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Ramgarh Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Ramgarh district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Argada S.ORamgarh829101
Balkudra S.ORamgarh829143
Banda B.ORamgarh829110
Banji B.ORamgarh825314
Bargaon B.ORamgarh829134
Bariatu B.ORamgarh829110
Barka Chumba B.ORamgarh829101
Barkakana NTS S.ORamgarh829103
Barkakana S.ORamgarh829102
Barkipona B.ORamgarh825101
Barlanga B.ORamgarh829110
Belsagra B.ORamgarh825330
Betulkala B.ORamgarh829110
Bhadaninagar S.ORamgarh829105
Bharechnagar B.ORamgarh829117
Bhurkunda Bazar S.ORamgarh829106
Bhurkunda S.ORamgarh829135
Chaingada B.ORamgarh829103
Chainpur B.ORamgarh829134
Chainpur B.ORamgarh825330
Chari B.ORamgarh829110
Chhatar B.ORamgarh825101
Chittarpur S.ORamgarh825101
Dari B.ORamgarh829109
Deoria Bargaon B.ORamgarh829106
Digwar B.ORamgarh829117
Gandkey B.ORamgarh825101
Gegda B.ORamgarh829143
Ghatotand S.ORamgarh825314
Giddi A S.ORamgarh829108
Giddi C S.ORamgarh829109
Gola S.O (Ramgarh)Ramgarh829110
Gossa B.ORamgarh825101
Hafua B.ORamgarh829119
Harhadkander B.ORamgarh825101
Hariharpur B.ORamgarh829119
Hesagarha B.ORamgarh825316
Hesapora B.ORamgarh829110
Hesla B.ORamgarh829101
Honhey B.ORamgarh829150
Ichatu B.ORamgarh825101
Jainagar B.ORamgarh829118
Jamira B.ORamgarh825101
Kaitha B.ORamgarh825101
Kander B.ORamgarh829117
Karma B.ORamgarh829117
Kedla S.ORamgarh825325
Kedlanagar B.ORamgarh825325
Korchey B.ORamgarh825101
Korrambey B.ORamgarh829110
Koto B.ORamgarh829119
Kuju S.ORamgarh825316
Kumhardaga B.ORamgarh829110
Kundrukala B.ORamgarh825101
Kurum B.ORamgarh825101
Laiyo B.ORamgarh825325
Lapanga Colliery B.ORamgarh829105
Lari B.ORamgarh825101
Maganpur B.ORamgarh829110
Mahuatand B.ORamgarh829134
Mandu B.ORamgarh825316
Marar S.ORamgarh829117
Murpa B.ORamgarh829110
Pali B.ORamgarh829105
Patratu Diesel Colony ND B.ORamgarh829118
Patratu S.ORamgarh829118
Patratu TPS S.ORamgarh829119
Potamdag B.ORamgarh825101
Prc S.ORamgarh829130
Rabodh B.ORamgarh825330
Raham B.ORamgarh825325
Ramgarh Cantt H.ORamgarh829122
Ramgarh Project S.ORamgarh829150
Ramgarh S.O (Ramgarh)Ramgarh829122
Religarha S.ORamgarh829129
Sandi B.ORamgarh829150
Sangrampur B.ORamgarh829110
Saram B.ORamgarh829110
Sarubera S.ORamgarh829134
Sayal S.ORamgarh829125
Sikani B.ORamgarh829150
Sirka Nd B.ORamgarh829101
Sondimra B.ORamgarh829110
Soso B.ORamgarh825101
Sosokala B.ORamgarh829110
Souda Basti B.ORamgarh829133
Sounda C S.ORamgarh829126
Sounda D S.ORamgarh829133
Src S.ORamgarh829131
Sutari B.ORamgarh829110
Tapin S.ORamgarh825326
Terpa B.ORamgarh829118
Tirla B.ORamgarh829134
Toiyar B.ORamgarh829110
Topa Coliery S.ORamgarh825330

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