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Imphal West Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Imphal West district, Manipur
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahallup B.OImphal West795002
Arong B.OImphal West795132
Awang Leikinthabi B.OImphal West795136
Awangpotshangbam B.OImphal West795002
Bengoon Maning Leikai B.OImphal West795132
Bidyanagar B.OImphal West795115
Bitrarakhong B.OImphal West795009
Bongmun B.OImphal West795116
Borobekra B.OImphal West795116
BR Colony B.OImphal West795115
Canchipur (T/C/D) B.OImphal West795003
Central Agriculture University B.OImphal West795004
Ch. Khongnangpokpi B.OImphal West795136
Chabung Company B.OImphal West795132
Champanagar B.OImphal West795116
Chingmun B.OImphal West795116
Chirai Muslim B.OImphal West795132
Christan Centre Haochong B.OImphal West795146
CRPF Camp Langjing S.OImphal West795113
D.M College S.OImphal West795001
Gularthol S.OImphal West795115
Haorang Kairel B.OImphal West795113
Kashimpur B.OImphal West795115
Keimai B.OImphal West795115
Kh Jaikhan B.OImphal West795116
Khamnam Bazar B.OImphal West795113
Khangakhul B.OImphal West795113
Khelakhong B.OImphal West795132
Khonghampat B.OImphal West795002
Khoyathong B.OImphal West795001
Khumbong Bazar B.OImphal West795113
Khundong Khukhaiba B.OImphal West795146
Khurukhul B.OImphal West795002
Kodompokpi B.OImphal West795009
Komlakhong B.OImphal West795132
Konthakhabam B.OImphal West795002
Konthoujam B.OImphal West795113
Kunja (P) B.OImphal West795003
Kyamgei B.OImphal West795003
Laiphrakom B.OImphal West795140
Lairen Sajik B.OImphal West795146
Lalkhai B.OImphal West795116
Lamboi Khongnagkhong B.OImphal West795004
Lamdeng B.OImphal West795146
Lamphelpat S.OImphal West795004
Lamsang S.OImphal West795146
Langjing Achouba B.OImphal West795113
Langol Housing Complex B.OImphal West795004
Langthabal B.OImphal West795003
Laphupat B.OImphal West795132
Loitang Leikinthabi B.OImphal West795002
Longa Koireng B.OImphal West795113
Longpi B.OImphal West795116
Loukok Mayai Leikai B.OImphal West795132
Luwangsangbam B.OImphal West795002
Luwangsangol B.OImphal West795136
Maibam Konjil B.OImphal West795132
Makhan B.OImphal West795136
Maklang Bazar B.OImphal West795113
Mantripukhri S.OImphal West795002
Mayang Impahl Bengoon B.OImphal West795132
Mayang Langjing B.OImphal West795146
Mongsangei B.OImphal West795003
Mutum Phibou B.OImphal West795132
Natok Kabui B.OImphal West795113
New Keiphundai B.OImphal West795115
New Keithelmanbi B.OImphal West795113
Ngairangbam B.OImphal West795113
Ngaphabung B.OImphal West795116
Ningombam B.OImphal West795003
Noremthong Bazar B.OImphal West795004
Oktan B.OImphal West795146
Paobitek B.OImphal West795009
Patpuimun B.OImphal West795116
Patsoi Part II B.OImphal West795113
Phaibok Mullen B.OImphal West795116
Phayeng B.OImphal West795146
Phoubakchao B.OImphal West795132
Ponlian B.OImphal West795146
Potsangbam Khoirou B.OImphal West795136
Sagolband Thingom Leikai B.OImphal West795004
Sagoltongba Bazar B.OImphal West795113
Samurou B.OImphal West795009
Sangaiprou B.OImphal West795140
Santhel B.OImphal West795132
Sayang Kuraomakhong B.OImphal West795004
Sekmaijin Khunou Konuma B.OImphal West795132
Sekmaijin B.OImphal West795132
Sekmaijin Khunou Litan Makhong B.OImphal West795132
Soibam Leikai B.OImphal West795001
Sonapur B.OImphal West795116
Suangpuimun B.OImphal West795116
Tairenpokpi B.OImphal West795113
Takyel Khongbal B.OImphal West795113
Tendongyang (P) B.OImphal West795002
Tera Bazar B.OImphal West795004
Tera Khoidum Mayai Leikai B.OImphal West795132
Tharoijam B.OImphal West795113
Tuitengmun B.OImphal West795116
Uchiwa B.OImphal West795132
Uchiwa Wangban B.OImphal West795132
Wangoi S.OImphal West795009
Yarrow Meitram B.OImphal West795140
Yumnam Khunou B.OImphal West795009
Yurembam B.OImphal West795113

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