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Pulwama Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahagam B.OPulwama192302
Arihal B.OPulwama192302
Aripal B.OPulwama192123
Awantipora S.OPulwama192122
Baigund B.OPulwama192123
Balpora B.OPulwama192302
Bouli B.OPulwama192123
Buchoo B.OPulwama192123
Chattergam B.OPulwama192123
Dadsar B.OPulwama192123
Drabgam B.OPulwama192302
Haripari B.OPulwama192123
Hawl S.OPulwama192302
Herman B.OPulwama192303
Hirapora B.OPulwama192303
Inder B.OPulwama192301
Kachachakote B.OPulwama192123
Kahleel B.OPulwama192123
Kakapora S.OPulwama192304
Kalampora B.OPulwama192302
Karimbad B.OPulwama192301
Keller Mastpora B.OPulwama191112
Kharawara B.OPulwama192303
Koil B.OPulwama192301
Kulgam S.OPulwama192231
Kund B.OPulwama192221
Lajeera B.OPulwama192301
Lurgam B.OPulwama192123
Malangpora B.OPulwama192301
Mandoora B.OPulwama192123
Memendar B.OPulwama192303
Midroo B.OPulwama192123
Mitrigam B.OPulwama192301
Murram B.OPulwama192301
Nadigam B.OPulwama192303
Narapora B.OPulwama192303
Newa B.OPulwama192301
Obindora B.OPulwama192211
Parigam Jagir B.OPulwama192301
Pastana B.OPulwama192123
Pingliana B.OPulwama192301
Pinglish B.OPulwama192123
Pinjoora B.OPulwama192303
Pulwama S.OPulwama192301
Qasbayar B.OPulwama192302
Rajpora B.OPulwama192302
Rajpora S.OPulwama192306
Ramnagri B.OPulwama192303
Ratnipora B.OPulwama192121
Romoh B.OPulwama192301
Saidpora B.OPulwama192303
Saimoh B.OPulwama192123
Satura B.OPulwama192123
Sedow B.OPulwama192303
Shopin S.OPulwama192303
Sindh-shirmal B.OPulwama192302
T Batapora B.OPulwama192301
Tahaba Shadipora B.OPulwama192301
Tankiya Sahib B.OPulwama192303
Tokna B.OPulwama192124
Tral S.OPulwama192123
Trenz B.OPulwama192303
Turkoo Babuar B.OPulwama192302
Vaheel Chatarwatan B.OPulwama192303
Waibugh B.OPulwama192301
Zoora B.OPulwama192303

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