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Thane Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Thane district, Maharashtra
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abitghar B.OThane421303
Abje B.OThane421303
Acchad B.OThane401606
Additional Ambernath S.OThane421506
Agarwadi B.OThane401102
Agashi S.OThane401301
Agawan B.OThane401602
Aghai B.OThane421301
Alonde B.OThane421303
Alyani B.OThane421601
Amane B.OThane421302
Ambarje B.OThane421301
Ambernath S.OThane421501
Ambernath South S.OThane421501
Andad B.OThane421601
Angaon B.OThane421302
Anjur B.OThane421302
Apna Bazar S.OThane400610
Arnala S.OThane401302
Asangaon B.OThane401103
Asangaon B.OThane421301
Ase B.OThane401604
Ashagad B.OThane401602
Atali B.OThane421102
Atgaon B.OThane421301
Audhani B.OThane401403
Aware B.OThane421601
Badapokharan B.OThane401601
Badlapur E.D. B.OThane421503
Balegaon B.OThane421402
Baliwali B.OThane421303
Balkum S.OThane400608
Bandhan B.OThane401403
Bapugaon B.OThane401602
Bassein Road S.OThane401202
Bassein S.OThane401201
Bategaon B.OThane401501
Bavada B.OThane401103
Belapur Node- V S.OThane400614
Belapur Node-- III S.OThane400614
Beriste B.OThane401604
Bhaji Market S.OThane421002
Bhatane B.OThane401303
Bhatsanagar S.OThane421603
Bhayander East S.OThane401105
Bhayander West S.OThane401101
Bhiwandi S.OThane421308
Bhopoli B.OThane401403
Bhuigaon B.OThane401201
Birwadi B.OThane421603
Boisar S.OThane401501
Bolinj B.OThane401303
Bordi S.OThane401701
Borigaon B.OThane401701
Bus Terminus S.OThane421001
Chamble B.OThane421312
Chandansar B.OThane401303
Chande B.OThane421301
Chandigaon B.OThane401103
Chargaon B.OThane421503
Charoti B.OThane401602
Chas B.OThane401604
Chikhal Dongre B.OThane401301
Chikhale B.OThane401602
Chimbipada B.OThane421302
Chinchani S.OThane401503
Chinchwali B.OThane421302
Chitalsar Manpada B.OThane400607
Chondhe Colony B.OThane421601
Dabhad B.OThane421302
Dabhadi B.OThane401606
Dabheri B.OThane401603
Dadade B.OThane401605
Dahanu Road S.OThane401602
Dahanu S.OThane401601
Dahanu TPS S.OThane401608
Dahisar B.OThane400612
Dahisar Tarapur B.OThane401502
Dahisar tymanor B.OThane401404
Dahtsar T B.OThane401303
Dalkhan B.OThane421301
Dandekarwadi S.OThane421302
Dandi B.OThane401501
Dapchari S.OThane401610
Dapoli B.OThane401404
Darave B.OThane400706
Datiware B.OThane401102
Dawale B.OThane400612
Dehere B.OThane401603
Dengachimet B.OThane401603
Dhaniwari B.OThane401606
Dhanoshi B.OThane401603
Dhasai B.OThane421601
Dhasai S.OThane421402
Dhekale B.OThane401404
Dhundalwadi B.OThane401606
Dighashi B.OThane421302
Diwa B.OThane400612
Dohe B.OThane421303
Dolhara B.OThane401604
Dolkhamb B.OThane421601
Dombivali I.A. S.OThane421203
Dombivali S.OThane421201
Dongri B.OThane401106
Dongri B.OThane401606
Dugad B.OThane421302
Dunge B.OThane421302
Durves B.OThane401403
Dwarli B.OThane421301
Edwan B.OThane401102
Ganeshpuri S.OThane401206
Ganeshwadi S.O (Thane)Thane421306
Ganjad B.OThane401602
Gargoan B.OThane421303
Gass B.OThane401203
Gegaon B.OThane421403
Ghansoli S.OThane400701
Ghiwali B.OThane401502
Ghodbander B.OThane401107
Gholvad S.OThane401702
Girgaon B.OThane401606
Girij B.OThane401201
Gokhale Road S.O (Thane)Thane400602
Gokhiware B.OThane401208
Gomghar B.OThane401604
Gorhe B.OThane421303
Govade B.OThane401404
Gowane B.OThane401103
Gunde B.OThane421601
Hamarapur B.OThane421303
Holi Bazar B.OThane401201
Jambhul B.OThane421301
Jamsar B.OThane401603
Jamshet B.OThane401602
Jawhar S.OThane401603
Jekegram S.OThane400606
Juchandra B.OThane401208
K.U.Bazar S.OThane400703
Kainad B.OThane401602
Kalamb B.OThane401304
Kalambe B.OThane421303
