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Datia Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Datia district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aser B.ODatia475671
Atra B.ODatia475682
Atreta B.ODatia475673
Badera Sopan B.ODatia475335
Badokhari B.ODatia475673
Bahadurpur B.ODatia475661
Bardhuan B.ODatia475661
Bargain B.ODatia475685
Baron Kalan B.ODatia475685
Basai B.ODatia475661
Basturi B.ODatia475682
Baswaha B.ODatia475661
Beekar B.ODatia475661
Berachh B.ODatia475335
Berchha B.ODatia475682
Bhadona B.ODatia475685
Bhaguapura B.ODatia475673
Bhalka B.ODatia475336
Bhandair S.ODatia475335
Bharoli B.ODatia475675
Bhitari B.ODatia475336
Bichhodana B.ODatia475335
Bilhati B.ODatia475335
Buhara B.ODatia475661
Chandrol B.ODatia475335
Chhata B.ODatia475686
Dabhera B.ODatia475675
Datia Bada Bazar S.ODatia475661
Datia Civil Line B.ODatia475661
Datia R.S. B.ODatia475661
Datia Rajgarh S.ODatia475661
Datia S.ODatia475661
Derachirula B.ODatia475661
Devai B.ODatia475682
Diguwan B.ODatia475673
Dirolipar B.ODatia475682
Durga Pur B.ODatia475661
Dursada B.ODatia475661
Erai B.ODatia475686
Gohana B.ODatia475661
Gondan B.ODatia475336
Gyara B.ODatia475682
Hinotia B.ODatia475685
Ikara B.ODatia475671
Imalia B.ODatia475661
Indergarh S.O (Datia)Datia475675
Ingui B.ODatia475673
Jigna B.ODatia475686
Jignia B.ODatia475675
Jonia B.ODatia475675
Joura B.ODatia475675
Jouri B.ODatia475336
Jujharpur B.ODatia475661
Kamad B.ODatia475671
Kamlapuri B.ODatia475336
Kamrari B.ODatia475661
Karkheda B.ODatia475661
Khamroli B.ODatia475682
Khiria Alam B.ODatia475336
Khiria Ghongu B.ODatia475661
Khiria Saheb B.ODatia475335
Kudari B.ODatia475673
Kularia B.ODatia475335
Kuleth B.ODatia475675
Kumhedi B.ODatia475661
Kurthara B.ODatia475686
Kusoli B.ODatia475671
Lahar Haveli B.ODatia475335
Lanch B.ODatia475675
Larayata B.ODatia475661
Makdari B.ODatia475661
Mangrol B.ODatia475682
Marseni Khurd B.ODatia475673
Murera B.ODatia475686
Murgawan B.ODatia475675
Naya Kheda B.ODatia475661
Neemdanda B.ODatia475682
Nehla B.ODatia475682
Nichroli B.ODatia475661
Noner B.ODatia475686
Nunwaha B.ODatia475686
Orina B.ODatia475686
Pachokhara B.ODatia475685
Pachokhara B.ODatia475675
Padari B.ODatia475675
Pandokhar B.ODatia475335
Parasari B.ODatia475671
Parsoda Baman B.ODatia475673
Parsoda Khurd B.ODatia475673
Pipraua Kalan B.ODatia475335
Piprua B.ODatia475675
Raori B.ODatia475685
Rarua Rai B.ODatia475675
Rasulpura B.ODatia475682
Renda B.ODatia475661
Richhar B.ODatia475671
Rora B.ODatia475675
Ruhera B.ODatia475682
Sadwara B.ODatia475671
Salethara B.ODatia475335
Salon A B.ODatia475335
Salon B. S.ODatia475336
Sanora B.ODatia475686
Sarsai B.ODatia475335
Satlon B.ODatia475661
Semai B.ODatia475661
Senguwan B.ODatia475673
Seondha S.ODatia475682
Sersa B.ODatia475671
Sikari B.ODatia475675
Silori B.ODatia475661
Singhpura B.ODatia475335
Sirol B.ODatia475661
Sirsa B.ODatia475682
Sitapur B.ODatia475685
Softa B.ODatia475335
Sohan B.ODatia475336
Sonagir S.ODatia475685
Sunari B.ODatia475685
Talgaon B.ODatia475336
Targuan B.ODatia475671
Tendot B.ODatia475335
Tharet S.ODatia475673
Toda B.ODatia475673
Tori B.ODatia475336
Uchad B.ODatia475675
Uchia B.ODatia475675
Udgawan B.ODatia475686
Udi B.ODatia475336
Udina B.ODatia475336
Unnao S.ODatia475671
Uprai B.ODatia475685

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