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Kupwara Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aloosa B.OKupwara193224
Ashpora B.OKupwara193303
Budnambal B.OKupwara193224
Chamkote B.OKupwara193225
Chandigam B.OKupwara193223
Cheerkoot B.OKupwara193223
Chowgal B.OKupwara193221
Chowkibal B.OKupwara193224
Dardpora B.OKupwara193223
Dever Inderbugh B.OKupwara193223
Drugmulla B.OKupwara193222
Dudi Machil B.OKupwara193222
Gazriyal B.OKupwara193224
Gloora B.OKupwara193302
Gogal B.OKupwara193223
Gugloosa B.OKupwara193224
Gulgam B.OKupwara193222
Haihama B.OKupwara193222
Hajitrah B.OKupwara193225
Halmatpora B.OKupwara193222
Handwara S.OKupwara193221
Haril B.OKupwara193302
Hayan B.OKupwara193224
Jaggerpora B.OKupwara193222
Kachhama B.OKupwara193224
Kakroosa B.OKupwara193224
Kalamchakla B.OKupwara193302
Kalaroose B.OKupwara193222
Kandi B.OKupwara193221
Karihama B.OKupwara193222
Keran B.OKupwara193224
Khumriyal B.OKupwara193222
Kralgund B.OKupwara193302
Kralpora B.OKupwara193224
Krusan B.OKupwara193223
Kuligam B.OKupwara193223
Kupwara S.OKupwara193222
Lalpora B.OKupwara193223
Magam B.OKupwara193221
Maidanpora B.OKupwara193223
Manzgam B.OKupwara193224
Meelyal B.OKupwara193224
Nachian B.OKupwara193225
Nagrimalpora B.OKupwara193222
Natnusa B.OKupwara193221
Nowgabra B.OKupwara193225
Nowgam B.OKupwara193302
Owoora B.OKupwara193224
Panzgam B.OKupwara193224
Pazipora B.OKupwara193222
Puhroopeth B.OKupwara193302
Putushay B.OKupwara193223
Sahipora B.OKupwara193302
Sarkuli B.OKupwara193222
Satkuji B.OKupwara193221
Shatgund B.OKupwara193302
Shilhal B.OKupwara193221
Sogam S.OKupwara193223
Tad B.OKupwara193225
Tangdhar S.OKupwara193225
Tarathpora B.OKupwara193224
Teetwal B.OKupwara193225
Tekipora B.OKupwara193223
Trehgam S.OKupwara193224
Turkapora B.OKupwara193221
Vernow B.OKupwara193223
Villagam B.OKupwara193224
Wader Nichama B.OKupwara193221
Wadipora B.OKupwara193221
Wagat B.OKupwara193221
Warsun B.OKupwara193224
Yaroo B.OKupwara193302
Yunis Wahipora B.OKupwara193302
Zachaldara B.OKupwara193221
Zurhama B.OKupwara193224
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