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Kaithal Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kaithal district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Agondh B.OKaithal136035
Ahun B.OKaithal136021
Arnauli B.OKaithal136034
Balu B.OKaithal136117
Baraut B.OKaithal136027
Barsana B.OKaithal136026
Batta B.OKaithal136117
Baupur B.OKaithal136034
Bhagal B.OKaithal136034
Bhana B.OKaithal136043
Bhuna B.OKaithal136034
Bhuslan B.OKaithal136034
Bir Bangran B.OKaithal136044
Budha Khera B.OKaithal136027
Chandana B.OKaithal136027
Chandlana B.OKaithal136020
Chaushala B.OKaithal136117
Chika S.OKaithal136034
Chuhar Majra B.OKaithal136021
Daba B.OKaithal136034
Deeg B.OKaithal136026
Deoban B.OKaithal136027
Dewal B.OKaithal136027
Dhand S.OKaithal136020
Dhundwa B.OKaithal136117
Dubbal B.OKaithal136117
Duserpur B.OKaithal136035
Fatehpur S.O (Kaithal)Kaithal136042
Gaggarpur B.OKaithal136034
Geong B.OKaithal136027
Guhla S.OKaithal136035
Guhna B.OKaithal136027
Gulyana Songri B.OKaithal136027
Habri B.OKaithal136026
Hajwana B.OKaithal136026
Harigarh Kingan B.OKaithal136034
Haripura B.OKaithal136117
Harsola B.OKaithal136027
Jadola B.OKaithal136020
Jajjanpur B.OKaithal136020
Jakholi B.OKaithal136027
Kailram B.OKaithal136117
Kaithal City S.OKaithal136027
Kaithal S.OKaithal136027
Kakot B.OKaithal136043
Kakrala Inayat B.OKaithal136033
Kalasar B.OKaithal136117
Kalayat Mandi B.OKaithal136117
Kalayat S.OKaithal136117
Kangthali B.OKaithal136033
Karnal Road Kaithal S.OKaithal136027
Karora B.OKaithal136043
Kassan B.OKaithal136027
Kaul S.OKaithal136021
Kawartan B.OKaithal136033
Keorak B.OKaithal136027
Kharak Pandwan B.OKaithal136117
Kharaudi B.OKaithal136034
Kharkada B.OKaithal136035
Kharkan B.OKaithal136035
Kheri Gulam Ali B.OKaithal136033
Kheri Simbal Wali B.OKaithal136027
Khurana B.OKaithal136027
Kichhana B.OKaithal136027
Kithana B.OKaithal136044
Kolekhan B.OKaithal136117
Kotra B.OKaithal136043
Kultaran B.OKaithal136027
Kurar B.OKaithal136117
Ladana Baba B.OKaithal136027
Ladana Chaku B.OKaithal136033
Lander Keema B.OKaithal136027
Majra Nand Karan B.OKaithal136027
Manas B.OKaithal136027
Mandi Sadra B.OKaithal136033
Mandwal B.OKaithal136044
Mastgarh B.OKaithal136035
Mataur B.OKaithal136117
Mehmoodpur B.OKaithal136034
Mengran B.OKaithal136034
Mundri B.OKaithal136042
Naina Dhos B.OKaithal136042
Narar B.OKaithal136027
Nauch B.OKaithal136027
Pabnawa B.OKaithal136020
Padla B.OKaithal136027
Pai S.OKaithal136043
Patti Afgan B.OKaithal136027
Peedal B.OKaithal136034
Peoda B.OKaithal136027
Pharal B.OKaithal136021
Pilni B.OKaithal136043
Pundri S.OKaithal136026
Rajound S.OKaithal136044
Ram Garh Pandwa B.OKaithal136117
Rasina B.OKaithal136042
Rohera B.OKaithal136044
Sair B.OKaithal136033
Sajuma B.OKaithal136117
Sakra B.OKaithal136021
Sanghan B.OKaithal136117
Sanghrouli B.OKaithal136021
Santokh Majra B.OKaithal136044
Saunch B.OKaithal136042
Seonmajra B.OKaithal136035
Serhda B.OKaithal136043
Simla B.OKaithal136117
Sirsal B.OKaithal136026
Sirta B.OKaithal136027
Sisla Sismore B.OKaithal136043
Siwan Gate Kaithal S.OKaithal136027
Siwan S.OKaithal136033
Songal B.OKaithal136027
Teek B.OKaithal136027
Teontha B.OKaithal136042
Titram B.OKaithal136027

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