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Kargil Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kargil district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Akchamal B.OKargil194103
Bhimbat B.OKargil194102
Bodhkharboo B.OKargil194109
Chanigund B.OKargil194103
Chiktan B.OKargil194109
Chokiyal B.OKargil194102
Choskor B.OKargil194105
Drass S.OKargil194102
Garkon B.OKargil194103
Hardas B.OKargil194103
Karamba B.OKargil194109
Kargil S.OKargil194103
Karkitchoo B.OKargil194103
Karsha B.OKargil194302
Khasgam Thuina B.OKargil194301
Lankarchey B.OKargil194301
Lochum B.OKargil194109
Matayan B.OKargil194102
Minji B.OKargil194105
Mulbek S.OKargil194109
Mushkoo B.OKargil194102
Namsuru B.OKargil194301
Omba B.OKargil194301
Padum S.OKargil194302
Pandrass B.OKargil194102
Panikhar B.OKargil194301
Panikhar S.OKargil194403
Parkachik B.OKargil194301
Pashkum B.OKargil194103
Purthikchey B.OKargil194301
Safi B.OKargil194109
Saliskot B.OKargil194105
Samray B.OKargil194109
Sangra B.OKargil194301
Sankoo S.OKargil194301
Shaimshakharboo B.OKargil194103
Shakar B.OKargil194109
Shargol B.OKargil194109
Silmoh B.OKargil194103
Tache B.OKargil194109
Tambis B.OKargil194105
Thasgam B.OKargil194103
Tikat B.OKargil194301
Trespon B.OKargil194105
Tumail B.OKargil194103
Tumail Colony B.OKargil194103
Wakha B.OKargil194109
Yuljuk B.OKargil194301
Yurbaltik B.OKargil194103
Zangla B.OKargil194302
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