481663

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