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Ukhrul Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ukhrul district, Manipur
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ashi B.OUkhrul795145
Chadong B.OUkhrul795145
Chamu B.OUkhrul795142
Chassad B.OUkhrul795145
Chingai (P) B.OUkhrul795142
Chingjaroiedbo B.OUkhrul795142
Chither (P) B.OUkhrul795142
Grihang B.OUkhrul795145
Khamasom B.OUkhrul795142
Kharasom B.OUkhrul795142
Khayang B.OUkhrul795142
Khongdei Simphung B.OUkhrul795144
Kongpat Khunou B.OUkhrul795145
L Tangkhul B.OUkhrul795145
Lambui B.OUkhrul795145
Lamlang Gate B.OUkhrul795142
Leisan B.OUkhrul795142
Leiting B.OUkhrul795145
Litan S.OUkhrul795145
Lungphu B.OUkhrul795145
Maku B.OUkhrul795145
Maokot B.OUkhrul795145
Mapum B.OUkhrul795142
Ngairou B.OUkhrul795142
Ngari Khullen B.OUkhrul795144
Nungbi Khunou B.OUkhrul795142
Nungshang B.OUkhrul795142
Paorei B.OUkhrul795142
Paoyii B.OUkhrul795142
Phadang B.OUkhrul795144
Phungcham B.OUkhrul795142
Phungyar B.OUkhrul795145
Poii B.OUkhrul795142
Pushing B.OUkhrul795142
Rajai Khunou B.OUkhrul795142
Sanakeithel B.OUkhrul795145
Semol B.OUkhrul795145
Shongshak B.OUkhrul795145
Sirarakhong B.OUkhrul795142
Siroi B.OUkhrul795142
Siyamongjam B.OUkhrul795145
Somdal S.OUkhrul795144
Sorang Phung B.OUkhrul795142
Sorde B.OUkhrul795145
T.C. Ground B.OUkhrul795142
Thawai B.OUkhrul795145
Thiwa B.OUkhrul795144
Tolloi B.OUkhrul795142
Tuinem B.OUkhrul795142
Tungou B.OUkhrul795142
Tushem B.OUkhrul795142
Ukhrul S.OUkhrul795142
Yangangpokpi B.OUkhrul795145

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