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Akola Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Akola district, Maharashtra
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adgaon Bk S.OAkola444126
Adgaon KD B.OAkola444126
Adsul B.OAkola444108
Agar B.OAkola444006
Akot Kut S.OAkola444101
Akot S.OAkola444101
Alanda B.OAkola444401
Alegaon S.OAkola444511
Anbhora B.OAkola444107
Andura B.OAkola444311
Anvi B.OAkola444102
Apoti B.OAkola444003
Assegaon Bazar B.OAkola444101
Babhulgaon B.OAkola444501
Babhulgaon Jahangir B.OAkola444104
Bahadura B.OAkola444311
Balapur S.OAkola444302
Balegaon B.OAkola444117
Bapori B.OAkola444106
Barshitakli S.OAkola444401
Batwadi B.OAkola444302
Belkhed B.OAkola444108
Bhamberi B.OAkola444108
Bhandaraj B.OAkola444501
Bhar B.OAkola444506
Bhatori B.OAkola444107
Bhendi Mahal B.OAkola444407
Bhurad B.OAkola444002
Bordi B.OAkola444101
Borgaon KD B.OAkola444407
Borgaon Manju S.OAkola444102
Borta B.OAkola444106
Bramhi B.OAkola444106
Chandikapur B.OAkola444101
Channi B.OAkola444501
Charangaon B.OAkola444511
Chatari B.OAkola444501
Chikhalgaon B.OAkola444006
Chittalwadi B.OAkola444103
Chohatta B.OAkola444101
Chondhi B.OAkola444511
Dagadparwa B.OAkola444401
Dahigaon B.OAkola444108
Dahigaon B.OAkola444102
Dahihanda S.OAkola444111
Danori Panori B.OAkola444101
Dapura B.OAkola444003
Degaon B.OAkola444502
Deoli B.OAkola444102
Deori B.OAkola444101
Deulgaon Bramhan B.OAkola444501
Dhabha B.OAkola444401
Dhotardi B.OAkola444102
Digras B.OAkola444501
Dongargaon B.OAkola444104
Dongargaon B.OAkola444311
Donwada B.OAkola444003
Durgwada B.OAkola444107
Gaigaon B.OAkola444109
Gajanan Nagar B.OAkola444002
Gandhigram B.OAkola444006
Gandhinagar S.O (Akola)Akola444004
Gawandgaon B.OAkola444501
Ghodegaon B.OAkola444108
Ghota B.OAkola444107
Ghungshi B.OAkola444107
Ghusar B.OAkola444003
Goregaon B.OAkola444102
Goregaon KD B.OAkola444006
Gudadhi B.OAkola444005
Hanwadi B.OAkola444108
Hata B.OAkola444311
Hatgaon B.OAkola444107
Hatola B.OAkola444405
Hatrun B.OAkola444109
Hingani KD B.OAkola444103
Hirpur B.OAkola444107
Hivara Mana B.OAkola444106
Hiverkhed Ruprao S.OAkola444103
Jalgaon Nahate B.OAkola444126
Jamakeshwar B.OAkola444405
Jambha B.OAkola444102
Jampthi B.OAkola444106
Januna B.OAkola444405
Jatherpeth Akola S.OAkola444005
Jaulkhed B.OAkola444111
Kajaleshwar B.OAkola444107
Kajaleshwar B.OAkola444401
Kalambi Mahagaon B.OAkola444109
Kalwadi B.OAkola444101
Kanadi B.OAkola444107
Kanheri Gawali B.OAkola444302
Kanheri Sarap B.OAkola444401
Kanshoni B.OAkola444102
Kanzara B.OAkola444107
Kanzara B.OAkola444402
Kapsi B.OAkola444006
Karanja Ramzanpur B.OAkola444311
Kasura B.OAkola444109
Kaulkhed B.OAkola444102
Kaulkhed S.OAkola444004
Kawasa B.OAkola444101
Kazikhed B.OAkola444311
Keliveli B.OAkola444111
Khambora B.OAkola444006
Khanapur B.OAkola444501
Khandala B.OAkola444109
Khandala B.OAkola444103
Kheldeshpande B.OAkola444108
Kherda Bhagai B.OAkola444407
Kherda Vilegaon B.OAkola444107
Khetri B.OAkola444501
Khirkund B.OAkola444101
Khirpuri B.OAkola444302
Kinkhed B.OAkola444107
Kinkhed B.OAkola444111
