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Wardha Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Wardha district, Maharashtra
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agargaon B.OWardha442101
Allipur S.O (Wardha)Wardha442304
Andori B.OWardha442101
Anji B.OWardha442001
Antora B.OWardha442202
Arvi Chhoti B.OWardha442307
Arvi S.O (Wardha)Wardha442201
Ashti S.O (Wardha)Wardha442202
Bela B.OWardha442301
Bhankheda B.OWardha442304
Bharaswara B.OWardha442202
Bhidi B.OWardha442101
Bhishnoor B.OWardha442202
Bokenagar B.OWardha442201
Borgaon Hatla B.OWardha442302
Borgaon Meghe B.OWardha442001
Borgaon Tumni B.OWardha442202
Bori B.OWardha442104
Bothuda B.OWardha442102
Chikni B.OWardha442101
Chincholi B.OWardha442301
Chincholi B.OWardha442203
Chincholi Dange B.OWardha442201
Chistur B.OWardha442201
Cottom Market S.OWardha442001
Cotton Market S.OWardha442003
Dahegaon Dhande B.OWardha442306
Dahegaon Gawande B.OWardha442001
Dahegaon Gondi B.OWardha442106
Dahegaon Gosavi B.OWardha442001
Dahegaon Miskin B.OWardha442001
Dahegaon Mustafa B.OWardha442201
Daroda B.OWardha442307
Dattapur B.OWardha442001
Delwadi B.OWardha442202
Deoli S.O (Wardha)Wardha442101
Deorwara B.OWardha442201
Dhanodi Bahaddarpur B.OWardha442302
Dhanoli B.OWardha442203
Dhotra B.OWardha442304
Dongargaon B.OWardha442301
Gaul B.OWardha442101
Ghorad B.OWardha442104
Girad B.OWardha442305
Giroli B.OWardha442101
Goji B.OWardha442304
Gopuri B.OWardha442001
Hamdapur B.OWardha442102
Hindinagar S.OWardha442003
Hinganghat S.OWardha442301
Hinganghat Town S.OWardha442301
Hingani B.OWardha442104
Indira Market-Wardha S.OWardha442001
Inzhala B.OWardha442306
Jalgaon B.OWardha442201
Jam B.OWardha442301
Jamalpur B.OWardha442201
Jasapur B.OWardha442201
Junapani B.OWardha442203
Junona B.OWardha442102
Juwadi B.OWardha442104
Kachnoor B.OWardha442106
Kajali B.OWardha442203
Kajalsara B.OWardha442301
Kakda B.OWardha442203
Kandegaon B.OWardha442306
Kandhali B.OWardha442301
Kangaon B.OWardha442101
Kannamwargram B.OWardha442203
Kaotha B.OWardha442302
Kapsi B.OWardha442101
Karanja S.O (Wardha)Wardha442203
Kasarkheda B.OWardha442106
Kelzar B.OWardha442104
Khadki B.OWardha442202
Khandala B.OWardha442301
Khangaon B.OWardha442101
Khapari B.OWardha442104
Kharangna Gode B.OWardha442102
Kharangna S.OWardha442106
Khubgaon B.OWardha442201
Kopra B.OWardha442102
Kora B.OWardha442301
Kotamba B.OWardha442104
Lahan Arvi B.OWardha442202
Madni Karanji B.OWardha442102
Mahabala B.OWardha442104
Malegaon Theka B.OWardha442106
Manas Mandir-Wardha S.OWardha442005
Mandgaon B.OWardha442102
Mandwa B.OWardha442001
Mangrul Dasoda B.OWardha442301
Manikwara B.OWardha442202
Masod B.OWardha442106
MGIHU S.OWardha442005
Mozari B.OWardha442101
Nachangaon S.OWardha442306
Nagzari B.OWardha442101
Nalwadi B.OWardha442001
Nandora Dafre B.OWardha442101
Nandori B.OWardha442301
Nandpur B.OWardha442201
Nara B.OWardha442203
Neri Mirzapur B.OWardha442201
Nimbha B.OWardha442301
Nimboli B.OWardha442201
Padegaon B.OWardha442101
Paloti B.OWardha442001
Panwadi B.OWardha442106
Pardi (Nagaji) B.OWardha442301
Pardi B.OWardha442201
Paunar S.OWardha442111
Paunoor B.OWardha442001
Pimpalgaon Lute B.OWardha442101
Pimpalkhuta B.OWardha442106
Pipri B.OWardha442307
Pipri Meghe B.OWardha442001
Pipri Pargothan B.OWardha442302
Pohana B.OWardha442307
Pulgaon Camp S.OWardha442303
Pulgaon S.OWardha442302
Ramnagar-Wardha S.OWardha442001
Rasulabad B.OWardha442302
Rehaki Kala B.OWardha442104
Rohana B.OWardha442302
Rohani B.OWardha442306
Sahur B.OWardha442202
Salaipevath B.OWardha442104
Salod Hirapur B.OWardha442001
Samudrapur S.OWardha442305
Sarwadi B.OWardha442201
Sawali BK B.OWardha442201
Sawali Khurd B.OWardha442203
Sawali Wagh B.OWardha442301
Sawangi Meghe B.OWardha442001
Seldoha B.OWardha442104
Seloo Kate B.OWardha442001
Seloo S.OWardha442104
Selsura B.OWardha442101
Sewagram S.OWardha442102
Shegaon Kund B.OWardha442301
Shekapur Bai B.OWardha442307
Shirpur B.OWardha442101
Sindi S.OWardha442105
Sindi Shahar S.OWardha442105
Sindi Vihiri B.OWardha442203
Sirasgaon Bazar B.OWardha442304
Sonegaon Abaji B.OWardha442101
Sonora B.OWardha442306
Sorta B.OWardha442302
Sukali Bai B.OWardha442001
Sukli Station B.OWardha442104
Surgaon B.OWardha442104
Takarkheda B.OWardha442201
Talegaon (SP) B.OWardha442001
Talegaon Talatule B.OWardha442001
Tarasawanga B.OWardha442202
Taroda B.OWardha442102
Thanegaon B.OWardha442203
Umri B.OWardha442203
Vijaygopal B.OWardha442306
Virul B.OWardha442302
Wabgaon B.OWardha442101
Wadala B.OWardha442202
Wadhona B.OWardha442201
Wadner S.OWardha442307
Wagholi B.OWardha442301
Waifad B.OWardha442001
Waigaon Gond B.OWardha442305
Waigaon Haldya B.OWardha442305
Waigaon Nipani B.OWardha442001
Wardha Ganj S.OWardha442003
Wardha H.OWardha442001
Wardha Market S.OWardha442001
Wardhamaneri B.OWardha442201
Washi B.OWardha442301
Watkhed B.OWardha442101
Yac Wardha S.OWardha442001
Yelakeli B.OWardha442001
Yerala B.OWardha442307
Zadgaon Gosavi B.OWardha442001
Zadsi B.OWardha442104

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