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Ri Bhoi Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ri Bhoi district, Meghalaya
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Barua Basti B.ORi Bhoi793104
Bhoilymbong B.ORi Bhoi793103
Byrnihat S.ORi Bhoi793101
Epip Byrnihat B.ORi Bhoi793101
Hatumling B.ORi Bhoi793102
Jorabat B.ORi Bhoi793101
Mawlasnai B.ORi Bhoi793103
Mawlong B.ORi Bhoi793102
Mawrong B.ORi Bhoi793105
Niangbari B.ORi Bhoi793102
Nongladew B.ORi Bhoi793102
Nongpoh S.ORi Bhoi793102
Rongmen B.ORi Bhoi793103
Saiden B.ORi Bhoi793102
Sanidon B.ORi Bhoi793105
Tamul Kuchi Gaon B.ORi Bhoi793101
Ucc S.ORi Bhoi793122
Umden B.ORi Bhoi793102
Umdihar B.ORi Bhoi793102
Umiam S.ORi Bhoi793103
Umktieh B.ORi Bhoi793103
Umran B.ORi Bhoi793105
Umrit B.ORi Bhoi793102
Umroi B.ORi Bhoi793103
Umsaw S.ORi Bhoi793123
Umsawnongbri B.ORi Bhoi793102
Umshakhon Mathon B.ORi Bhoi793102
Umsning S.ORi Bhoi793105
Umsohlait B.ORi Bhoi793105

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