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Sirsa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Sirsa district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abubshahar B.OSirsa125104
Ahmedpur B.OSirsa125055
Alika B.OSirsa125078
Amritsar Kalan B.OSirsa125102
Anandgarh B.OSirsa125078
Arniawali B.OSirsa125055
Asa Khera B.OSirsa125101
Banni B.OSirsa125075
Banwala B.OSirsa125103
Bapp B.OSirsa125078
Baragudha S.OSirsa125078
Barawala Khurd B.OSirsa125102
Baruwali-i B.OSirsa125054
Begu Road Sirsa S.OSirsa125055
Bhadra B.OSirsa125078
Bhamboor B.OSirsa125055
Bharokhan B.OSirsa125060
Bharolianwali B.OSirsa125075
Bhiwan B.OSirsa125078
Bhratwala B.OSirsa125055
Bijuwali B.OSirsa125103
Buraj Bhangu B.OSirsa125077
Chadiwal B.OSirsa125110
Chaharwala B.OSirsa125110
Chakarian B.OSirsa125055
Chakkan B.OSirsa125103
Chakrian B.OSirsa125201
Chamal B.OSirsa125055
Chatha B.OSirsa125104
Chattargarh Patti B.OSirsa125055
Chautala S.OSirsa125101
Chopta Nathu Sari S.OSirsa125110
Chormar B.OSirsa125077
Dabwali Town S.OSirsa125104
Dabwali Village B.OSirsa125104
Dadu B.OSirsa125201
Damdama B.OSirsa125075
Darba Kalan B.OSirsa125110
Darbi B.OSirsa125060
Desu Jodha B.OSirsa125104
Desu Mulkana B.OSirsa125201
Dharampura B.OSirsa125075
Ding S.OSirsa125058
Dohtar B.OSirsa125076
Dudianwali B.OSirsa125075
Ellenabad S.OSirsa125102
Ferozabad B.OSirsa125055
Furwain Kalan B.OSirsa125060
Ganda B.OSirsa125103
Ghoranwali B.OSirsa125103
Godrana B.OSirsa125201
Goriwala S.OSirsa125103
Gudia Khera B.OSirsa125055
Gussiana B.OSirsa125110
Habuana B.OSirsa125104
Hanziran B.OSirsa125110
Haripura B.OSirsa125075
Jagmalwali B.OSirsa125201
Jalalana B.OSirsa125201
Jamal B.OSirsa125110
Janowala Bishnolan B.OSirsa125101
Jhiri B.OSirsa125078
Jhorar Rohi B.OSirsa125078
Jhornali B.OSirsa125055
Jodhkan B.OSirsa125055
Jodhpuria B.OSirsa125076
Kagdana B.OSirsa125110
Kalanwali S.OSirsa125201
Kaluana B.OSirsa125103
Kariwala B.OSirsa125075
Keharwala B.OSirsa125103
Keshopura B.OSirsa125055
Khairkan B.OSirsa125077
Khairpur S.OSirsa125055
Khari Sureran B.OSirsa125102
Kharian B.OSirsa125076
Khuiyana Malkana B.OSirsa125104
Kurangawali B.OSirsa125078
Kusumbi B.OSirsa125055
Kutewadh B.OSirsa125055
Lakarwali B.OSirsa125201
Lehangewala B.OSirsa125078
Lohgarh B.OSirsa125104
Ludesar B.OSirsa125110
Madho Singhana B.OSirsa125055
Majudin B.OSirsa125055
Makhosarani B.OSirsa125110
Mallekan B.OSirsa125055
Mamera Kalan B.OSirsa125102
Mandi Dabwali S.OSirsa125104
Mangala B.OSirsa125055
Mangiana B.OSirsa125104
Manjui Khera B.OSirsa125054
Masitan B.OSirsa125104
Matdadu B.OSirsa125103
Maujgarbh B.OSirsa125104
Mauju Khera B.OSirsa125102
Mini.Sectt.Sirsa S.OSirsa125055
Mirzapur B.OSirsa125102
Mithanpura B.OSirsa125102
Mithri B.OSirsa125104
Mochiwali B.OSirsa125058
Monnawali B.OSirsa125103
Moriwala B.OSirsa125060
Mts Sirsa S.OSirsa125055
Nagoki B.OSirsa125078
Nai Mandi Sirsa S.OSirsa125055
Nakora B.OSirsa125075
Nanuana B.OSirsa125076
Nathore B.OSirsa125075
Nathusari Kalan B.OSirsa125110
Nezadela Khurd B.OSirsa125077
Nozadela Kalan B.OSirsa125060
Nozia Khera B.OSirsa125060
Nuhianwali B.OSirsa125077
Odhan S.OSirsa125077
Ottu B.OSirsa125055
Pakka B.OSirsa125201
Panihari B.OSirsa125055
Paniwala Mota B.OSirsa125077
Paniwala Ruldu B.OSirsa125104
Panjuana B.OSirsa125077
Patli Dabar B.OSirsa125054
Phaggu B.OSirsa125201
Phulkan B.OSirsa125060
Pipli B.OSirsa125201
Poharkan B.OSirsa125102
Rampur Bishnoian B.OSirsa125103
Randhawa B.OSirsa125055
Rania S.OSirsa125076
Resalia Khera B.OSirsa125103
Rori B.OSirsa125201
Rupawas B.OSirsa125110
Sahuwala -ii B.OSirsa125110
Sahuwala B.OSirsa125077
Sakta Khera B.OSirsa125104
Sant Nagar B.OSirsa125075
Shahpur Begu B.OSirsa125055
Shakar Mandori B.OSirsa125110
Shergarh B.OSirsa125104
Sherpura B.OSirsa125110
Sikander Pur S.OSirsa125060
Singhpura B.OSirsa125201
Siri Jiwan Nagar S.OSirsa125075
Sirsa H.OSirsa125055
Sirsa Town S.OSirsa125055
Suchan Kotli B.OSirsa125055
Sukhchain B.OSirsa125201
Sultanpuria B.OSirsa125076
Surtia B.OSirsa125201
Takhatmal B.OSirsa125201
Talwara Khurd B.OSirsa125102
Taruana B.OSirsa125201
Thersahidau B.OSirsa125075
Thiraj B.OSirsa125078
Umedpura B.OSirsa125055
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