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Jammu Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jammu district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A.G.Office B.OJammu181121
Abtal B.OJammu181141
Adlehar B.OJammu181131
Agra Chak B.OJammu181102
Aitham B.OJammu180017
Akalpur B.OJammu180002
Akhnoor S.OJammu181201
Allah B.OJammu181131
Ambaran B.OJammu181201
Arnia S.OJammu181131
Badyal Brahmna B.OJammu181102
Bain Bajalta B.OJammu180006
Bain Bajalta B.OJammu180017
Bakore B.OJammu181202
Bakshinagar S.OJammu180001
Bala B.OJammu181201
Bamal Colony B.OJammu181201
Bhalwal Brahmna B.OJammu181202
Bhalwal S.OJammu181122
Bhatyari B.OJammu181224
Bhour Camp B.OJammu181101
Birpur B.OJammu181133
Bishnah Adda S.OJammu181132
Bishnah S.OJammu181132
Brui B.OJammu181201
Bsf Camp Paloura S.OJammu181124
Chak Chimna B.OJammu181141
Chak Kirpalpur B.OJammu181202
Chak Malal B.OJammu181203
Chak Salaria B.OJammu184120
Chak Shama B.OJammu181206
Chak Umrah B.OJammu181132
Chakrohi B.OJammu181102
Chandu Chak B.OJammu181102
Chani Himat S.OJammu180015
Chohala B.OJammu181102
Chowadi B.OJammu180011
Chowki Choura S.OJammu185154
Dablehar S.OJammu181111
Dansal S.OJammu181224
Danwal B.OJammu181203
Darap B.OJammu181132
Datial B.OJammu181202
Deoli B.OJammu181132
Devipur B.OJammu181202
Dhana Dhanean B.OJammu185154
Dhiani B.OJammu184121
Dhoke Khalsa B.OJammu181202
Dhounthly Bazar S.OJammu180001
Doori Dugar B.OJammu185154
Dumana S.OJammu181206
Faloura B.OJammu181102
Gadigarh B.OJammu181101
Gajansoo B.OJammu181206
Gandharwan B.OJammu181201
Gandhinagar H.OJammu180004
Gangyal S.OJammu180010
Garkhal B.OJammu181206
General Bus Stand S.O (Jammu)Jammu180016
Ghar Majoor B.OJammu185154
Gharana B.OJammu181102
Gharatal B.OJammu181201
Gharota B.OJammu181122
Gho Manhasan B.OJammu181206
Gigrial B.OJammu181203
Gol Gujral B.OJammu180002
Goondla B.OJammu181111
Goran B.OJammu184121
Gtreater Kailash S.OJammu180020
Guo Brahmna B.OJammu184120
Gura Manhasan B.OJammu181207
Gurah Salathia S.OJammu181143
Gurha Brahmna B.OJammu181201
Guru Nanak Nagar S.O (Jammu)Jammu180004
Halqa B.OJammu181206
Hamirpur Sidhar B.OJammu181203
Industrial Estate S.O (Jammu)Jammu180003
J.Kotli B.OJammu181221
J.N.V. Nud B.OJammu184121
Jagti B.OJammu181221
Jakh B.OJammu184120
Jammu Cantt S.OJammu180003
Jammu H.OJammu180001
Jammu Market S.OJammu180001
Jandial B.OJammu181122
Janipur High Court S.OJammu180007
Janipur S.OJammu180007
Jassore B.OJammu181102
Jindrah B.OJammu181224
Jourian S.OJammu181202
Kachi Chowni S.OJammu180001
Kaink Jagir B.OJammu181201
Kaleetg B.OJammu181203
Kalibari B.OJammu184121
Kalu Chak B.OJammu180010
Kalyana B.OJammu181131
Kanachak B.OJammu181206
Kanachirgal B.OJammu180017
Kandoli Nagrota S.OJammu181221
Kangrial B.OJammu181206
Kanhal B.OJammu181132
Kanyala B.OJammu181224
Karan Nagar S.O (Jammu)Jammu180005
Karloop B.OJammu181206
Kathar B.OJammu181201
Kesomanhasan B.OJammu181141
Khara Madana B.OJammu181145
Kharah B.OJammu181203
Kheri B.OJammu181132
Khour Devian B.OJammu181101
Khour S.OJammu181203
Kirpind B.OJammu181101
Kishanpur B.OJammu181224
