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Sonipat Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Sonipat district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ahulana(Gannur) B.OSonipat131101
Ahulana(Gohana) B.OSonipat131301
Akabarpur Barota B.OSonipat131103
Anwali B.OSonipat131409
Asadpur Nandnaur B.OSonipat131027
Aterna B.OSonipat131023
Atlas Cycle S.OSonipat131001
Banwasa B.OSonipat131304
Bari B.OSonipat131101
Baroda S.OSonipat131304
Baroli B.OSonipat131021
Barona B.OSonipat131402
Barota B.OSonipat131301
Barwasni B.OSonipat131001
Bayanpur B.OSonipat131001
Bega B.OSonipat131101
Bhagan B.OSonipat131039
Bhainswal Kalan S.OSonipat131409
Bhainswan Khurd B.OSonipat131301
Bhatgaon S.O (Sonipat)Sonipat131022
Bhawar B.OSonipat131302
Bhimnagar S.OSonipat131001
Bidhal B.OSonipat131301
Bidhal Pinana B.OSonipat131301
Bidhlan B.OSonipat131402
Bindroli B.OSonipat131403
Bohla B.OSonipat131024
Bus Stand Gohana S.OSonipat131301
Busana B.OSonipat131306
Butana S.OSonipat131302
Chhapra B.OSonipat131304
Chhetra B.OSonipat131306
Chhetra Bhahadurpur B.OSonipat131103
Chhichrana B.OSonipat131301
Chirana B.OSonipat131306
Datauli B.OSonipat131101
Deepalpur B.OSonipat131021
Delhi Road B.OSonipat131001
Dhanana Ahladpur B.OSonipat131304
Dhurana B.OSonipat131306
Engg College Muthal S.OSonipat131039
Farmana S.OSonipat131408
Fazilpur B.OSonipat131001
G.K.Matindu B.OSonipat131402
Ganaur City S.OSonipat131101
Ganaur S.OSonipat131101
Ganewari B.OSonipat131305
Gangana B.OSonipat131302
Ganzbazar S.OSonipat131001
Garhi Rajlu B.OSonipat131101
Garhi Sisana ED B.OSonipat131408
Garhwal B.OSonipat131302
Ghasauli B.OSonipat131101
Giwana B.OSonipat131409
Gohana Mandi S.OSonipat131301
Gohana Road S.O (Sonipat)Sonipat131001
Gohana S.OSonipat131301
Gopalpur B.OSonipat131402
Gorar B.OSonipat131408
Guhna B.OSonipat131408
Gumar B.OSonipat131101
Halalpur B.OSonipat131103
Harsana Kalan B.OSonipat131001
Housing Board Colony S.OSonipat131001
Industrial Area Sonipat S.OSonipat131001
Industrial Estate Kundli S.OSonipat131028
Jagsi B.OSonipat131301
Jainpur B.OSonipat131027
Jakhauli S.OSonipat131023
Janti Kalan B.OSonipat131028
Jasrana B.OSonipat131408
Jatheri B.OSonipat131029
Jauli B.OSonipat131301
Jawahra B.OSonipat131306
Jharot B.OSonipat131403
Jhs Butana B.OSonipat131302
Jhundpur B.OSonipat131023
Juan S.OSonipat131024
Kailana B.OSonipat131102
Kakroi B.OSonipat131001
Kanwali B.OSonipat131403
Kanyagurukul Khanpur S.OSonipat131305
Karewari B.OSonipat131024
Kasandi B.OSonipat131305
Kathura B.OSonipat131301
Kathura Block B.OSonipat131301
Katwal B.OSonipat131409
Khanda B.OSonipat131402
Khandrai B.OSonipat131301
Khanpur Kalan B.OSonipat131305
Kharkhauda S.OSonipat131402
Kheri Damkan B.OSonipat131301
Kheri Gujjar B.OSonipat131101
Kheri Manajat B.OSonipat131103
Khewra B.OSonipat131021
Khizarpur Ahir B.OSonipat131101
Khubru B.OSonipat131101
Kohla B.OSonipat131302
Kundal B.OSonipat131402
Kundli B.OSonipat131028
Kurar Brahimpur B.OSonipat131039
Larsauli B.OSonipat131039
Lath B.OSonipat131301
Lehrara B.OSonipat131001
Liwaspur B.OSonipat131021
Madina B.OSonipat131301
Mahra -II B.OSonipat131024
Mahra-I B.OSonipat131301
Malikpur B.OSonipat131027
Manauli B.OSonipat131023
Mandaura B.OSonipat131103
Mehlana B.OSonipat131001
Mehmoodpur B.OSonipat131301
Model Town Sonipat S.OSonipat131001
Mohana B.OSonipat131001
Moi Hooda B.OSonipat131301
Moi Majri B.OSonipat131102
Mundlana S.OSonipat131306
Murthal S.OSonipat131027
Nahra B.OSonipat131103
Nahri S.OSonipat131103
Nangal Kalan B.OSonipat131023
Nathupur B.OSonipat131029
Nayat B.OSonipat131301
Nizampur B.OSonipat131302
Nuran Khera B.OSonipat131302
P.S.Rai S.OSonipat131029
Panchi Gujjaran B.OSonipat131101
Panchijatan B.OSonipat131102
Pehladpur Kiroli B.OSonipat131402
Pipli B.OSonipat131402
Pipli Khera B.OSonipat131039
Pritampura B.OSonipat131029
Pugthala B.OSonipat131102
Purkhas S.OSonipat131102
Puthi B.OSonipat131301
Qumaspur B.OSonipat131021
Rabra B.OSonipat131301
Rai B.OSonipat131029
Rajpur B.OSonipat131101
Ram Bazar-Sonipat S.OSonipat131001
Rathdhana B.OSonipat131001
Rathdhana Road Sonipat S.OSonipat131001
Rattangarh B.OSonipat131001
Rindana B.OSonipat131304
Riwara B.OSonipat131409
Rohat S.O (Sonipat)Sonipat131403
Rohna B.OSonipat131402
Rolad Latifpur B.OSonipat131024
Rukhi B.OSonipat131301
Saidpur B.OSonipat131402
Salimsar Majra B.OSonipat131022
Sandal Kalan B.OSonipat131001
Sanpera B.OSonipat131039
Saragthal B.OSonipat131305
Sehri B.OSonipat131402
Sersa B.OSonipat131028
Shamri B.OSonipat131306
Shapur Turk B.OSonipat131001
Sheikhpura B.OSonipat131101
Sikenderpur Majra B.OSonipat131301
Silana B.OSonipat131408
Sitawali B.OSonipat131024
Sohti B.OSonipat131402
Sonipat H.OSonipat131001
Sonipat Kty S.OSonipat131001
Sonipat Mandi S.OSonipat131001
Sonipat Sector 14 S.OSonipat131001
Thanakalan B.OSonipat131402
Tharuoldepur B.OSonipat131001
Tihar B.OSonipat131301
Tihar Bagru B.OSonipat131022

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