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Karnal Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Karnal district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achhanpur B.OKarnal132024
Agongh B.OKarnal132024
Aibla B.OKarnal132157
Amupur B.OKarnal132024
Anchala B.OKarnal132040
Ardhana B.OKarnal132039
Arjheri B.OKarnal132117
Assandh S.OKarnal132039
Ballah S.OKarnal132040
Balu B.OKarnal132001
Bandarala B.OKarnal132039
Bansa B.OKarnal132036
Bara Gaon B.OKarnal132023
Barauta B.OKarnal132037
Barsat B.OKarnal132114
Bastali B.OKarnal132024
Bastara B.OKarnal132114
Beejna B.OKarnal132037
Bhadson B.OKarnal132117
Bhaini Khrud B.OKarnal132116
Biana B.OKarnal132054
Bibi Pur Jattan B.OKarnal132041
Bilona B.OKarnal132039
Brass B.OKarnal132024
Canal Colony B.OKarnal132001
Chaura B.OKarnal132114
Chirao B.OKarnal132036
Chochra B.OKarnal132039
Chogawan B.OKarnal132054
Cssri B.OKarnal132001
Dabkoli Kalan B.OKarnal132054
Dachar B.OKarnal132024
Darar B.OKarnal132001
Dhakwala Gujran B.OKarnal132001
Faridpur B.OKarnal132114
Gagsina B.OKarnal132114
Ganjogarhi B.OKarnal132001
Garhi Birbal S.OKarnal132054
Garhi Jattan B.OKarnal132041
Gharunda S.OKarnal132114
Gheer B.OKarnal132023
Ghogripur B.OKarnal132037
Goli B.OKarnal132046
Gonder B.OKarnal132024
Gudha B.OKarnal132114
Hanori B.OKarnal132041
Hari Singh Pura B.OKarnal132114
Indri S.OKarnal132041
Indri Town S.OKarnal132041
Jai Singh Pura B.OKarnal132039
Jalmana B.OKarnal132039
Jamalpur B.OKarnal132114
Jamba B.OKarnal132157
Jani B.OKarnal132036
Johar Majra B.OKarnal132041
Jundla B.OKarnal132001
Jundla S.OKarnal132036
Kachwa B.OKarnal132001
Kaimla B.OKarnal132114
Kalri Jagir B.OKarnal132054
Kalron B.OKarnal132114
Kalsora B.OKarnal132054
Kanral Industrial Area S.OKarnal132001
Karna Lake B.OKarnal132001
Karnal City S.OKarnal132001
Karnal GBS S.OKarnal132001
Karnal H.OKarnal132001
Karnal HBC S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Kutchery S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Model Town S.OKarnal132001
Karnal NDRI S.OKarnal132001
Karnal New Prem Nagar S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Partap Pura S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Railway Road S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Ram Nagar S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Sadar Bazar S.OKarnal132001
Karnal Sector-6 S.OKarnal132001
Karsa Chor B.OKarnal132039
Karsa Dod B.OKarnal132157
Katleri B.OKarnal132036
Khanpur B.OKarnal132041
Khera B.OKarnal132041
Kheri Bhutan B.OKarnal132041
Kheri Man Singh B.OKarnal132041
Kheri Naroo B.OKarnal132036
Kheri Sarf Ali B.OKarnal132039
Khirajpur B.OKarnal132022
Kohand B.OKarnal132114
Kunjpura S.OKarnal132022
Kurlan B.OKarnal132046
Kuruk Jagir B.OKarnal132116
Kutail B.OKarnal132037
Lalupura B.OKarnal132114
Madhuban PTC S.OKarnal132037
Madhuban S.O (Karnal)Karnal132037
Majra Rodan B.OKarnal132157
Manjura B.OKarnal132001
Mardanheri B.OKarnal132039
Mehmal B.OKarnal132024
Mini sectt- sector-12 Kanral S.OKarnal132001
Mohidinpur B.OKarnal132001
Mormajra B.OKarnal132046
Munak B.OKarnal132040
Muradhgarh B.OKarnal132041
Nagla Megha B.OKarnal132001
Nagla Roran B.OKarnal132041
Nalipar B.OKarnal132022
Nangal B.OKarnal132054
Nariana B.OKarnal132116
Nigdhu S.OKarnal132157
Nilokheri GIP S.OKarnal132117
Nilokheri S.OKarnal132117
Nissing S.OKarnal132024
Padha B.OKarnal132036
Padhana B.OKarnal132116
Pathera B.OKarnal132041
Peont B.OKarnal132036
Phaphrana B.OKarnal132046
Phoosgarh B.OKarnal132001
Phurlak B.OKarnal132114
Picholia B.OKarnal132036
Popran B.OKarnal132039
Rahra B.OKarnal132039
Rainpura B.OKarnal132114
Raipur Jattan B.OKarnal132114
Raison B.OKarnal132157
Ramana Ramani B.OKarnal132116
Ramba B.OKarnal132116
Ranwar B.OKarnal132001
S.P. Khalsa B.OKarnal132114
S.P. Sohana B.OKarnal132001
S.S. Kunjpura S.OKarnal132023
Sagga B.OKarnal132001
Salwan S.OKarnal132046
Samana Bahu B.OKarnal132117
Sambhi B.OKarnal132116
Samlbhi B.OKarnal132001
Sandhir B.OKarnal132117
Sanghowa B.OKarnal132001
Sanwat B.OKarnal132157
Saunkra B.OKarnal132116
Sector 4 Karnal S.OKarnal132001
Sector-8 Karnal S.OKarnal132001
Shamgarh B.OKarnal132116
Sheikhpura Manchuri B.OKarnal132036
Sidhpur B.OKarnal132117
Sikri B.OKarnal132117
Singhra B.OKarnal132024
Sirsi B.OKarnal132001
Sitamai B.OKarnal132001
Stanndi B.OKarnal132114
Staundi B.OKarnal132114
Subri B.OKarnal132023
Sultanpur B.OKarnal132116
Taraori S.OKarnal132116
Taroari Mandi S.OKarnal132116
Thal B.OKarnal132039
Thari B.OKarnal132046
Tikri B.OKarnal132001
Uchana B.OKarnal132001
Udana B.OKarnal132117
Uncha Samana B.OKarnal132037
Uplana B.OKarnal132039

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