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East Nimar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under East Nimar district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aabud B.OEast Nimar450337
Ahmedpur Khaigaon B.OEast Nimar450001
Anand Nagar S.O (East Nimar)East Nimar450001
Arud B.OEast Nimar450661
Asirgarh B.OEast Nimar450331
Attar B.OEast Nimar450551
Atud B.OEast Nimar450551
Aulia B.OEast Nimar450661
Awliya B.OEast Nimar450117
Badgaon Gujar B.OEast Nimar450001
Badgaon Mali B.OEast Nimar450001
Bagmar B.OEast Nimar450001
Bahadarpur B.OEast Nimar450331
Bahadarpur B.OEast Nimar451441
Balwada B.OEast Nimar450881
Bamanda B.OEast Nimar450881
Bangarda B.OEast Nimar450551
Barud B.OEast Nimar450116
Barud B.OEast Nimar450771
Basad B.OEast Nimar450331
Bhaganwa B.OEast Nimar450117
Bhagwanpura B.OEast Nimar450110
Bhagwanpura B.OEast Nimar450051
Bhakrada B.OEast Nimar450991
Bhamgarh B.OEast Nimar450001
Bhawasa B.OEast Nimar450445
Bhojakhedi B.OEast Nimar450771
Bilud B.OEast Nimar450661
Bir S.O (East Nimar)East Nimar450110
Biroda B.OEast Nimar450331
Boradi B.OEast Nimar450551
Borgaon Bujurg B.OEast Nimar450337
Borgaon Khurd B.OEast Nimar450001
Bori Bujurg B.OEast Nimar450331
Borisaray B.OEast Nimar450116
Borkheda Kalan B.OEast Nimar450110
Borkheda Singaji B.OEast Nimar450110
Burhanpur City S.OEast Nimar450331
Burhanpur R.S. S.OEast Nimar450331
Burhanpur Rajpura S.OEast Nimar450331
Burhanpur S.OEast Nimar450331
Chandani B.OEast Nimar450221
Chhegaon Makhan S.OEast Nimar450771
Chirwel B.OEast Nimar450771
Dabhi B.OEast Nimar450661
Dabhiyakheda B.OEast Nimar450221
Dapora B.OEast Nimar450445
Dargah-e-hakimi B.OEast Nimar450331
Daryapur B.OEast Nimar450331
Dedtalai B.OEast Nimar450332
Deola B.OEast Nimar450001
Deshgaon B.OEast Nimar450771
Devalikalan B.OEast Nimar450051
Dhamangaon B.OEast Nimar450445
Dhangaon B.OEast Nimar450551
Dharampuri B.OEast Nimar450001
Dhawadi B.OEast Nimar450117
Dhulkot B.OEast Nimar450331
Diwal B.OEast Nimar450661
Doifodia B.OEast Nimar450331
Dongargaon B.OEast Nimar450001
Gadbadi B.OEast Nimar450116
Gandhwa B.OEast Nimar450881
Ganesh Talai Khandwa S.OEast Nimar450001
Ghagharla B.OEast Nimar450221
Ghaspura Khandwa S.OEast Nimar450001
Ghoghalgaon B.OEast Nimar450551
Goradiya B.OEast Nimar450661
Gudi B.OEast Nimar450881
Gujarkhedi B.OEast Nimar450114
Gulai B.OEast Nimar450331
Gulai B.OEast Nimar450117
Gulgaon Raiyat B.OEast Nimar450112
Haidarpur B.OEast Nimar450221
Haraswada B.OEast Nimar450771
Hasinabad B.OEast Nimar450331
Ichhapur B.OEast Nimar450445
Indhawadi B.OEast Nimar450114
Jainabad B.OEast Nimar450331
Jaitapur B.OEast Nimar450116
Jalwa Bujurg B.OEast Nimar450112
Jamkota B.OEast Nimar450112
Jamnapur B.OEast Nimar450117
Jasondi B.OEast Nimar450331
Jaswadi S.OEast Nimar450881
Jawar S.O (East Nimar)East Nimar450991
Kalamkhurd B.OEast Nimar450117
Kalmukhi B.OEast Nimar450551
Karpur B.OEast Nimar450881
Kehlari B.OEast Nimar450991
Kelwakhurd B.OEast Nimar450114
Kesun B.OEast Nimar450551