Kalamgaon B.OThane421301
Kalher B.OThane421302
Kalwa S.OThane400605
Kalyan City H.OThane421301
Kalyan D.C. S.OThane421301
Kalyan Rs S.OThane421301
Kaman B.OThane401208
Kanchad B.OThane421303
Kansai S.OThane421501
Karaj Gaon B.OThane401602
Karhe B.OThane401603
Kasa Budruk B.OThane401607
Kasa S.OThane401607
Kasara S.O (Thane)Thane421602
Kasarvadavali B.OThane400601
Kasarvadavali S.OThane400615
Kasegaon B.OThane421401
Kashi B.OThane401107
Katale B.OThane401404
Katemanivali S.OThane421306
Kaular Budruk B.OThane401201
Kausa B.OThane400612
Kelthan B.OThane401204
Kelwa Road B.OThane401401
Kelwa S.O (Thane)Thane401401
Kelwa-mahim S.OThane401402
Kev B.OThane401403
Khadavali B.OThane421301
Khaniwade B.OThane401303
Khaniwali B.OThane401204
Kharade B.OThane421601
Kharbav B.OThane421302
Khardi B.OThane421301
Khare Ambiwali B.OThane421303
Kharegaon B.OThane401604
Kharekuran B.OThane401404
Kharid B.OThane421403
Kharivali B.OThane421403
Khariwali B.OThane421303
Khodale B.OThane401604
Khoni B.OThane421301
Khoste B.OThane401605
Khuded B.OThane401603
Khupri B.OThane421312
Khutal Baragaon B.OThane421401
Khutghar B.OThane421601
Kinholi S.OThane421403
Kishore B.OThane421401
Koch B.OThane401604
Kochai B.OThane401606
Kogade B.OThane401603
Kolthan B.OThane421401
Kon B.OThane421311
Kondhale B.OThane421312
Kondhan B.OThane401403
Kone B.OThane421303
Konkan Bhavan S.OThane400614
Kopar Khairne S.OThane400709
Kophrad B.OThane401301
Kopri Colony S.OThane400603
Kosbad-hill S.OThane401703
Kudan B.OThane401502
Kudus S.OThane421312
Kulgaon S.OThane421503
Kumbhawali B.OThane401501
Kunde B.OThane421302
Kurze B.OThane401403
Kurze B.OThane401606
Lenad Khurd B.OThane421601
Lonad B.OThane421302
Mahagaon B.OThane401501
Mahapoli B.OThane421302
Majgaon B.OThane421401
Mal B.OThane421402
Mala B.OThane421303
Malegaon B.OThane421403
Malwada B.OThane421303
Mamnoli B.OThane421301
Manda S.OThane421605
Mandvi B.OThane401303
Mangrul B.OThane421301
Manivali B.OThane421102
Maniwali B.OThane421303
Manjarli B.OThane421503
Manor S.OThane401403
Manpada S.OThane421204
Maswan B.OThane401404
Medhi B.OThane401605
Met B.OThane421312
Mhasa B.OThane421401
Milhe B.OThane421401
Millenium Business Park S.OThane400710
Mira Road S.OThane401107
Mira S.OThane401107
Modgaon B.OThane401606
Mohone S.OThane421102
Moj B.OThane421303
Mokhada S.OThane401604
Mokhawane B.OThane421602
Morhanda B.OThane401604
Moroshi B.OThane421401
Mugaon B.OThane421403
Mulgaon B.OThane401201
Mumbra S.OThane400612
Murbad S.OThane421401
Murbe B.OThane401501
Nadore B.OThane401404
Naigaon B.OThane401207
Nala B.OThane401203
Nallosapare E S.OThane401209
Nanapur B.OThane401501
Nandgaon B.OThane421601
Nandgaon B.OThane401603
Nandgaon Tarapur B.OThane401501
Narivali B.OThane421401
Narpad B.OThane401601
Naupada S.O (Thane)Thane400602
Navghar B.OThane401102
Nehroli B.OThane421312
Nerul Node-II S.OThane400706
Nerul Node-III S.OThane400706
Nerul Sec-48 S.OThane400706
Netaji Bazar S.OThane421505
Nihe B.OThane401404
Nikane B.OThane401602
Nilje B.OThane421204
Nirmal S.O (Thane)Thane401304
Nyhale Budruk B.OThane401603
Nyhale Khurdh B.OThane401603
O.E.Ambernath S.OThane421502
Ondhe B.OThane401605
Pachhapur B.OThane421302
Padgha S.OThane421101
Padle B.OThane421204
Palghar H.OThane401404
Palsai B.OThane421312
Palu B.OThane421402
Papdi S.OThane401207
Parali B.OThane421303
Pargaon B.OThane401102
Parnali B.OThane401504
Parol B.OThane401303
Patgaon B.OThane421401
Pathardi B.OThane401603
Paye B.OThane421302
Pelhar B.OThane401208
Phalegaon B.OThane421301
Pik B.OThane421303
Pimpaloli B.OThane421503
Pimpalshet B.OThane401603
Pimplas B.OThane421311
