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Latehar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Latehar district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aan B.OLatehar829203
Arahans B.OLatehar822119
Balu B.OLatehar829206
Balubhang B.OLatehar829202
Balumath S.OLatehar829202
Barahi B.OLatehar822119
Baresandh B.OLatehar829204
Bari B.OLatehar829203
Barikhap B.OLatehar822112
Bariyatu Jagir B.OLatehar829206
Barwadih S.OLatehar822111
Besra B.OLatehar829202
Betla National Park B.OLatehar822111
Bhaisadon B.OLatehar829203
Chakla B.OLatehar829203
Chandwa S.OLatehar829203
Chatakpur B.OLatehar822119
Chedra B.OLatehar829202
Chhencha B.OLatehar822111
Chhipadohar S.OLatehar829204
Chiru B.OLatehar829202
Chungru B.OLatehar829204
Dahunawada B.OLatehar829203
Damodar B.OLatehar829203
Darha B.OLatehar829202
Demu B.OLatehar829207
Durup B.OLatehar822119
Ganeshpur B.OLatehar829202
Garhgoma B.OLatehar829202
Garu B.OLatehar829204
Hami B.OLatehar822119
Herhanj B.OLatehar829202
Holong B.OLatehar829202
Hothpochra B.OLatehar829206
Hutar B.OLatehar829203
Huttar Coliewary B.OLatehar822111
Ichak B.OLatehar829202
Jalim B.OLatehar829206
Jhabar B.OLatehar829202
Kaima B.OLatehar829206
Kamta B.OLatehar829203
Karwal B.OLatehar829204
Kerh B.OLatehar829204
Kottam B.OLatehar829204
Kumandih B.OLatehar829204
Kura B.OLatehar829206
Labarpur B.OLatehar829207
Lat B.OLatehar829204
Latehar Hsgii S.OLatehar829206
Latehar Rsso S.OLatehar829207
Ledhpa B.OLatehar829207
Mahuwadand S.OLatehar822119
Makka B.OLatehar829207
Malhan B.OLatehar829203
Mandal S.O (Latehar)Latehar822127
Marnagoliya B.OLatehar829202
Mayapur B.OLatehar822111
Mongor B.OLatehar829206
Morwaikala B.OLatehar822111
Mundu B.OLatehar829204
Murpa B.OLatehar829202
Murup B.OLatehar829206
Nawagarh B.OLatehar829207
Orsa B.OLatehar822119
Pandaypura B.OLatehar829206
Phulsu B.OLatehar829202
Rajdanda B.OLatehar822119
Richughuta B.OLatehar829207
Roll B.OLatehar829203
Saraidih Pokhari B.OLatehar822111
Sarju B.OLatehar829207
Sasang B.OLatehar829203
Serak B.OLatehar829203
Seregara B.OLatehar829202
Serendag B.OLatehar829202
Temki B.OLatehar829206
Udaypur B.OLatehar829206

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