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Jamtara Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jamtara district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Amba B.OJamtara815359
Amdiha B.OJamtara815352
Amjora Koiridih B.OJamtara815352
Asanchua B.OJamtara815351
Bena B.OJamtara815351
Bewa B.OJamtara815351
Bindapathar B.OJamtara815351
Chainpur B.OJamtara815352
Chalna Dhobna B.OJamtara815351
Chandra Dhipa B.OJamtara815354
Chapuria B.OJamtara815351
Charakmara B.OJamtara815359
Chirudih Bakudih B.OJamtara815351
Chitra B.OJamtara815351
D. Nayadih B.OJamtara815352
Dakhin Bahal B.OJamtara815351
Dewalbari B.OJamtara815352
Dhandra B.OJamtara815351
Dhasania B.OJamtara814166
Fatehpur S.O (Jamtara)Jamtara814166
Geria B.OJamtara815351
Gokula B.OJamtara815352
Guhiyazori B.OJamtara815351
Gundali Pahari B.OJamtara815351
Harirakha B.OJamtara815351
J.Khairbani B.OJamtara814166
Jamjori B.OJamtara814166
Jamtara Court S.OJamtara815351
Jamtara S.OJamtara815351
Kairabani B.OJamtara814166
Kalajhariya B.OJamtara815352
Kanki B.OJamtara815351
Karmatar S.OJamtara815352
Kasitar B.OJamtara815351
Kelahi B.OJamtara815354
Kewatjali B.OJamtara815354
Khajuree B.OJamtara815359
Koiri Jamua B.OJamtara815351
Kundahit S.OJamtara815359
Kurta B.OJamtara815352
Kurwa B.OJamtara815352
Ladhna B.OJamtara815351
Laykapur B.OJamtara815359
Manghladih B.OJamtara815351
Mejhia B.OJamtara815351
Mihijam S.OJamtara815354
Mohana Bank B.OJamtara815351
Mohanpur B.OJamtara815352
Nagri B.OJamtara815359
Nala S.OJamtara815355
Narayanpur B.OJamtara815352
Noni B.OJamtara815351
Pabia B.OJamtara815351
Palajuri B.OJamtara815359
Palojori B.OJamtara815351
Panjania B.OJamtara815351
Pathrodih B.OJamtara815352
Pattajori Kajra B.OJamtara815351
Ranitanr B.OJamtara815352
Sabanpur B.OJamtara815352
Sahardal B.OJamtara815354
Satki B.OJamtara815359
Sinduri B.OJamtara815352
Sitalpur B.OJamtara815352
Sonbad B.OJamtara815351
Sudrakshipur B.OJamtara815359
T.K.Gram B.OJamtara814166
Tarrah B.OJamtara815354
Tilabad B.OJamtara815359
Tilaki B.OJamtara815351

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