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Senapati Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Senapati district, Manipur
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Bunglong B.OSenapati795118
Chalwa (P) B.OSenapati795112
Chandraman B.OSenapati795122
Chawanamei B.OSenapati795104
Cheljang B.OSenapati795112
Chingai Khullen B.OSenapati795104
Galam B.OSenapati795118
Ganel B.OSenapati795112
Gangpijang B.OSenapati795118
Haipi B.OSenapati795122
Keithelmanbi B.OSenapati795122
Kheijang B.OSenapati795122
Koide B.OSenapati795015
Kolhen B.OSenapati795112
Laii B.OSenapati795104
Lairouching B.OSenapati795007
Lakhamei B.OSenapati795015
Liyai B.OSenapati795104
Liyal Khunou B.OSenapati795104
Maiba B.OSenapati795015
Makeng Ngarolu B.OSenapati795118
Makhan Bazar B.OSenapati795015
Makokchung B.OSenapati795118
Mao S.OSenapati795150
Maohiing B.OSenapati795129
Maohing B.OSenapati795129
Maram S.OSenapati795015
Molkon B.OSenapati795118
Motbung S.OSenapati795107
Mutukhong B.OSenapati795118
N. Khenjang B.OSenapati795107
Nurathel B.OSenapati795107
Oinam B.OSenapati795007
Oklong B.OSenapati795106
Pangjang B.OSenapati795118
Paomata Centre B.OSenapati795104
Persian B.OSenapati795122
Pfukhro B.OSenapati795150
Phaibung Khullen B.OSenapati795104
Phaikon B.OSenapati795118
Phuba B.OSenapati795015
Phunanamei B.OSenapati795150
Pudunamei B.OSenapati795150
Purul B.OSenapati795015
Rajamei B.OSenapati795007
S.Bolkot B.OSenapati795107
Saitu B.OSenapati795107
Sangpei Khullen B.OSenapati795118
Sapermeina B.OSenapati795107
Saranamei B.OSenapati795104
Senapati S.OSenapati795106
Siraffi B.OSenapati795104
T Waichong S.OSenapati795112
T. Awkhumbung B.OSenapati795118
Tadubi S.OSenapati795104
Tamei S.OSenapati795125
Taphou B.OSenapati795129
Thanamba B.OSenapati795122
Thengjang B.OSenapati795112
Thingba Khullen B.OSenapati795007
Thingba Khunou B.OSenapati795007
Thingsat B.OSenapati795107
Thonglang B.OSenapati795129
Tingpibung B.OSenapati795118
Tokpa B.OSenapati795122
Toribari B.OSenapati795129
Tumuyan Khullen B.OSenapati795106
Tungjoy B.OSenapati795104
Willang B.OSenapati795007
Yangkhullen B.OSenapati795007
Zelengphai B.OSenapati795118

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