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Rajauri Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Rajauri district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agrati B.ORajauri185151
Androoth B.ORajauri185151
Azamtabad B.ORajauri185212
Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah Unive B.ORajauri185132
Badhoon B.ORajauri185132
Bagla B.ORajauri185151
Bagnoti B.ORajauri185152
Bajnoa B.ORajauri185151
Bakhar B.ORajauri185152
Bharore B.ORajauri185156
Bhattian B.ORajauri185212
Bhawani S.ORajauri185155
Brehvi B.ORajauri185201
Budhal S.ORajauri185233
Chak Mathani B.ORajauri185201
Chambitrar B.ORajauri185132
Chani B.ORajauri185152
Chasote B.ORajauri185233
Chingas B.ORajauri185151
Chowki B.ORajauri185151
Chowkian B.ORajauri185135
Dabbar Potha B.ORajauri185151
Dalhori B.ORajauri185132
Dali B.ORajauri185202
Dalogora B.ORajauri185131
Dandesar B.ORajauri185152
Daraj B.ORajauri185233
Darhal Malkan S.ORajauri185135
Darkeri B.ORajauri185202
Dassal Jattan B.ORajauri185131
Deengmangot B.ORajauri185151
Dehra B.ORajauri185152
Dehri Ralyote B.ORajauri185131
Devak B.ORajauri185203
Dhangri B.ORajauri185132
Dhani Dhar B.ORajauri185132
Dhar B.ORajauri185156
Dharamsal B.ORajauri185201
Dharsakri B.ORajauri185132
Dhok Banyar B.ORajauri185156
Dodaj B.ORajauri185135
Dodasanbala B.ORajauri185212
Doongi Brahmana B.ORajauri185151
Fatehpur B.ORajauri185131
Fazalabad B.ORajauri185121
Gagrote B.ORajauri185151
Gakhrote B.ORajauri185132
Galuthi B.ORajauri185131
Gambir Brahmana B.ORajauri185131
Gambir Mughlan B.ORajauri185131
Garan B.ORajauri185152
Gelhan B.ORajauri185203
Ghania B.ORajauri185155
Gonda B.ORajauri185201
Gunni B.ORajauri185132
Hanjana Thakra B.ORajauri185151
Harichuma B.ORajauri185201
Jawaharnagar S.O (Rajauri)Rajauri185132
Jhanger B.ORajauri185155
Jignicoal B.ORajauri185202
Kakora B.ORajauri185131
Kalakas B.ORajauri185132
Kalakot S.ORajauri185202
Kalsian B.ORajauri185155
Kandi B.ORajauri185132
Kangri S.ORajauri185156
Kewal B.ORajauri185233
Khajmola B.ORajauri185132
Khawas B.ORajauri185201
Kheri B.ORajauri185151
Khersoo B.ORajauri185201
Kotdhara B.ORajauri185132
Kotranka B.ORajauri185233
Lam B.ORajauri185155
Lamberi S.ORajauri185152
Langer B.ORajauri185155
Laroka B.ORajauri185155
Manjakot B.ORajauri185131
Metka B.ORajauri185202
Mohgla B.ORajauri185201
Muradpur B.ORajauri185131
Nagrota B.ORajauri185132
Narian B.ORajauri185151
Natryal B.ORajauri185151
Naushera S.ORajauri185151
Nonial B.ORajauri185151
Palma B.ORajauri185132
Panihad B.ORajauri185132
Panjah B.ORajauri185201
Panjnara B.ORajauri185202
Patrara B.ORajauri185153
Peeri B.ORajauri185132
Potha B.ORajauri185202
Prat B.ORajauri185152
Qilla Darhal B.ORajauri185151
Rahsiyot B.ORajauri185153
Raikban B.ORajauri185135
Rajal B.ORajauri185151
Rajdhani B.ORajauri185212
Rajouri H.ORajauri185131
Rajpur Kamila B.ORajauri185151
Rehtal B.ORajauri185132
Sair B.ORajauri185202
Saj B.ORajauri185212
Same B.ORajauri185212
Samote B.ORajauri185233
Sangpur B.ORajauri185151
Saranu B.ORajauri185132
Sarhoti B.ORajauri185203
Sehar B.ORajauri185155
Seri B.ORajauri185151
Shadhra Sharif B.ORajauri185212
Sialsui B.ORajauri185202
Siot B.ORajauri185152
Solki S.ORajauri185201
Sunderbani S.ORajauri185153
Swari B.ORajauri185132
Tandwal B.ORajauri185131
Tareru B.ORajauri185201
Taryath B.ORajauri185203
Tatapani B.ORajauri185202
Thanamandi S.ORajauri185212
Thanda Pani B.ORajauri185152
Thichka B.ORajauri185156
Tilla Tanda B.ORajauri185156
Trala B.ORajauri185132
Tuli B.ORajauri185233
Ujjan B.ORajauri185132

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