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Dhar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahu B.ODhar454001
Ajanda B.ODhar454446
Ajandikot B.ODhar454446
Akhada B.ODhar454221
Amjhera S.ODhar454441
Anarad B.ODhar454001
Awaldaman B.ODhar454446
Bachanpur B.ODhar454010
Badchapra B.ODhar454773
Badnawar S.ODhar454660
Badodiya B.ODhar454111
Badwaniya B.ODhar454331
Bagdi B.ODhar454001
Bagh S.ODhar454221
Baglia B.ODhar454446
Bakaner B.ODhar454446
Bakhatgarh B.ODhar454660
Balendi B.ODhar454441
Balipur B.ODhar454446
Baloda B.ODhar454660
Balwari B.ODhar454552
Bamandakalan B.ODhar454665
Bandedi B.ODhar454441
Barda B.ODhar454446
Barkheda B.ODhar454111
Barmandal B.ODhar454111
Bhainsola B.ODhar454660
Bhangarh B.ODhar454116
Bharudpur B.ODhar454552
Bhatbamanda B.ODhar454665
Bhavaniabujurg B.ODhar454552
Bhavria B.ODhar454335
Bhopawar B.ODhar454111
Bidwal B.ODhar454665
Bijur B.ODhar454001
Bikhorn B.ODhar454552
Bilda B.ODhar454446
Biloda B.ODhar454001
Bilodakhurd B.ODhar454010
Bimrod B.ODhar454116
Bohrala B.ODhar454449
Bola B.ODhar454111
Borud B.ODhar454446
Chalni B.ODhar454441
Chalnimata B.ODhar454116
Chhadawad B.ODhar454116
Chhayan B.ODhar454660
Chhokla B.ODhar454665
Chikhalda B.ODhar454335
Chikhliya B.ODhar454001
Chilur B.ODhar454001
Chotya Balod B.ODhar454441
Dahi B.ODhar454331
Dahiwar B.ODhar454552
Dasai B.ODhar454441
Dattigaon B.ODhar454116
Dedla B.ODhar454001
Dehri B.ODhar454221
Dehri Ghata Billod S.ODhar454773
Deshwalia B.ODhar454335
Dhamanda B.ODhar454441
Dhamanna B.ODhar454660
Dhamnod S.ODhar454552
Dhani B.ODhar454552
Dhar Collectorate S.ODhar454001
Dhar H.ODhar454001
Dharampuri S.ODhar454449
Dharamrai B.ODhar454331
Dholiya B.ODhar454331
Dhulet B.ODhar454116
Dighthan B.ODhar454773
Dolana B.ODhar454660
Dotrya B.ODhar454660
Dudhi B.ODhar454552
Ekalduna B.ODhar454773
Ekalwara B.ODhar454446
Gajgota B.ODhar454331
Gajnod B.ODhar454665
Gandhwani B.ODhar454446
Gardawad B.ODhar454001
Ghatbori B.ODhar454221
Ghatgara B.ODhar454660
Girvaniya B.ODhar454331
Gujri B.ODhar454552
Gulwa B.ODhar454001
Gumanpura B.ODhar454116
Gunawad B.ODhar454001
Haldi B.ODhar454331
Hatod B.ODhar454441
Jajankhedi B.ODhar454446
Jatpura B.ODhar454446
Jeerabad B.ODhar454446
Jetpura B.ODhar454001
Jolana B.ODhar454111
Jotpur B.ODhar454446
Kachhawada B.ODhar454446
Kachibadoda B.ODhar454660
Kachorada B.ODhar454001
Kadmal B.ODhar454335
Kadod B.ODhar454665
Kalibawdi B.ODhar454449
Kalsada B.ODhar454001
Kalsadkhurd B.ODhar454773
Kalwani B.ODhar454446
Kanwan S.ODhar454665
Kapsi B.ODhar454331
Karoli B.ODhar454446
Keshvi B.ODhar454441
Kesur B.ODhar454001
Khalghat B.ODhar454552
Khandigara B.ODhar454665
Khandlai Jagir B.ODhar454446
Khandwa B.ODhar454774
Khareli B.ODhar454111
Kheda B.ODhar454660
Kherod B.ODhar454001
Khiledi B.ODhar454441
Khutpala B.ODhar454111
Kod B.ODhar454665
Konda B.ODhar454335
Kotbidhota B.ODhar454001
Kothada B.ODhar454449
Kukshi S.ODhar454331
Kundara B.ODhar454331
Kunjrod B.ODhar454010
Kunjrota B.ODhar454116
Kunwarsi B.ODhar454774
Kuradia B.ODhar454010
Kuwad B.ODhar454446
Labrawda B.ODhar454001
Labriya B.ODhar454111
Lebadchowki B.ODhar454773
Ledgaon B.ODhar454111
Limbol B.ODhar454335
Lingwa B.ODhar454335
Lohari B.ODhar454335
Longsari B.ODhar454221
Loni B.ODhar454331
Luneherasadak B.ODhar454446
Lunhera B.ODhar454010
Lunherabujurg B.ODhar454449
Manasa B.ODhar454001
Manawar S.ODhar454446
Mandlawada B.ODhar454774
Mandu S.ODhar454010
Mandvi B.ODhar454335
Mirjapur B.ODhar454446
Mohankheda B.ODhar454116
Mohanpura B.ODhar454001
Multhan B.ODhar454660
Nagda B.ODhar454001
Nagora B.ODhar454001
Nagur B.ODhar454446
Nalcha B.ODhar454001
Nanoda B.ODhar454335
Narmadanagar B.ODhar454335
Narwali B.ODhar454116
Nisarpur S.ODhar454335
Padiyal B.ODhar454331
Padlia B.ODhar454001
Pagara B.ODhar454449
Palwada B.ODhar454001
Panchakwasa B.ODhar454660
Panwa B.ODhar454446
Phulgawdi B.ODhar454111
Pipaldagadi B.ODhar454449
Piparani B.ODhar454116
Pipariapani B.ODhar454221
Piplaj B.ODhar454552
Pipli B.ODhar454446
Piplia B.ODhar454335
Pithampur III S.ODhar454774
Pithampur S.ODhar454775
Rajgarh (Dhar) S.ODhar454116
Rajod B.ODhar454660
Rantalab B.ODhar454446
Ringnod B.ODhar454116
Sadalpur B.ODhar454001
Sagore B.ODhar454774
Sagwal B.ODhar454441
Sakalda B.ODhar454449
Salkanpur B.ODhar454001
Salwa B.ODhar454111
Sandla B.ODhar454660
Sarai B.ODhar454010
Sardarpur S.O (Dhar)Dhar454111
Semalda B.ODhar454552
Semlia B.ODhar454665
Shergarh B.ODhar454665
Singhana B.ODhar454446
Sirsi B.ODhar454335
Sodpur B.ODhar454010
Sulawad B.ODhar454774
Sultanpur B.ODhar454001
Sundrel B.ODhar454552
Susari B.ODhar454331
Takraoda B.ODhar454441
Talanpur B.ODhar454331
Talwada B.ODhar454010
Talwada B.ODhar454331
Talwadi B.ODhar454331
Tanda B.ODhar454221
Tarapur B.ODhar454552
Tawali B.ODhar454449
Teesgaon B.ODhar454001
Tilgara B.ODhar454660
Timaichi B.ODhar454116
Tirla B.ODhar454001
Tirla B.ODhar454116
Tonki B.ODhar454446
Tornod B.ODhar454001
Umarban B.ODhar454449
Utawad B.ODhar454001
Zirvi B.ODhar454449

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