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Thoubal Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Thoubal district, Manipur
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aimol Kodamphai B.OThoubal795135
Andro B.OThoubal795149
Angbrashu B.OThoubal795135
Angtha B.OThoubal795149
Arapyi B.OThoubal795130
Arong Nongmaikhong B.OThoubal795103
Athokpam B.OThoubal795138
Athokpam Khunou B.OThoubal795138
Bongbal Khullen B.OThoubal795149
Bongli B.OThoubal795135
Chairen B.OThoubal795101
Chajing Pt II B.OThoubal795130
Changamdabi B.OThoubal795149
Charangpat B.OThoubal795138
Chaton B.OThoubal795135
Chelhep B.OThoubal795135
Cherapur B.OThoubal795148
Elangkhangpokpi B.OThoubal795103
Haokha B.OThoubal795138
Haokhongching B.OThoubal795149
Karongthel B.OThoubal795148
Kasom Khullen B.OThoubal795149
Keibung Mamang B.OThoubal795138
Keirak B.OThoubal795103
Khambathel B.OThoubal795101
Khangabok B.OThoubal795138
Khangbaram B.OThoubal795135
Kharou Khullen B.OThoubal795135
Khekmanedbo B.OThoubal795138
Khoibu B.OThoubal795135
Khoirom B.OThoubal795149
Khongjom B.OThoubal795148
Khonglou Vaiphei (T/C/D) B.OThoubal795149
Khongnangpheisani B.OThoubal795101
Khousat (T/C/D) B.OThoubal795135
Khudei Khunou B.OThoubal795103
Khudei Khunou B.OThoubal795135
Khunbi B.OThoubal795135
Kiyam Shiphai B.OThoubal795138
Kshetri Leikai B.OThoubal795138
Laiching Khongsang B.OThoubal795135
Lairabokhong B.OThoubal795130
Lamkang Khunou B.OThoubal795135
Lamlong Khullen B.OThoubal795135
Lamlong Khunou B.OThoubal795135
Langmeidon B.OThoubal795103
Leibi B.OThoubal795135
Leingangching B.OThoubal795103
Lembakhul B.OThoubal795138
Lilong S.OThoubal795130
Liwachangning B.OThoubal795135
Longja B.OThoubal795101
Louremba B.OThoubal795149
Lungthar B.OThoubal795149
M Bongmol B.OThoubal795101
Machi B.OThoubal795135
Mahou Tera B.OThoubal795101
Mairembam B.OThoubal795103
Mantak B.OThoubal795103
Mayang Imphal S.OThoubal795132
Minou Khunjao B.OThoubal795135
Moijing B.OThoubal795138
Molhang B.OThoubal795135
Mollen (T/C/D) B.OThoubal795149
Moltek B.OThoubal795135
Nambasi B.OThoubal795149
Narum B.OThoubal795135
Nodoom Bazar B.OThoubal795103
Nongpok Sekmai B.OThoubal795149
Nungei B.OThoubal795130
Okram Wangmataba B.OThoubal795138
Pangaltabi B.OThoubal795103
Phoudel B.OThoubal795138
Phouoibi B.OThoubal795149
Phunalmaring B.OThoubal795130
Phundrei B.OThoubal795148
Poirou Khongjil B.OThoubal795138
Puleilokpi B.OThoubal795148
Purum Pantha B.OThoubal795103
Sabaltongba B.OThoubal795138
Saibhom B.OThoubal795135
Salungpham B.OThoubal795148
Samaram B.OThoubal795148
Sangaikot B.OThoubal795101
Sangaiyumpham B.OThoubal795148
Sapam Salai B.OThoubal795148
Saram Patong B.OThoubal795149
Serou B.OThoubal795101
Shahumphai B.OThoubal795101
Sita B.OThoubal795135
Soichang B.OThoubal795149
Songjang B.OThoubal795135
Sora B.OThoubal795103
Tekcham B.OThoubal795148
Tentha B.OThoubal795148
Thamnapokpi B.OThoubal795135
Thiyamkonjil B.OThoubal795130
Thoubal Block (T/C/D) B.OThoubal795138
Thoubal Khunou B.OThoubal795138
Thoubal Leisangthem B.OThoubal795138
Thoubal Ningombam B.OThoubal795138
Thoubal S.OThoubal795138
Tokpaching B.OThoubal795103
Tollen B.OThoubal795148
Top Chingtha B.OThoubal795149
Turelahnabi B.OThoubal795130
Urup B.OThoubal795130
Wabagai B.OThoubal795103
Waikhong B.OThoubal795103
Wangbal B.OThoubal795138
Wangjing S.OThoubal795148
Wangoo Laipham B.OThoubal795103
Yairipok S.OThoubal795149
Yairipok Tulihal B.OThoubal795149
Yambem Laxmi Bazar B.OThoubal795149

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