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Lohardaga Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Lohardaga district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Arkosa B.OLohardaga835302
Arru B.OLohardaga835302
Arya B.OLohardaga835302
Bhatkhijri B.OLohardaga835302
Butisenha B.OLohardaga835302
Champijaria B.OLohardaga835213
Chandujima B.OLohardaga835213
Charhu B.OLohardaga835302
Chiri B.OLohardaga835213
Daru B.OLohardaga835302
Dundru B.OLohardaga835302
Gageya B.OLohardaga835302
Harmu B.OLohardaga835302
Hasapiri B.OLohardaga835302
Henjla B.OLohardaga835213
Hesway B.OLohardaga835302
Hirhi B.OLohardaga835302
Hisri B.OLohardaga835302
Irga R.S. B.OLohardaga835302
Jingi B.OLohardaga835213
Jobhipath B.OLohardaga835218
Jorisaheda B.OLohardaga835302
Juria B.OLohardaga835302
Kharta B.OLohardaga835325
Kisko B.OLohardaga835302
Koarambe B.OLohardaga835302
Kujra B.OLohardaga835302
Kurse B.OLohardaga835213
Kuru S.OLohardaga835213
Lame Baragaon B.OLohardaga834009
Landupsenha B.OLohardaga835213
Larango B.OLohardaga835302
Lohardaga Baza R S.OLohardaga835302
Lohardaga Court S.OLohardaga835302
Lohardaga S.OLohardaga835302
Lowagain B.OLohardaga835213
Masmano B.OLohardaga835302
Mungo B.OLohardaga835302
Nagni B.OLohardaga835302
Nagra B.OLohardaga835302
Narinawadih B.OLohardaga835302
Netarhat S.OLohardaga835218
Opa B.OLohardaga835213
Pandra B.OLohardaga835213
Pandri B.OLohardaga835213
Pesrar B.OLohardaga835302
Puso B.OLohardaga835302
Rampur B.OLohardaga835302
Salgi B.OLohardaga835213
Senha B.OLohardaga835302
Sinjo B.OLohardaga835325
Sithio B.OLohardaga835302
Tiril B.OLohardaga834004
Tisiya B.OLohardaga835302

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