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Rohtak Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Rohtak district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajaib B.ORohtak124111
Anwal S.ORohtak124411
Assan B.ORohtak124406
Asthal Bohar S.ORohtak124021
Atail B.ORohtak124501
Banyani B.ORohtak124411
Basana B.ORohtak124022
Basantpur B.ORohtak124001
Behlba B.ORohtak124112
Bhagwatipur B.ORohtak124514
Bhaini Bharon B.ORohtak124112
Bhaini Chanderpal B.ORohtak124112
Bhaini Surjan B.ORohtak124112
Bhalaut S.ORohtak124401
Bhali Anandpur B.ORohtak124001
Bhambhewa B.ORohtak124021
Bhaproda B.ORohtak124501
Bharan B.ORohtak124111
Bhasro Kalan B.ORohtak124501
Bohar B.ORohtak124021
Chamaria B.ORohtak124001
Chandi B.ORohtak124514
Chimni B.ORohtak124412
Chiri B.ORohtak124514
Chuliyana B.ORohtak124501
Dehkora B.ORohtak124501
Dhamar B.ORohtak124401
Dharana B.ORohtak124412
DLF Colony Rohtak S.ORohtak124001
Dobh B.ORohtak124001
Farmana B.ORohtak124112
Gaddi Kheri B.ORohtak124001
Gandhi Camp S.ORohtak124001
Gandhra B.ORohtak124501
Garhi B.ORohtak124411
Garhi B.ORohtak124501
Garhi Ballab B.ORohtak124411
Garnauthi B.ORohtak124412
Gharauthi B.ORohtak124514
Ghillaur Kalan B.ORohtak124303
Ghrauthi B.ORohtak124412
Gijhi B.ORohtak124501
Girawar B.ORohtak124111
Gohana Road S.O (Rohtak)Rohtak124001
Gugaheri B.ORohtak124514
Gurukul Singhpura B.ORohtak124001
Humayunpur B.ORohtak124406
Ismaila B.ORohtak124501
Janta Colony Rohtak S.ORohtak124001
Jassia B.ORohtak124001
Jhajjar Road Rohtak S.ORohtak124001
Kahnaur S.ORohtak124412
Kahni B.ORohtak124303
Kakrana B.ORohtak124412
Kalanaur S.O (Rohtak)Rohtak124113
Kanheli B.ORohtak124021
Kansala S.ORohtak124406
Karontha B.ORohtak124001
Karor B.ORohtak124021
Katesra B.ORohtak124113
Khairari B.ORohtak124113
Kharainti B.ORohtak124514
Kharawar B.ORohtak124021
Kharhar B.ORohtak124501
Kharkhara B.ORohtak124111
Kheri Sadh B.ORohtak124021
Khidwali B.ORohtak124303
Kiloi B.ORohtak124401
Kultana B.ORohtak124501
Ladout B.ORohtak124001
Lahli B.ORohtak124411
Lakhan Majra S.ORohtak124514
Loharheri B.ORohtak124501
Madina S.ORohtak124111
Maina B.ORohtak124021
Makrauli Kalan B.ORohtak124001
Marodi Jatan B.ORohtak124001
Matan B.ORohtak124501
Medical College S.O (Rohtak)Rohtak124001
Mehem S.ORohtak124112
Model Town S.O (Rohtak)Rohtak124001
Mokhra S.ORohtak124022
Morekheri B.ORohtak124406
Mungain B.ORohtak124401
Nanaud B.ORohtak124501
Nandal B.ORohtak124514
Naya Bans B.ORohtak124501
Nidana B.ORohtak124514
Nigana B.ORohtak124113
Nilothi B.ORohtak124404
Nindana S.ORohtak124513
Paksma B.ORohtak124401
Patwapur B.ORohtak124411
Pehrawar B.ORohtak124021
Polangi B.ORohtak124401
Power Plant Jharli S.ORohtak124141
Rithal B.ORohtak124303
Rohad B.ORohtak124501
Rohtak H.ORohtak124001
Rohtak Sector I S.ORohtak124001
Rohtak Town S.ORohtak124001
Rurkee B.ORohtak124401
Saman B.ORohtak124112
Samargopalpur B.ORohtak124514
Samchana B.ORohtak124404
Sampel B.ORohtak124113
Sanghi S.ORohtak124303
Sector-4 Rohtak S.ORohtak124001
Shivaji Colony S.ORohtak124001
Sisarkhas B.ORohtak124112
Sunari Kalan B.ORohtak124001
Sundana B.ORohtak124412
Sunderpur B.ORohtak124001
Titauli B.ORohtak124001

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