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Washim Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Washim district, Maharashtra
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adoli B.OWashim444510
Amana B.OWashim444503
Amkheda B.OWashim444503
Anchal B.OWashim444503
Ansing S.OWashim444507
Arak B.OWashim444507
Asegaon S.OWashim444409
Asola KD B.OWashim444404
Assegaon Pen B.OWashim444510
Bembla B.OWashim444110
Bhamb B.OWashim444110
Bhatumra B.OWashim444505
Bhuli B.OWashim444404
Chandur B.OWashim444004
Chikhali B.OWashim444510
Chinchamba Bhar B.OWashim444506
Chinchambapen B.OWashim444504
Chivara B.OWashim444505
Dabha B.OWashim444403
Dapura Kd B.OWashim444404
Dawha B.OWashim444503
Dhamni B.OWashim444403
Dhanaj BK B.OWashim444110
Dhanaj KD B.OWashim444110
Dhanora Ghadge B.OWashim444404
Dhanora KD B.OWashim444507
Dhawanda B.OWashim444404
Dhumka B.OWashim444505
Dongarkinhi B.OWashim444503
Falegaon B.OWashim444507
Fulumari B.OWashim444403
Gaiwal B.OWashim444403
Girda B.OWashim444403
Giroli B.OWashim444403
Gobhani B.OWashim444504
Gowardhan B.OWashim444504
Gurumandir Karanja S.OWashim444105
Gwaha B.OWashim444404
Haral B.OWashim444510
Hinganwadi B.OWashim444110
Hivara Rohila B.OWashim444510
Hivra BK B.OWashim444403
Inzori B.OWashim444404
Jaipur B.OWashim444507
Jamb B.OWashim444105
Jaulka B.OWashim444503
Kajalamba B.OWashim444505
Kalamba Bodkhe B.OWashim444507
Kalamba Mahali B.OWashim444505
Kalambeshwar B.OWashim444503
Kamargaon S.O (Washim)Washim444110
Karanja S.O (Washim)Washim444105
Karanji B.OWashim444504
Karkheda B.OWashim444404
Karli B.OWashim444505
Karli B.OWashim444404
Kasola B.OWashim444403
Kata B.OWashim444505
Kawatha Naik B.OWashim444506
Kawathal B.OWashim444403
Kekatumara B.OWashim444505
Kenwad B.OWashim444503
Keshavnagar B.OWashim444504
Khandala Shinde B.OWashim444504
Kherda B.OWashim444105
Kiniraja B.OWashim444503
Kokalgaon B.OWashim444505
Kondoli B.OWashim444404
Kothari B.OWashim444403
Koyali B.OWashim444510
Kupta B.OWashim444404
Kurum B.OWashim444106
Ladegaon B.OWashim444110
Lehani B.OWashim444504
Linga Kotwal B.OWashim444504
Loni Arab B.OWashim444105
Loni Sm B.OWashim444506
Mahagaon B.OWashim444506
Malegaon S.OWashim444503
Malkapur B.OWashim444004
Manabha B.OWashim444105
Mandwa B.OWashim444506
Mangrulpir S.OWashim444403
Mangrulzanak B.OWashim444504
Manora S.O (Washim)Washim444404
Marsul B.OWashim444503
Masalapen B.OWashim444504
Medshi B.OWashim444503
Mendra B.OWashim444403
Mohari B.OWashim444403
Mohoja B.OWashim444505
Mop B.OWashim444506
Mothegaon B.OWashim444506
Mungla B.OWashim444503
Nagardas B.OWashim444503
Nagthana B.OWashim444510
Nandhana B.OWashim444503
Navali B.OWashim444504
Netansa B.OWashim444504
Palodi B.OWashim444403
Pangra Bandi B.OWashim444503
Pangri Kute B.OWashim444503
Pangri Navghare B.OWashim444503
Pardi Asra B.OWashim444507
Pardi Takmore B.OWashim444505
Parwa B.OWashim444403
Pimpalgaon B.OWashim444507
Pimpri Modak B.OWashim444110
Poghat B.OWashim444403
Poha B.OWashim444105
Pohara Devi B.OWashim444404
Poti B.OWashim444403
Rajura B.OWashim444503
Risod S.OWashim444506
Rithad S.OWashim444510
Rui B.OWashim444404
Sakhardoh B.OWashim444403
Sawad B.OWashim444506
Sawali B.OWashim444507
Sawargaon Jire B.OWashim444510
Shaha B.OWashim444105
Shegi B.OWashim444403
Shelukhadse B.OWashim444506
Shendona B.OWashim444404
Shendurjana B.OWashim444403
Sirpur S.OWashim444504
Soyata B.OWashim444505
Sukali B.OWashim444105
Talap BK B.OWashim444404
Tamsi B.OWashim444505
Tandali BK B.OWashim444505
Tandali Shewai B.OWashim444505
Tiwali B.OWashim444504
Tondgaon B.OWashim444505
Tornala B.OWashim444404
Tornala B.OWashim444505
Ukali Jahangir B.OWashim444505
Umara Shamshuddin B.OWashim444507
Umari B.OWashim444404
Umbarda Bazar B.OWashim444105
Vilegaon B.OWashim444110
Vitholi B.OWashim444404
Vyad B.OWashim444510
Wai B.OWashim444105
Waigual B.OWashim444404
Wakad B.OWashim444506
Wara Jahangir B.OWashim444507
Warala B.OWashim444507
Waroli B.OWashim444404
Wasari B.OWashim444504
Washim City S.OWashim444505
Washim S.OWashim444505
Yawardi B.OWashim444105
Yekamba B.OWashim444503
Yeota B.OWashim444504
Yeota B.OWashim444105
Yeoti B.OWashim444510
Yeranda B.OWashim444505
Zodga B.OWashim444105

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