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Indore Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Indore district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agra B.OIndore453115
Ajnod B.OIndore453551
Army Head Quarter S.OIndore452006
Attahada B.OIndore453115
Atwada B.OIndore453001
Aurangpura B.OIndore453001
Bachhoda B.OIndore453220
Badgonda B.OIndore453441
Badodia Khan B.OIndore453551
Bai B.OIndore453441
Baloda Tkun B.OIndore453551
Banadia B.OIndore453115
Baoliakhurd B.OIndore452016
Barlai Jagir B.OIndore453771
Betma S.OIndore453001
Bhagana B.OIndore453111
Bhagirath Pura B.OIndore452003
Bhagora B.OIndore453441
Bhanwrasala B.OIndore453111
Bhatkhedi B.OIndore453441
Bhilbadoli B.OIndore453220
Bicholi Mardana B.OIndore452016
Bijalpur B.OIndore452012
Bijasan Road S.OIndore452005
Binawda B.OIndore453001
Burankhedi B.OIndore452016
Chadoda B.OIndore453220
Chambal B.OIndore453220
Chittoda B.OIndore453551
Choral B.OIndore453441
Chordia B.OIndore453441
Dakachia B.OIndore453771
Datoda B.OIndore452020
Depalpur S.OIndore453115
Dhannad B.OIndore453001
Dharnaka B.OIndore453441
Dudhia B.OIndore452016
Farkodha B.OIndore453220
FC Ganj B.OIndore453551
Gandhinagar S.O (Indore)Indore453112
Gautampura S.OIndore453220
Gawlipalasia B.OIndore453441
Girota B.OIndore453220
Gokulpur B.OIndore453115
Gujarkheda B.OIndore453441
Guran B.OIndore453551
Gurunanak Chauk S.OIndore452007
Harsola B.OIndore453441
Hasalpur B.OIndore453661
Hatod S.OIndore453111
Indore Cat S.OIndore452013
Indore CGO Complex S.OIndore452001
Indore City-2 S.OIndore452002
Indore Cloth Market S.OIndore452002
Indore Collectorate S.OIndore452007
Indore Courts S.OIndore452007
Indore DDU Nagar S.OIndore452010
Indore G.P.O.Indore452001
Indore Industrial Area S.OIndore452003
Indore Kanadia Road S.OIndore452016
Indore Khajrana S.OIndore452016
Indore Kumar Khadi S.OIndore452015
Indore Malwa Mill S.OIndore452003
Indore Manorama Ganj S.OIndore452001
Indore Nagar H.OIndore452007
Indore Pardesipura S.OIndore452003
Indore R.S.S.Nagar S.OIndore452011
Indore Raj Mohalla S.OIndore452002
Indore Ram Bagh S.OIndore452007
Indore Siyaganj S.OIndore452007
Indore Takshashila S.OIndore452001
Indore Tillaknagar S.OIndore452018
Indore Tukoganj S.OIndore452001
Indore Uchchanyayalay S.OIndore452001
Industrial Estate S.O (Indore)Indore452015
Jalodiyagyan B.OIndore453220
Jamburdi Sarwar B.OIndore453111
Jamburdihapsi B.OIndore453112
Jamli B.OIndore453441
Jhalaria B.OIndore452016
Jindakheda B.OIndore453551
Joshiguradia B.OIndore452020
Juni Indore S.OIndore452007
Kachalia B.OIndore453551
Kadwali Bujurg B.OIndore453771
Kalaria B.OIndore453001
Kallibillod B.OIndore453001
Kalmer B.OIndore453111
Kamadpur B.OIndore453661
Kampel B.OIndore452020
Kanadia B.OIndore452016
Kankariapal B.OIndore453551
Kanwasa B.OIndore453220
Karadia B.OIndore453001
Kasturbagram S.OIndore452020
Kelod B.OIndore453441
Kelodkartal B.OIndore452020
Khatiwala Tank S.OIndore452014
Khedi Sihod B.OIndore453661
Khudel B.OIndore452016
Khurdi B.OIndore453661
Kishanganj B.OIndore453441
Kodria B.OIndore453441
Kudana B.OIndore453551
Lasudia B.OIndore453771
Limbiodapar B.OIndore453115
Lokmanya Nagar Indore S.OIndore452009
Machal B.OIndore453001
Machla B.OIndore452020
Maithwada B.OIndore453001
Manglia S.OIndore453771
Manpur S.O (Indore)Indore453661
Men B.OIndore453441
Mendakwasa B.OIndore453220
Mhow Cantt S.OIndore453441
Mhow Gaon B.OIndore453441
Mhow Railway Stattion S.OIndore453441
Mhow S.OIndore453441
Murkheda B.OIndore453115
Nanda Nagar S.OIndore452011
Neori B.OIndore453115
Pagnispaga Indore S.OIndore452007
Palakhedi B.OIndore453112
Palda B.OIndore452020
Paliya B.OIndore453111
Panod B.OIndore453771
Paphund B.OIndore453661
Pedmi B.OIndore452020
Pigdamber B.OIndore453331
Pipalda B.OIndore452020
Piwdai B.OIndore452020
Radio Colony Indore S.OIndore452001
Rajendra Nagar S.O (Indore)Indore452012
Rajoda B.OIndore453551
Rangwasa B.OIndore453331
Rangwasa B.OIndore453001
Rao S.OIndore453331
Rasalpura S.OIndore453446
Rolai B.OIndore453001
Sadar Bazar Indore S.OIndore452006
Sagdod B.OIndore453001
Sanawadia B.OIndore452016
Sanwer Link Road Indore S.OIndore452010
Sanwer S.OIndore453551
Semlia Chau B.OIndore452016
Shri Aurobindo S.OIndore453555
Simrol B.OIndore452020
Sirpur B.OIndore452002
Sivani B.OIndore452016
Solsinda B.OIndore453551
Sonway Bhensolay Audygik Kshet S.OIndore453332
Sudama Nagar S.OIndore452009
Sumtha B.OIndore453115
Tihi B.OIndore453331
Tillorbujurg B.OIndore452020
Tillorkhurd B.OIndore452020
Todi B.OIndore453771
Umaria B.OIndore453331
Vallabhnagar S.O (Indore)Indore452003
Vijay Nagar S.OIndore452010
Yashwant Nagar B.OIndore453661

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