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Chatra Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Chatra district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Amjhar B.OChatra825408
Baluri B.OChatra825401
Baraini B.OChatra825401
Bargaon B.OChatra825408
Barisakhi B.OChatra825408
Berhna B.OChatra825408
Bichkila B.OChatra825404
Bihiasarhachiya B.OChatra825403
Chandrikala B.OChatra825404
Chatra Bazar B.OChatra825401
Chatra S.O (Chatra)Chatra825401
Chatti Anatpur B.OChatra825404
Chattibariatu B.OChatra825321
Chopey B.OChatra825103
Daihar B.OChatra825408
Dantar B.OChatra825403
Delho B.OChatra825103
Dhangada B.OChatra825321
Dhauthawa B.OChatra825408
Dunduwa B.OChatra825103
Dwaritelaiya B.OChatra825408
Edla B.OChatra825103
Gangpur B.OChatra825408
Gerua B.OChatra825404
Ghanghari B.OChatra825401
Gidhour B.OChatra825408
Haphuwa B.OChatra825401
Hiring B.OChatra825403
Hunterganj B.OChatra825403
Itkhori S.OChatra825408
Jabra B.OChatra825103
Jajlo B.OChatra825401
Jogiara B.OChatra825404
Jori S.OChatra825403
Kamta B.OChatra825401
Kanhachatti B.OChatra825401
Karma B.OChatra825401
Karni B.OChatra825408
Kasiadih B.OChatra825321
Kaura B.OChatra825404
Kedlikala B.OChatra825403
Khadaiya B.OChatra825321
Kobna B.OChatra825403
Kolhaiya B.OChatra825401
Kuba B.OChatra825401
Kunda B.OChatra825404
Kurkheta B.OChatra825403
Laralutudag B.OChatra825401
Lawalong B.OChatra825103
Loram B.OChatra825408
Manatu B.OChatra825321
Mandhania B.OChatra825408
Mayapur B.OChatra825408
Mayurhand B.OChatra825408
Mktama B.OChatra825401
Narayanpur B.OChatra825404
Navadih Damol B.OChatra825408
Nawadih Panari B.OChatra825401
Pachra B.OChatra825321
Pandeypura B.OChatra825401
Parsauni B.OChatra825408
Pathalgada B.OChatra825408
Pathra B.OChatra825408
Peltol B.OChatra825408
Peto B.OChatra825321
Pindra B.OChatra825403
Piri B.OChatra825103
Pitiz B.OChatra825408
Pratappur S.O (Chatra)Chatra825404
Raham B.OChatra825321
Sahi B.OChatra825403
Salaiya B.OChatra825403
Salga B.OChatra825321
Saradhu B.OChatra825321
Shila B.OChatra825103
Shivrajpur B.OChatra825103
Simaria S.OChatra825103
Tandwa S.O (Chatra)Chatra825321
Tapej B.OChatra825401
Tatra B.OChatra825401
Tikar B.OChatra825401
Tulbul B.OChatra825401
Tutilawa B.OChatra825103
Unta B.OChatra825401
Yadavnagar B.OChatra825404

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