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Garhwa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Garhwa district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adar B.OGarhwa822114
Adhar B.OGarhwa822114
Amrora B.OGarhwa822112
Anraj Nawdiha B.OGarhwa822114
Arangi B.OGarhwa822112
Arsali B.OGarhwa822112
Balekhar B.OGarhwa822114
Bana B.OGarhwa822128
Bandu B.OGarhwa829201
Bandu B.OGarhwa822125
Banka B.OGarhwa822128
Bansa B.OGarhwa822124
Bardiha B.OGarhwa822114
Bargarh B.OGarhwa822125
Belchampa B.OGarhwa822124
Belhara B.OGarhwa822114
Bhagodih B.OGarhwa822128
Bhandar B.OGarhwa822124
Bhawnathpur S.OGarhwa822112
Bhawnathpur TownShip S.OGarhwa822129
Bhikhahi B.OGarhwa822124
Bisrampur B.OGarhwa822124
Bulka B.OGarhwa822128
Chapri B.OGarhwa822112
Chinia B.OGarhwa822114
Danda B.OGarhwa822124
Dandai B.OGarhwa822114
Deogana B.OGarhwa822114
Dihariya B.OGarhwa822124
Doll B.OGarhwa822114
Dumariya B.OGarhwa822114
Dwandkara B.OGarhwa822128
Gamharia B.OGarhwa822128
Ganiarikala B.OGarhwa822128
Garhwa S.OGarhwa822114
Gari B.OGarhwa822124
Gharatia B.OGarhwa822124
Godarmana B.OGarhwa822125
Harigawan B.OGarhwa822114
Hasandag B.OGarhwa822114
Hoor B.OGarhwa822114
Jarhi B.OGarhwa822114
Jhagra Khand B.OGarhwa822112
Kadhwan B.OGarhwa822124
Kaetar B.OGarhwa822112
Kajru Khurd B.OGarhwa822124
Kalyanpur B.OGarhwa822114
Kanda B.OGarhwa822124
Kanjia B.OGarhwa822125
Kariwadih B.OGarhwa822112
Karso B.OGarhwa822125
Karuie B.OGarhwa822114
Ketat Kala B.OGarhwa822124
Khajutia Barwadih B.OGarhwa822125
Kharaundhi B.OGarhwa822112
Kocheya B.OGarhwa822128
Kutmu B.OGarhwa822124
Lagma B.OGarhwa822114
Lalgarh B.OGarhwa822124
Latdag B.OGarhwa822128
Makri B.OGarhwa822112
Mandwanima B.OGarhwa822128
Manjhiaon B.OGarhwa822114
Manjhigaon B.OGarhwa822118
Meral B.OGarhwa822114
Meral S.OGarhwa822133
Murma Kala B.OGarhwa822124
Naw Bandaria B.OGarhwa822125
Nawada B.OGarhwa822114
Nawgarha B.OGarhwa822124
Okhargara B.OGarhwa822114
Pachadumar B.OGarhwa822112
Pandu B.OGarhwa822124
Paraswar B.OGarhwa822125
Parsodih B.OGarhwa822112
Partikushwani B.OGarhwa822112
Pipra B.OGarhwa822112
Pipri Kala B.OGarhwa822128
Poska B.OGarhwa822114
Rajhara Rest B.OGarhwa822124
Raji B.OGarhwa822112
Ramkanda B.OGarhwa822125
Ramna S.O (Garhwa)Garhwa822128
Ranicheri B.OGarhwa822114
Ranka Raj S.OGarhwa822125
Rankabuliya B.OGarhwa822114
Ranpura B.OGarhwa822114
Raro B.OGarhwa822114
Ratnag B.OGarhwa822124
Rehala S.OGarhwa822124
Rohila B.OGarhwa822128
Sangrahekala B.OGarhwa822124
Sigsigi B.OGarhwa822124
Silidag B.OGarhwa822128
Soh B.OGarhwa822114
Sonehara B.OGarhwa822128
Sowadih B.OGarhwa822125
Sribishrampur B.OGarhwa822125
Tamge Kala B.OGarhwa822125
Tatidiri B.OGarhwa822128
Tildag B.OGarhwa822114
Tisibar B.OGarhwa822124
Tolera B.OGarhwa822124
Torelawa B.OGarhwa822112
Udaipur B.OGarhwa822125

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