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Imphal East Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Imphal East district, Manipur
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Awang Konmgpal B.OImphal East795005
Chingmang B.OImphal East795010
Dolaithabi B.OImphal East795114
Keirao Bitra Salam B.OImphal East795008
Keirao Makting B.OImphal East795008
Keirao Wangkhem B.OImphal East795008
Khongangpheidekpi B.OImphal East795008
Khongbal Tangkhul B.OImphal East795114
Khumidok (P) B.OImphal East795114
Khurai Khongnang Makhong B.OImphal East795005
Kitnapanung B.OImphal East795008
Kongba Bazar B.OImphal East795008
Kshetribangoon B.OImphal East795008
Kshetrigao B.OImphal East795008
Laikoiching B.OImphal East795010
Laiphrak Maring B.OImphal East795008
Lamlai B.OImphal East795010
Lamlong S.OImphal East795010
Latingkhal B.OImphal East795116
Liklikhong Bazar B.OImphal East795114
Manipur University S.OImphal East795003
Mapao Keithelmanbi B.OImphal East795114
Moirang Kampu B.OImphal East795005
Moirang Purel B.OImphal East795010
Mongkhang Lambi B.OImphal East795008
Ningthemchakhul B.OImphal East795010
Nongdam Tangkhul B.OImphal East795010
Nongoda B.OImphal East795010
Oinam Thingel B.OImphal East795008
Phaknung B.OImphal East795010
Pngaei Yangdong S.OImphal East795114
Porompat S.OImphal East795005
Pukhao Ahallup B.OImphal East795114
Sagolmang B.OImphal East795114
Satang B.OImphal East795114
Sawombung B.OImphal East795010
Sekmai S.OImphal East795136
Singjamei S.OImphal East795008
Takhel B.OImphal East795005
Tangkhul Hungdung B.OImphal East795010
Taretkhul B.OImphal East795010
Thangal Surung B.OImphal East795114
Tulihal S.OImphal East795140
Uchekon B.OImphal East795008
Uyumpok B.OImphal East795114
Waiton B.OImphal East795114
Wakhen Phai B.OImphal East795114
Yourbung B.OImphal East795010
Yumnam Khunou B.OImphal East795114

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