Piwali B.OThane421301
Poshera B.OThane401604
Posheri B.OThane421303
Rai B.OThane401101
Rajawali B.OThane401208
Ramnagar S.O (Thane)Thane421201
Rankol B.OThane401607
Ranshet B.OThane401602
Rayate B.OThane421301
Rehnal B.OThane421302
Saiwan B.OThane401303
Saiwan B.OThane401602
Sakadbav B.OThane421601
Sakhare B.OThane401603
Sakharshet B.OThane401603
Sakurli B.OThane421601
Saloli B.OThane401201
Salwad B.OThane401504
Sandozbaugh S.OThane400607
Sankhare B.OThane401603
Sanpada S.OThane400705
Saralambe B.OThane421601
Saralgaon B.OThane421401
Saravali S.OThane421311
Sarawali B.OThane401501
Sasne B.OThane421401
Sasun Navghar B.OThane401208
Satiwai B.OThane401208
Satpati S.OThane401405
Sawaroli B.OThane421601
Sawata B.OThane401602
Sayale B.OThane421401
Shahad S.OThane421103
Shahapur S.O (Thane)Thane421601
Shantinagar E.D. B.OThane421302
Shastrinagar S.O (Thane)Thane421302
Shelar B.OThane421302
Shenwa B.OThane421601
Shere B.OThane421301
Shigaon B.OThane401501
Shirgaon B.OThane421601
Shirgaon B.OThane401404
Shirol B.OThane421602
Shiroshi B.OThane401603
Shiroshi B.OThane421402
Shivale B.OThane421401
Shrirangnagar B.OThane400601
Sogaon B.OThane421403
Somta B.OThane401403
Sonale B.OThane421303
Sopara S.OThane401203
Station Road Unr-3 S.OThane421002
Subhash Road S.O (Thane)Thane421301
Sukhasale B.OThane401605
Suryanagar S.O (Thane)Thane401609
Talasari S.OThane401606
Talawada B.OThane401607
Talegaon B.OThane421401
Tanashi B.OThane401503
Tandulwadi B.OThane401102
Tansa B.OThane421301
Tapasenagar B.OThane400601
Tarapur App S.OThane401504
Tarapur S.O (Thane)Thane401502
Tarapur Ti S.OThane401506
Tawa B.OThane401607
Tembhikhodave B.OThane401102
Tembhode B.OThane401404
Tembhurli B.OThane421601
Thakurli B.OThane421201
Thane Bazar S.OThane400601
Thane East S.OThane400603
Thane H.OThane400601
Thane R.S. S.OThane400601
Thune B.OThane421403
Tilaknagar S.O (Thane)Thane421201
Tilher B.OThane401303
Titwala B.OThane421605
Tokawade B.OThane421402
Tulai B.OThane421401
Turbhe Market S.OThane400703
Turbhe S.OThane400703
Tuse B.OThane421303
Uchat B.OThane421312
Udhale B.OThane401604
Udhave B.OThane401606
Ulhasnagar-1 S.OThane421001
Ulhasnagar-2 S.OThane421002
Ulhasnagar-4 S.OThane421004
Ulhasnagar-5 S.OThane421005
Umbarpada S.OThane401102
Umela B.OThane401202
Umrale B.OThane401203
Umroli B.OThane401404
Uplat B.OThane401606
Urse B.OThane401602
Usarani B.OThane401102
Utawali B.OThane421303
Uttan S.OThane401106
Vadavali B.OThane421302
Vadhavan B.OThane401503
Vadi B.OThane421301
Vadpe B.OThane421302
Vaholi B.OThane421301
Vaishakhare B.OThane421402
Vaitarna B.OThane421301
Vajreshwari S.OThane401204
Valiv B.OThane401208
Valvande B.OThane401603
Vangani B.OThane421503
Vangaon S.OThane401103
Varale B.OThane421303
Varap B.OThane421301
Varor B.OThane401503
Vasai East IE S.OThane401208
Vasai Road E S.OThane401202
Vashala B.OThane421602
Vashala B.OThane401604
Vashi S.O (Thane)Thane400703
Vashi Sec-26 S.OThane400703
Vashi-VII S.OThane400703
Vashind E.D. B.OThane421301
Vatar B.OThane401301
Vedhe B.OThane401204
Vehele B.OThane421301
Vehloli B.OThane421601
Vehloli B.OThane421301
Vengani B.OThane401502
Veti B.OThane401607
Veur B.OThane401404
Vevji B.OThane401606
Vidyashram S.OThane421305
Vihigaon B.OThane421602
Vikramgad S.OThane401605
Vilkos B.OThane421303
Virar East S.OThane401305
Virar S.OThane401303
Virathan Budruk B.OThane401102
Vishnunagar S.OThane421202
Wada S.OThane421303
Wagle I.E. S.OThane400604
Waki B.OThane421303
Waki B.OThane401602
Waklan B.OThane400612
Yeranjad B.OThane421503
Zap B.OThane401603
Zari B.OThane401606

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