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Budgam Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Budgam district, Jammu and Kashmir
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhama B.OBudgam191112
Arath B.OBudgam191111
Arigam B.OBudgam191111
Bogam Batapora B.OBudgam191113
Brinjan B.OBudgam191113
Budgam S.OBudgam191111
Chadoora S.OBudgam191113
Chanthan Checkpora B.OBudgam193411
Char-sharief S.OBudgam191112
Chattergam B.OBudgam191113
Chewdarah B.OBudgam193411
Dachan B.OBudgam193411
Darwan Nawgam B.OBudgam191112
Gariend B.OBudgam191111
Gogjipathri B.OBudgam191113
H Panzu B.OBudgam193411
Hamhama S.OBudgam190021
Hanjura B.OBudgam191113
Hardudalwan B.OBudgam191112
Hayatpora B.OBudgam191113
Hyderpora S.OBudgam190014
Ichgam B.OBudgam191111
Iskanderpora B.OBudgam193411
Jawalapora B.OBudgam191111
Kachwari B.OBudgam191111
Kandoora B.OBudgam193411
Kanihama B.OBudgam193401
Kawoosa Khalisa B.OBudgam193401
Kenidajan B.OBudgam191112
Kenihama B.OBudgam190015
Khag B.OBudgam193411
Khan Shaib B.OBudgam191111
Kralpora B.OBudgam190019
Krim Shore B.OBudgam191111
Lalgam B.OBudgam191113
Lalpora B.OBudgam193411
Later Chadoora B.OBudgam191111
Nagam B.OBudgam191113
Natipora S.OBudgam190015
Nowgam B.OBudgam190015
Nowgam S.OBudgam190015
Ompora B.OBudgam191111
Otligam B.OBudgam193411
Pahroo B.OBudgam192121
Pakherpora B.OBudgam191112
Peth Makhama B.OBudgam193401
Poshkar B.OBudgam193411
Qumroo B.OBudgam193411
R N Hall B.OBudgam191113
Raithan B.OBudgam191111
Raiyar B.OBudgam193411
Rangar B.OBudgam191113
Rangreth S.OBudgam190007
Ratsoon B.OBudgam193401
Sagam B.OBudgam191113
Sail B.OBudgam193411
Sanat Nagar S.OBudgam190005
Sanoorkalipora B.OBudgam193401
Shogapora B.OBudgam191111
Sholipora B.OBudgam191111
Shonglipora B.OBudgam193411
Sk Airport S.OBudgam190007
Soibugh B.OBudgam191111
Suraryan B.OBudgam191113
Wanpora B.OBudgam191113
Watakala B.OBudgam191113
Wathura B.OBudgam191113
Watterhail B.OBudgam191111
Zugu Khyran B.OBudgam193411

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