Kool Kalan B.OJammu181131
Kot B.OJammu181122
Kot Maira B.OJammu181204
Kothar B.OJammu181224
Kotli Colony S.OJammu180005
Kotli Mian Fateh B.OJammu181132
Kotlishah Daula B.OJammu181102
Koulpur B.OJammu184120
Krishna Nagar S.O (Jammu)Jammu180016
Langotian B.OJammu181101
Lehar B.OJammu181201
Link Road S.O (Jammu)Jammu180001
Magowali B.OJammu181111
Maira B.OJammu181202
Majeen S.OJammu180017
Makwal B.OJammu180003
Mandal B.OJammu181145
Mandal B.OJammu180003
Mandarian B.OJammu181201
Mansar B.OJammu184121
Mawa Brahmna B.OJammu181201
Miran Sahib S.OJammu181101
Misriwala B.OJammu181206
Muthi S.OJammu181205
Nadore B.OJammu181221
Nagbani B.OJammu181206
Nai Kali B.OJammu184121
Nanak Chak B.OJammu184121
Nandpur B.OJammu181141
Nanga B.OJammu181141
Naryana B.OJammu181203
NATC S.OJammu180003
Nathal B.OJammu181203
New Fruit Market S.OJammu180012
New Fruit Market S.OJammu180006
New Secretariat Jammu S.OJammu180001
New University Campus S.OJammu180006
Nikkian B.OJammu181203
O.H.Road S.OJammu180001
Pacca Danga Akhnoor S.OJammu181201
Pallanwala S.OJammu181204
Palli B.OJammu181132
Paloura S.OJammu181121
Pandorian Manhasan B.OJammu181132
Pangdour B.OJammu184121
Panjgrain B.OJammu181221
Pargwal S.OJammu181207
Parlah B.OJammu181131
Paryal B.OJammu181206
Peermitha S.OJammu180001
Pindicharka Kalan B.OJammu181131
Puran Nagar S.OJammu180005
Purmandal S.OJammu181145
Qilla Bahu S.OJammu180006
R.N.Bazar S.OJammu180001
R.S.Pura Adda S.OJammu181102
R.S.Pura S.OJammu181102
Rabta B.OJammu181122
Rahya B.OJammu181143
Raika B.OJammu184120
Railway Station S.OJammu180012
Raipur B.OJammu181123
Rajinderpura B.OJammu181143
Ramgarh S.O (Jammu)Jammu181141
Rangpur Malania B.OJammu181102
Rangpur Trewa B.OJammu181131
Ranjan B.OJammu181122
Rathana B.OJammu181111
Rattisn B.OJammu181101
Rehal B.OJammu181132
Rehari Mohalla S.OJammu180005
Rehiyan B.OJammu184121
Roopnagar Jammu Tawi S.OJammu180013
Sadhoti B.OJammu185154
Sai Kalan B.OJammu181131
Sainik Colony S.OJammu180011
Sainth B.OJammu181203
Salehar B.OJammu181111
Samba Adda S.OJammu184121
Samba S.OJammu184121
Sangrampur B.OJammu180002
Sanjwan B.OJammu184120
Sarna B.OJammu184121
Sarore B.OJammu181133
Sarote B.OJammu181122
Satrayan B.OJammu181102
Seri Panditan B.OJammu181122
Shaheedi Chowk Jammu S.OJammu180001
Shaktinagar Jammu S.OJammu180001
Shamka B.OJammu181102
Shiba B.OJammu181221
Sidhra Housing Colony S.OJammu180019
Simble Camp B.OJammu181101
Smailpur B.OJammu181133
Sohanjana B.OJammu180003
Subash Nagar Jammu S.OJammu180005
Suchetgarh B.OJammu181102
Sumb B.OJammu184121
Sungal B.OJammu181201
Sunjwan B.OJammu180011
Surinsar B.OJammu180017
Suryavihar B.OJammu180002
Swankha B.OJammu184120
Tahra B.OJammu181224
Talab Tillo S.OJammu180002
Talhar B.OJammu181131
Taloor B.OJammu184121
Tarore B.OJammu181133
Topsherkhania B.OJammu181121
Transport Yard S.OJammu180004
Trikuta Nagar S.OJammu180012
Udheywala S.OJammu180018
University Campus S.O (Jammu)Jammu180016
Utter Behni B.OJammu181145
Vijaypur S.OJammu184120
Vinaik Bazar S.OJammu180016

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