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Barwani Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achli B.OBarwani451666
Anjad S.OBarwani451556
Anjarada B.OBarwani451551
Attarsambha B.OBarwani451551
Badgaon B.OBarwani451447
Baghadi B.OBarwani451449
Bakwadi B.OBarwani451449
Balkuwan B.OBarwani451556
Balsamund B.OBarwani451449
Balwadi B.OBarwani451666
Bandhara Bujurg B.OBarwani451770
Barda B.OBarwani451556
Baruphatak B.OBarwani451449
Barwani S.OBarwani451551
Baswi B.OBarwani451449
Bawangaja B.OBarwani451551
Bawdad B.OBarwani451666
Bhakarli B.OBarwani451666
Bhatki B.OBarwani451881
Bhawati B.OBarwani451551
Bhorwada B.OBarwani451449
Bilwa Road B.OBarwani451556
Bokrata B.OBarwani451551
Borlay B.OBarwani451551
Brahamngaon B.OBarwani451660
Chachariya B.OBarwani451666
Chatli B.OBarwani451666
Chichali (D) B.OBarwani451660
Chikliya B.OBarwani451447
Chitawal B.OBarwani451442
Danod B.OBarwani451447
Dawana B.OBarwani451660
Deola B.OBarwani451660
Dhanora B.OBarwani451666
Dhawali B.OBarwani451666
Diwaniya B.OBarwani451666
Dondwada B.OBarwani451770
Dugani B.OBarwani451666
Fatyapur B.OBarwani451556
Gandhawal B.OBarwani451551
Ghatwa B.OBarwani451660
Ghusgaon B.OBarwani451449
Goi B.OBarwani451666
Haribad B.OBarwani451447
Indrapur B.OBarwani451449
Jahur B.OBarwani451881
Jalgone B.OBarwani451770
Jamathi B.OBarwani451666
Jhopali B.OBarwani451666
Jogwada B.OBarwani451666
Julwania S.OBarwani451449
Junapani B.OBarwani451770
Kansul B.OBarwani451770
Kasrawad (S) B.OBarwani451551
Khajuri B.OBarwani451449
Khetya S.OBarwani451881
Khurrampura B.OBarwani451660
Koradiya B.OBarwani451556
Kunjari B.OBarwani451666
Kuwan B.OBarwani451660
Lakhangaon B.OBarwani451660
Limbi B.OBarwani451551
Lonsara Khurd B.OBarwani451556
Mahitgaon B.OBarwani451666
Malfa B.OBarwani451881
Malwan B.OBarwani451666
Mandwada B.OBarwani451556
Matali B.OBarwani451447
Mehgaon Deb B.OBarwani451660
Menimata B.OBarwani451447
Mohipura B.OBarwani451556
Moida B.OBarwani451770
Mortalai B.OBarwani451881
Nagalwadi B.OBarwani451449
Nawalpura B.OBarwani451666
Nisarpur B.OBarwani451881
Niwali B.OBarwani451770
Ojhar B.OBarwani451449
Palsud B.OBarwani451447
Panchpula(N) B.OBarwani451551
Pansemal S.OBarwani451770
Pati B.OBarwani451551
Pipari Bujurg B.OBarwani451447
Piplaj B.OBarwani451551
Rajpur Barwani S.OBarwani451447
Rakhibujurg B.OBarwani451881
Rangaon Deb B.OBarwani451447
Rangaon Road B.OBarwani451449
Revaja B.OBarwani451447
Rui B.OBarwani451449
Sajwani B.OBarwani451551
Sali B.OBarwani451556
Salikalan B.OBarwani451449
Sangaon B.OBarwani451447
Segwal B.OBarwani451660
Semali B.OBarwani451551
Sendhwa S.OBarwani451666
Shahpura B.OBarwani451666
Silawad B.OBarwani451551
Solwan B.OBarwani451666
Sondul B.OBarwani451551
Sustikheda B.OBarwani451447
Talun Khurd B.OBarwani451551
Talwada Bujurg B.OBarwani451556
Talwada Deb B.OBarwani451556
Temala B.OBarwani451881
Thikari S.OBarwani451660
Uchawad B.OBarwani451556
Upla B.OBarwani451447
Wajhar B.OBarwani451447
Warla B.OBarwani451666

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