Kolambi B.OAkola444102
Kothali B.OAkola444405
Krishinagar Akola S.OAkola444104
Kurankhed B.OAkola444102
Kutasa B.OAkola444101
Lakhpuri B.OAkola444107
Lohagad B.OAkola444401
Lohara B.OAkola444311
Lonagra B.OAkola444006
Madhapuri B.OAkola444106
Mahagaon B.OAkola444107
Mahan S.OAkola444405
Malegaon Bazar B.OAkola444108
Malrajura B.OAkola444501
Malsoor B.OAkola444501
Mana S.OAkola444106
Manabda B.OAkola444108
Manarkhed B.OAkola444109
Mangrul Kambe B.OAkola444107
Manjari B.OAkola444109
Mathodi B.OAkola444003
Mazod B.OAkola444006
Mhaisang B.OAkola444003
Mhaispur B.OAkola444006
Midc Shivar B.OAkola444104
Mohala B.OAkola444101
Mokha B.OAkola444311
Morgaon Bhakre B.OAkola444109
Morgaon Kakad B.OAkola444102
Morgaon Sadijan B.OAkola444311
Morzadi B.OAkola444109
Mundgaon S.OAkola444117
Murtizapur City S.OAkola444107
Murtizapur S.OAkola444107
Ner B.OAkola444108
Nimba S.OAkola444311
Nimbha B.OAkola444107
Nimbhora B.OAkola444006
Nimbi Malokar B.OAkola444006
Nimkarda B.OAkola444109
Nipana B.OAkola444102
Pailpada B.OAkola444102
Palso Badhe B.OAkola444102
Palsod B.OAkola444101
Panaj B.OAkola444101
Panchagavan B.OAkola444108
Paras B.OAkola444109
Pardi Tad B.OAkola444402
Pathardi B.OAkola444117
Patkhed B.OAkola444006
Patur Nandapur B.OAkola444407
Patur S.OAkola444501
Pedgaon B.OAkola444402
Pimpalkhuta B.OAkola444501
Pimpri Kd B.OAkola444126
Pinjar S.OAkola444407
Pohi B.OAkola444106
Popatkheda B.OAkola444101
Punda B.OAkola444101
Punoti KD B.OAkola444401
Rahit B.OAkola444407
Rail B.OAkola444111
Rajanda B.OAkola444006
Rajankhed B.OAkola444401
Rajnapur Kinkinhi B.OAkola444106
Ramdaspeth Akola S.OAkola444001
Ramtek B.OAkola444106
Ranpisenagar Akola S.OAkola444001
Raundala B.OAkola444108
Ridhora B.OAkola444302
Rpts Akola S.OAkola444002
Ruikhed B.OAkola444101
Sanglood B.OAkola444102
Sangvi Kd B.OAkola444006
Sasti B.OAkola444501
Saundala B.OAkola444103
Sawara B.OAkola444101
Sawargaon B.OAkola444501
Shelubazar Mana B.OAkola444106
Shelubazar S.OAkola444402
Shirla Andhare B.OAkola444501
Shivaji Park Akola S.OAkola444003
Shoni B.OAkola444104
Sindkhed B.OAkola444006
Sirso B.OAkola444107
Sirsoli B.OAkola444126
Sonala Washim B.OAkola444402
Sonori B.OAkola444107
Sukoda B.OAkola444006
Tajnapeth Akola S.OAkola444006
Talegaon Bazar B.OAkola444103
Tandali B.OAkola444501
Tarhala B.OAkola444402
Telhara S.O (Akola)Akola444108
Tilak Road Akola S.OAkola444001
Titwa B.OAkola444405
Tulanga BK B.OAkola444501
Ugawa B.OAkola444006
Ukali Bazar B.OAkola444108
Umara B.OAkola444101
Umara Balapur B.OAkola444501
Umari B.OAkola444005
Ural B.OAkola444311
Vadali Deshmukh B.OAkola444101
Vadegaon S.OAkola444502
Vidyutnagar Paras S.OAkola444109
Vivra B.OAkola444511
Viwara B.OAkola444501
Vizora B.OAkola444401
Vyala B.OAkola444302
Wadad B.OAkola444003
Wadi Adampur B.OAkola444108
Wagha B.OAkola444405
Wai Pargane Mana B.OAkola444107
Wairat Rajapur B.OAkola444006
Wanoja B.OAkola444402
Wari B.OAkola444103
Warud B.OAkola444108
Warudjaula B.OAkola444101
Yeranda B.OAkola444401
Zodga B.OAkola444405

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