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East Singhbhum Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agrico S.OEast Singhbhum831009
Amlagora B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Amlatola B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Angarpara B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Arjunbera B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Arong B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Asanboni B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Asna B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Asura B.OEast Singhbhum833202
Baliaguri B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Balibandh B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Balijuri B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Bamdole B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Banasoli B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Bangurda B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Bankati B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Bankisole B.OEast Singhbhum832104
Bankuchia B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Bara Asti B.OEast Singhbhum832104
Barabotla B.OEast Singhbhum832104
Barachirka B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Baragaria B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Barajuri B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Barakurshi B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Baramara B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Bardikanpur B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Baridih Colony S.OEast Singhbhum831017
Beko B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Beldih B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Bend B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Benda B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Bengo B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Bhagabandhi B.OEast Singhbhum832104
Bhalki B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Bhalki B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Bhalukbinda B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Bhandaru B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Bhatin B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Bhilaipahari B.OEast Singhbhum831012
Bidra B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Birsanagar B.OEast Singhbhum831004
Bistupur Bazar S.OEast Singhbhum831001
Bistupur Gate S.OEast Singhbhum831001
Boram B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Burma Mines S.OEast Singhbhum831007
Butgora B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Cable Township S.OEast Singhbhum831003
Chakri B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Chakulia S.OEast Singhbhum832301
Chandrapur B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Chhota Bangurda B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Chhota Govindpur B.OEast Singhbhum831004
Chhota Porulia B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Chirudih B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Chitreshwar B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Chorinda B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Co-Op College B.OEast Singhbhum831001
Damjuri B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Dandudih B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Darkhuli B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Dhalbhumgarh S.OEast Singhbhum832302
Dhirol B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Dighi B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Dobha B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Dorkasai B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Dumuria B.OEast Singhbhum832104
Edelbera B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Gamharia B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Gandanata B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Ghaspada B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Ghatsila S.OEast Singhbhum832303
Gitilata B.OEast Singhbhum832107
Gobarghusi B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Gobindpur Housing Colony S.OEast Singhbhum831015
Gohaldangra B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Golmuri S.OEast Singhbhum831003
Guhiapal B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Gurabanda B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Haldajuri B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Haludbani B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Haludpukur B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Harhargutu B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Hendaljuri B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Hirachuni B.OEast Singhbhum831012
Indranagar S.OEast Singhbhum831004
Jadugoda Mines S.OEast Singhbhum832102
Jamshedpur H.OEast Singhbhum831001
Jamshola B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Jarapal B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Jhantijharna B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Jorsiya B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Joypura B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Jugsalai S.OEast Singhbhum831006
Juri B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Kadma S.OEast Singhbhum831005
Kaima B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Kaimi B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Kalapathar B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Kaliam B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Kalidaspur B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Kalikapur B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Kalimati Market S.OEast Singhbhum831004
Kamalpur B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Kantaboni B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Karaduba B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Karandih B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Kasmar B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Katushole B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Kendadangri B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Kendadih B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Kesharda B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Kesharpur B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Khairpal B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Khandamouda B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Kitadih B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Koira B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Kokpara B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Kowali B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Kuiani B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Kumardubi B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Kumir B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Lachhipur B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Laojora B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Lodhasholi B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Luabasa B.OEast Singhbhum831004
M.G.M Medical College S.OEast Singhbhum831018
Madhavpur B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Mahulia S.OEast Singhbhum832304
Malua B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Mango S.OEast Singhbhum831012
Manpur B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Manusmuria B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Matiabandhi B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Matihana B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Mohanpur B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Mohulishole B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Mosabani Mines S.OEast Singhbhum832104
Moubhandar S.OEast Singhbhum832103
Mouda B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Murakati B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Mural B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Murathakura B.OEast Singhbhum832302
N M L S.OEast Singhbhum831007
Narda B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Narwa Mines S.OEast Singhbhum832111
Nutangarh B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Pagda B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Panduda B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Patamda S.OEast Singhbhum832105
Pipla B.OEast Singhbhum831012
Pitajuri B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Potka B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Pungora B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Rahargora S.OEast Singhbhum831016
Rajdoha B.OEast Singhbhum832102
Rakha Copper Project S.OEast Singhbhum832106
Rakha Mines B.OEast Singhbhum832106
Ram Chandra Pur B.OEast Singhbhum832101
Rasik Nagar B.OEast Singhbhum832105
Rasun Chopa B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Rautara B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Rupuskundi B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Sakchi Court S.OEast Singhbhum831001
Sakchi S.OEast Singhbhum831001
Sangrain B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Sardiha B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Sarjamda B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Shankarda B.OEast Singhbhum832107
Shyam Sunderpur B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Simdi B.OEast Singhbhum832301
Singhpura B.OEast Singhbhum832302
Sonari S.O (East Singhbhum)East Singhbhum831011
Suklara B.OEast Singhbhum832304
Sundarnagar S.OEast Singhbhum832107
Surda Mines B.OEast Singhbhum832303
Tangrain B.OEast Singhbhum831002
Tatanagar S.OEast Singhbhum831002
Telco G.M Office S.OEast Singhbhum831010
Telco Plaza Market S.OEast Singhbhum831004
Telco Works S.OEast Singhbhum831004

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