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Palamau Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Palamau district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adhsura B.OPalamau822121
Alinagar B.OPalamau822116
Ambabar B.OPalamau822122
Ambakharis B.OPalamau822121
Ashehar B.OPalamau822118
Ballari B.OPalamau822122
Bansdih B.OPalamau822118
Barahi B.OPalamau822116
Barwaiya B.OPalamau822126
Basaura B.OPalamau822118
Belhath B.OPalamau822120
Belwatikar Nd S.OPalamau822101
Bhojpur B.OPalamau822121
Birbal B.OPalamau822121
Bishrampur S.O (Palamau)Palamau822132
Bishunpur B.OPalamau822113
Champi B.OPalamau822118
Champi Kala B.OPalamau822122
Chando B.OPalamau822110
Chaparwar B.OPalamau822113
Chaukri B.OPalamau822115
Cherai B.OPalamau822113
Chetma B.OPalamau822123
Chhatarpur S.OPalamau822113
Chitbishraen B.OPalamau822121
Chiyanki B.OPalamau822102
Dagra B.OPalamau822113
Dali B.OPalamau822113
Daltonganj Bazar S.OPalamau822101
Daltonganj Collage S.OPalamau822102
Daltonganj H.OPalamau822101
Daltonganj Kutchary S.OPalamau822101
Dandar Kala B.OPalamau822122
Dangwar B.OPalamau822116
Daruaboni B.OPalamau822116
Dhangaon B.OPalamau822118
Dhawadih B.OPalamau822126
Dhub B.OPalamau822122
Dhurki B.OPalamau822121
Dipauwa B.OPalamau822123
Dulhi B.OPalamau822123
Dwarika B.OPalamau822122
Fhulang B.OPalamau822118
Gahar Pathara B.OPalamau822123
Gentha B.OPalamau822118
Goradih B.OPalamau822120
Gulabjhari B.OPalamau822113
Gurha B.OPalamau822118
Gurua B.OPalamau822118
Haidar Nagar S.OPalamau822115
Halka B.OPalamau822131
Halwantakain B.OPalamau822121
Hamidganj S.OPalamau822101
Harihar Ganj S.O (Palamau)Palamau822131
Hariharpur B.OPalamau822120
Harinamar B.OPalamau822110
I. E. Sudna B.OPalamau822102
Ichak B.OPalamau822123
Jagajamdiha B.OPalamau822116
Jainagra B.OPalamau822120
Jamui B.OPalamau822121
Japla C F S.OPalamau822117
Japla S.OPalamau822116
Jhabar B.OPalamau822126
Jhargara B.OPalamau822116
Jogiyahi Tola B.OPalamau822102
Kabrakhurd B.OPalamau822115
Kadaikurmi B.OPalamau822120
Kajrat Nawadih B.OPalamau822116
Kamgarpur B.OPalamau822116
Kandi B.OPalamau822120
Kankekala B.OPalamau822123
Karimandih B.OPalamau822115
Kasmar B.OPalamau822122
Katharkala B.OPalamau822121
Katual B.OPalamau822110
Kawal B.OPalamau822113
Kazi Pakri B.OPalamau822118
Khairadohar B.OPalamau822113
Khamdih B.OPalamau822126
Kharagpur B.OPalamau822113
Kishunpur B.OPalamau822123
Konwai B.OPalamau822122
Kosiara B.OPalamau822115
Kukahi B.OPalamau822115
Kundri B.OPalamau822118
Kurhat Kataiya B.OPalamau822131
Kusha B.OPalamau822116
Kushha B.OPalamau822120
Lamarikala B.OPalamau822120
Lami Patra B.OPalamau822123
Latheya B.OPalamau822116
Lesliganj S.OPalamau822118
Loharsi B.OPalamau822122
Loinga B.OPalamau822123
Mahdeiya B.OPalamau822121
Mahuari B.OPalamau822116
Mahugawan B.OPalamau822110
Manatu B.OPalamau822123
Manika B.OPalamau822126
Manjhauli B.OPalamau822113
Manjhiaon B.OPalamau822120
Matlong B.OPalamau822126
Mohammad Ganj S.OPalamau822120
Morway B.OPalamau822120
Munkeri B.OPalamau822113
Nagar Utari S.OPalamau822121
Namudag B.OPalamau822113
Narsingh Pur B.OPalamau822110
Naudiha Bazar B.OPalamau822113
Naudiha Khajuri B.OPalamau822113
Nawa Bazar B.OPalamau822113
Nawa Jaipur B.OPalamau822123
Nawadih (S) B.OPalamau822110
Nawdiha B.OPalamau822123
Pachmo B.OPalamau822113
Paduma B.OPalamau822123
Palhe Khurd B.OPalamau822123
Palheya B.OPalamau822126
Pandeypura B.OPalamau822123
Panki S.O (Palamau)Palamau822122
Pansa B.OPalamau822115
Patan S.O (Palamau)Palamau822123
Pathakpagar B.OPalamau822118
Pipra B.OPalamau822113
Poldih-jagdishpur B.OPalamau822116
Polpol B.OPalamau822126
Purabdiha B.OPalamau822110
Raj Chainpur S.OPalamau822110
Rajhara Rest B.OPalamau822110
Rajhara Rest RS B.OPalamau822110
Rajwadih B.OPalamau822118
Ramgarh B.OPalamau822110
Ranki Kala B.OPalamau822126
Roll B.OPalamau822123
Sabano B.OPalamau822116
Sagalim B.OPalamau822118
Sakaldipa B.OPalamau822113
Salatua B.OPalamau822110
Sangbar B.OPalamau822118
Saraidih B.OPalamau822113
Sarsot B.OPalamau822113
Satbahini B.OPalamau822120
Satbarwa S.OPalamau822126
Satgawa B.OPalamau822131
Semaura B.OPalamau822120
Semra B.OPalamau822110
Shahpur B.OPalamau822110
Shirpur B.OPalamau822120
Sibla B.OPalamau829202
Sikki Kala B.OPalamau822126
Sildiliya Kala B.OPalamau822118
Singra Khurd B.OPalamau822102
Sirma B.OPalamau822123
Sua B.OPalamau822102
Sundipur B.OPalamau822115
Tal B.OPalamau822122
Taleya Bandh B.OPalamau822110
Tandwa B.OPalamau822128
Tarhasi B.OPalamau822118
Telari B.OPalamau822113
Tetrain B.OPalamau822122
Thakuraidabra B.OPalamau822118
Udaigarh B.OPalamau822113
Udaipru B.OPalamau822122
Utari Road B.OPalamau822116
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