Khaknar S.OEast Nimar450332
Khalwa S.OEast Nimar450117
Khamni B.OEast Nimar450445
Khandwa H.OEast Nimar450001
Khandwa Ratagarh S.OEast Nimar450001
Kharkalan S.OEast Nimar450051
Kharwa B.OEast Nimar450661
Khatla B.OEast Nimar450661
Khedi B.OEast Nimar450001
Khidgaon B.OEast Nimar450881
Khirala B.OEast Nimar450337
Khokaria B.OEast Nimar450117
Khutla B.OEast Nimar450551
Kohdar B.OEast Nimar450001
Kolgaon B.OEast Nimar450991
Kondawat B.OEast Nimar450771
Kotha B.OEast Nimar450117
Kukshi Raiyat B.OEast Nimar450116
Kumtha B.OEast Nimar450881
Lahadpur B.OEast Nimar450116
Loni B.OEast Nimar450331
Mahalgurada B.OEast Nimar450331
Malgaon B.OEast Nimar450551
Malud B.OEast Nimar450116
Mandla B.OEast Nimar450991
Manjrodkala B.OEast Nimar450332
Matpur B.OEast Nimar450551
Mitawal B.OEast Nimar450661
Mohad B.OEast Nimar450445
Mohana B.OEast Nimar450551
Mokalgaon B.OEast Nimar450771
Mortakka B.OEast Nimar450554
Mundi S.OEast Nimar450112
Nachankheda B.OEast Nimar450445
Nagjhiri B.OEast Nimar450332
Nagotar B.OEast Nimar450117
Narmada Nagar S.O (East Nimar)East Nimar450119
Naya Harsud S.OEast Nimar450116
Nazarpura B.OEast Nimar450116
Nepanagar S.OEast Nimar450221
Netangaon B.OEast Nimar450551
Nimbola B.OEast Nimar450331
Nishania B.OEast Nimar450116
Padawa Khandwa B.OEast Nimar451115
Padlya B.OEast Nimar450117
Padlya B.OEast Nimar450001
Palasur B.OEast Nimar450221
Pandhana S.OEast Nimar450661
Paretha B.OEast Nimar450332
Patajan B.OEast Nimar450117
Patonda B.OEast Nimar450331
Phiphari B.OEast Nimar450117
Phophanar B.OEast Nimar450445
Pipalpani B.OEast Nimar450332
Piplani B.OEast Nimar450116
Piplod B.OEast Nimar450881
Piplya Tahar B.OEast Nimar450001
Punasa S.OEast Nimar450114
Purani B.OEast Nimar450112
Raitalai B.OEast Nimar450332
Rajgadh B.OEast Nimar450881
Rajur B.OEast Nimar450001
Rangaon B.OEast Nimar450991
Rohini B.OEast Nimar450991
Roshiya B.OEast Nimar450771
Roshni B.OEast Nimar450117
Rustampur S.OEast Nimar450337
Sahejla B.OEast Nimar450991
Saiyadpur B.OEast Nimar450337
Sangrampur B.OEast Nimar450445
Sangrampur B.OEast Nimar451331
Sanvkheda B.OEast Nimar450991
Sarola B.OEast Nimar450331
Selda B.OEast Nimar450991
Sendhwal B.OEast Nimar450117
Shahbazar Burhanpur S.OEast Nimar450331
Sheikhpur B.OEast Nimar450332
Sheikhpura B.OEast Nimar450332
Sihada B.OEast Nimar450001
Sindhkhal B.OEast Nimar450112
Singot B.OEast Nimar450881
Sirpur B.OEast Nimar450331
Sirpur B.OEast Nimar450051
Sirra B.OEast Nimar450771
Sirsod B.OEast Nimar450771
Siwal B.OEast Nimar450221
Somgaon B.OEast Nimar450110
Somgaon B.OEast Nimar450116
Sonkhedi B.OEast Nimar450116
Suktanagar B.OEast Nimar450337
Sukva B.OEast Nimar450051
Sulgaon B.OEast Nimar450551
Sunderdev B.OEast Nimar450117
Surgaonjoshi B.OEast Nimar450771
Taklikalan B.OEast Nimar450001
Taklimori B.OEast Nimar450771
Temi Kalan B.OEast Nimar450001
Temi Khurd B.OEast Nimar450001
Tukaithad B.OEast Nimar450332
Turakgurada B.OEast Nimar450445
Vidhya Nagar Khandwa S.OEast Nimar450001

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