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West Singhbhum Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adityapur S.OWest Singhbhum831013
Andhari B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Asantalia B.OWest Singhbhum833105
Balandia B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Balibandh B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Bandgaon B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Barabamboo B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Baraiburu B.OWest Singhbhum833221
Barajamda S.OWest Singhbhum833221
Barajamni B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Barajhinkpani B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Baralagia B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Baralagra B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Bari B.OWest Singhbhum833103
Bari Bazar S.OWest Singhbhum833201
Barkella B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Barkundia B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Barposh B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Benisagar B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Bensakaranjia B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Bhalupani B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Bhalurungi B.OWest Singhbhum833105
Bharbharia B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Bhoya B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Chaibasa H.OWest Singhbhum833201
Chainpur Khas B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Chakradharpur Bazar S.OWest Singhbhum833102
Chakradharpur Colony S.OWest Singhbhum833102
Chiria S.OWest Singhbhum833106
Chirubera B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Chittimitti B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Chotanagra B.OWest Singhbhum833106
Dalki B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Danguaposi S.OWest Singhbhum833212
Dhobadhobin B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Dumrita B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Galudih B.OWest Singhbhum833101
Ghagri B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Gitilipi B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Goilkera S.OWest Singhbhum833103
Gopinathpur B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Gua S.OWest Singhbhum833213
Guira B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Gulia B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Hatgamaria S.OWest Singhbhum833214
Hathia B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Hesadih B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Hesalkuti B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Icha B.OWest Singhbhum833201
J.M.P. Chowk S.OWest Singhbhum833201
Jagannathpur S.OWest Singhbhum833203
Jaintgarh B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Jamdih B.OWest Singhbhum833203
Jamid B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Jharjharia B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Jhinkpani S.OWest Singhbhum833215
Jojo Camp B.OWest Singhbhum833217
Joteya B.OWest Singhbhum833218
Kairam B.OWest Singhbhum833103
Karanjia B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Kathbari B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Kera B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Keraikela B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Keshargaria B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Khairbandh B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Khairpal B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Khedchalan B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Kheriatangar B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Khuntpani B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Khurpose B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Kiriburu Base Camp S.OWest Singhbhum833222
Kochang B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Kochra B.OWest Singhbhum833203
Kokcho B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Kotgarh B.OWest Singhbhum833218
Kuira B.OWest Singhbhum833105
Kumardungi B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Kundiadhar B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Leyangi B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Lonjo B.OWest Singhbhum833105
Lotapahar B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Mahil B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Mahulpani B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Majhgaon B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Maluka B.OWest Singhbhum833203
Manoharpur S.O (West Singhbhum)West Singhbhum833104
Meghahatuburu S.OWest Singhbhum833223
N.Ashram B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Nakahasa B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Nakti B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Naogaon B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Narsanda B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Noamundi Bazar S.OWest Singhbhum833218
Noamundi S.OWest Singhbhum833217
Otar B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Pandrasali B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Parsagar Keshna B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Patherbasa B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Pilka B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Posiata B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Pronger B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Punga B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Purnapani B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Purunia B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Rajanand Pur B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Robkera B.OWest Singhbhum833104
Roladih B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Roro B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Ruia B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Salai B.OWest Singhbhum833106
Sarda B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Sarjamhatu B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Selda B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Sindri Guiya B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Sindriguia B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Singhpokharia B.OWest Singhbhum833202
Siyaljora B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Sonua S.OWest Singhbhum833105
Sringgesia B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Surjabasa B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Swania B.OWest Singhbhum835216
T.B.Dumuria B.OWest Singhbhum833214
Tantnagar B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Tata College Chaibasa S.OWest Singhbhum833202
Tebo B.OWest Singhbhum835216
Toklo B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Tonto B.OWest Singhbhum833215
Tonto B.OWest Singhbhum833201
Tuniagajpur B.OWest Singhbhum833103
Unchibita B.OWest Singhbhum833102
Urkia B.OWest Singhbhum833104

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