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Bokaro Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Bokaro district, Jharkhand
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adrakuri B.OBokaro827013
Alkusa B.OBokaro827013
Amdiha B.OBokaro828134
Amlabad Colliery B.OBokaro828302
Amlo B.OBokaro829104
Angwali B.OBokaro825102
Arajoo B.OBokaro829301
Argamo B.OBokaro829144
Arjuwa B.OBokaro829121
Artah B.OBokaro828134
Balidih S.OBokaro827014
Bandhdih B.OBokaro829301
Banstore B.OBokaro828134
Barkipunu B.OBokaro829112
Barmasia B.OBokaro828134
Baroo B.OBokaro829301
Batbinore B.OBokaro827013
Bedkaro B.OBokaro829127
Bermo S.OBokaro829104
Bhandaridah S.OBokaro829132
Bhojudih S.OBokaro828303
Bijulia B.OBokaro827013
Birni B.OBokaro829144
Bokaro Steel City H.OBokaro827001
Bokaro Thermal S.OBokaro829107
Chalkari B.OBokaro829114
Champi B.OBokaro829123
Chandan Kiyari S.OBokaro828134
Chandipur B.OBokaro829121
Chando B.OBokaro829301
Chandra B.OBokaro828134
Chandrapura S.OBokaro828403
Chapri B.OBokaro829144
Chargi B.OBokaro829121
Chas Bazar B.OBokaro827013
Chas S.O (Bokaro)Bokaro827013
Chatrochatti B.OBokaro825315
Chiksia B.OBokaro827013
Chilgada B.OBokaro829301
Chirudih B.OBokaro829144
Chuttey B.OBokaro825315
Civil Court Area Bokaro S.OBokaro827001
Dania B.OBokaro829112
Dantoo B.OBokaro829121
Dhori S.OBokaro825102
Dudhigajar B.OBokaro827013
Dugdha Coal washery S.OBokaro828404
Durgapur B.OBokaro827302
Galgaltand B.OBokaro828134
Gamhariya B.OBokaro828134
Gangjori B.OBokaro829301
Garga Check Post S.OBokaro827013
Ghagri B.OBokaro828134
Ghatiali B.OBokaro827010
Gomia S.OBokaro829111
Guniato B.OBokaro829107
Gunjardih B.OBokaro829132
Hardiamo B.OBokaro829111
Hazari B.OBokaro829128
Hissim B.OBokaro827302
Hossir B.OBokaro829111
I.E.Gomia S.OBokaro829112
Jaina S.OBokaro829301
Jamagoria B.OBokaro827013
Jarangdih Colliery S.OBokaro829113
Jaridih B.OBokaro827010
Jaridih Bazar S.OBokaro829114
Jhalbarda B.OBokaro828134
K.R.Centre B.OBokaro827013
Kanak Chas B.OBokaro828134
Kanjkiro B.OBokaro829107
Karma B.OBokaro827302
Karmatand B.OBokaro828307
Kashi Jharia B.OBokaro827013
Kasmar S.OBokaro827302
Kathara S.OBokaro829116
Khaira Chatar B.OBokaro827302
Khamarbendi B.OBokaro827013
Kharkharee B.OBokaro828125
Kharki B.OBokaro829112
Khetko B.OBokaro829113
Khetko Murmu B.OBokaro825322
Koria B.OBokaro828134
Kumar Daga B.OBokaro828134
Kumirdoba B.OBokaro828134
Kunduari B.OBokaro827010
Kurra B.OBokaro827013
Kuruknalo B.OBokaro825315
Kurumba B.OBokaro828403
Lakrakhanda B.OBokaro827010
Makdumpur B.OBokaro827010
Makoli B.OBokaro829144
Maliachak B.OBokaro814155
Manjura B.OBokaro827302
Marafari Colony S.OBokaro827012
Mirzapur B.OBokaro829121
Mungasarla B.OBokaro829121
Narayanpur B.OBokaro827013
Narayanpur B.OBokaro829107
Narra B.OBokaro828403
Nawadih B.OBokaro829144
Nerki B.OBokaro829112
Olgora B.OBokaro827013
Ordana B.OBokaro829121
Palamu B.OBokaro825102
Parasbani B.OBokaro828403
Pathuria B.OBokaro829301
Penk B.OBokaro829112
Peterbar S.OBokaro829121
Phusro Bazar S.OBokaro829144
Pichari B.OBokaro829144
Pindrajora B.OBokaro827013
Pirgul B.OBokaro827302
Ponda B.OBokaro827302
Potso B.OBokaro829144
Pundru B.OBokaro828134
Pupunkee Ashram B.OBokaro827013
Radhanagar B.OBokaro827010
Rangamatia B.OBokaro828134
Right Bank Tenughat S.OBokaro829123
Rohar B.OBokaro829121
Saram B.OBokaro829111
Sardaha B.OBokaro827013
Satanpur B.OBokaro827013
Sector- III S.OBokaro827003
Sector- IV S.OBokaro827004
Sector- IX S.OBokaro827009
Sector-I S.OBokaro827001
Sector-VI S.OBokaro827006
Sibandih B.OBokaro827010
Silphore B.OBokaro828134
Sunday Bazar S.OBokaro829127
Surhi B.OBokaro829144
Swang Colliery S.OBokaro829128
T.T.P.S.Lalpania S.OBokaro829149
Tangtona B.OBokaro827302
Tantri B.OBokaro829144
Taranari B.OBokaro828403
Taranga B.OBokaro828403
Telo B.OBokaro828403
Tenughat Dam S.OBokaro829123
Turio B.OBokaro829132
Ulgada B.OBokaro829123
Uttasara B.OBokaro829121

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