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Yamuna Nagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Yamuna Nagar district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Alhar B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Amadalpur B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Aurangabad B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Azizpur B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Banidi B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Bapa B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Barsan B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Basatianwala B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Bhagu Majra B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Bhambol B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Bhatia Nagar S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Bherthal B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Bhudkalan S.OYamuna Nagar135106
Bilaspur (Yamunanagar) S.OYamuna Nagar135102
Bilauli B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Binjalpur B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Bubka B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Buriya S.OYamuna Nagar135101
Cagnoli B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Chamrori B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Chauli B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Chhachrauli S.OYamuna Nagar135103
Chhappar B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Dadupur B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Damla B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Darpur B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Dayalgarh B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Deodhar B.OYamuna Nagar135021
Fatehgarh Tumbi B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Fatehpur B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Gadhaula B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Ghillaur B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Gudhiana B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Gumthala Rao B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Guru Gobind Singh Complex S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Hafizpur B.OYamuna Nagar135002
Haibatpur B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Hangoli B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Harnaul B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Hartan B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Haveli B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Jagadhri Court S.OYamuna Nagar135003
Jagadhri S.OYamuna Nagar135003
Jagadhri Town S.OYamuna Nagar135003
Jagdhari Work Shop S.OYamuna Nagar135002
Jagdholi B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Jaidhari B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Jathlana B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Jroda B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Jubbal B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Kalanaur B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Kalesar B.OYamuna Nagar135106
Kandhari Kalan B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Khadri B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Kharwan B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Khera B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Khera Khurd B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Khirzrabad East S.OYamuna Nagar135021
Khurdban B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Kopal Mochan B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Kot Kalsia B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Laharpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Lalheri Kalan B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Ledi B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Machrauli B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Malikpur Khadar B.OYamuna Nagar135106
Mandhar B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Mandhar B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Manglore B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Marwa Kalan B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Marwa Khurd B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Mehar Majra B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Mehlanwali B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Mehmoodpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Milakpur Banger B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Model Town S.O (Yamuna Nagar)Yamuna Nagar135001
Mud Hut Colony S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Mughalwali B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Mussimbal B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Mustafabad S.O (Yamuna Nagar)Yamuna Nagar133103
Muzafatkalan B.OYamuna Nagar135021
Nachron B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Nagal Khajuri B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Nahar Pur B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Noshera B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Pabni Kalan B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Pansra B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Parkash Chowk S.OYamuna Nagar135003
Pipli Majra B.OYamuna Nagar135106
Pipliwala B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Radaur S.OYamuna Nagar135133
Ram Pura Olony S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Rampur Khadar B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Rasulpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Sabapur B.OYamuna Nagar135101
Sadhaura S.OYamuna Nagar133204
Sadiqpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Safilpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Sahela B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Salehpur B.OYamuna Nagar133204
Salimpur Banger B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Sankhera B.OYamuna Nagar135102
Sarawan S.OYamuna Nagar133206
Sardaheri B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Shadi Pur B.OYamuna Nagar135001
Shahpur Nurd B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Sherpur Sulkhani B.OYamuna Nagar133206
Silikalan B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Sugar Mill S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Taharpurkalan B.OYamuna Nagar135103
Tajewala B.OYamuna Nagar135106
Talakaur B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Thermal Colony Yamuna Nagar S.OYamuna Nagar135004
Topra Kalan B.OYamuna Nagar135133
Udhamgarh B.OYamuna Nagar135003
Uncha Chandna B.OYamuna Nagar133103
Yamuna Nagar Railway Station S.OYamuna Nagar135001
Yamunanagar H.OYamuna Nagar135001
Zaffarpur B.OYamuna Nagar133206

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