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Poonch Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Poonch district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajote B.OPoonch185101
Arai B.OPoonch185102
Ari B.OPoonch185211
Bafliaz B.OPoonch185121
Bhata Dhurian B.OPoonch185121
Chandak B.OPoonch185101
Chandi Marh B.OPoonch185121
Chatral B.OPoonch185211
Chella Dhangri B.OPoonch185102
Chhajla B.OPoonch185211
Chuggan B.OPoonch185211
Degwar Maldalyan B.OPoonch185101
Dhara Dhullian B.OPoonch185101
Dharamsal Mendhar S.OPoonch185211
Dharana B.OPoonch185211
Dhargloon B.OPoonch185211
Draba B.OPoonch185121
Fatehpur B.OPoonch185102
Gagerian B.OPoonch185102
Galhuta B.OPoonch185211
Gunthal B.OPoonch185121
Gursai B.OPoonch185211
Gursai Mohri B.OPoonch185121
Hari B.OPoonch185121
Hari Budha B.OPoonch185121
Hari Marhote B.OPoonch185121
Harni B.OPoonch185211
Jara Wali Gali B.OPoonch185121
Jhulas B.OPoonch185101
Jugal B.OPoonch185211
Kalaban B.OPoonch185211
Kalai B.OPoonch185101
Kasbalari B.OPoonch185211
Khanetar B.OPoonch185101
Lassana B.OPoonch185121
Loran B.OPoonch185102
Madana B.OPoonch185121
Magnar B.OPoonch185101
Mandi S.OPoonch185102
Mandi Sangwali B.OPoonch184121
Mankot B.OPoonch185211
Naka Majari B.OPoonch185211
Nangali Sahib B.OPoonch185101
Ochhad B.OPoonch185211
Palera B.OPoonch185102
Poonch Fort B.OPoonch185101
Poonch S.OPoonch185101
Prat B.OPoonch185211
Sagra B.OPoonch185211
Sakhi Maidan B.OPoonch185211
Salunian B.OPoonch185102
Salwah B.OPoonch185211
Samote S.OPoonch185121
Sanai B.OPoonch185121
Sangiote B.OPoonch185121
Sangla B.OPoonch185121
Sathra B.OPoonch185102
Sawjian B.OPoonch185102
Seri Khawaja B.OPoonch185121
Shahpur B.OPoonch185101
Shindra B.OPoonch185101
Sialan B.OPoonch185121

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