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Jhajjar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Jhajjar district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achhej B.OJhajjar124106
Ahri B.OJhajjar124108
Akheri Madanpur B.OJhajjar124146
Arya Nagar Jhajjar S.OJhajjar124103
Assaudha S.OJhajjar124505
Bamnaula B.OJhajjar124105
Bamnauli B.OJhajjar124507
Barahi B.OJhajjar124505
Barhana B.OJhajjar124107
Beri S.OJhajjar124201
Bhadani B.OJhajjar124104
Bhatera B.OJhajjar124108
Bhupania B.OJhajjar124507
Bhurawas B.OJhajjar124146
Bilochpura B.OJhajjar124109
Birar B.OJhajjar124146
Birdhana B.OJhajjar124102
Birohar B.OJhajjar124106
Bishan B.OJhajjar124201
Chamanpura B.OJhajjar124102
Charra S.OJhajjar124504
Chhappar B.OJhajjar124108
Chhochi B.OJhajjar124107
Chhuchhakwas B.OJhajjar124106
Chudani B.OJhajjar124504
Daboda Kalan B.OJhajjar124507
Daboda Khurd B.OJhajjar124507
Dadanpur B.OJhajjar124103
Dadri Toe B.OJhajjar124103
Darauli B.OJhajjar124109
Dawla Raiya B.OJhajjar124103
Deverkhana B.OJhajjar124105
Dhakla S.OJhajjar124109
Dhandlan B.OJhajjar124107
Dhaur B.OJhajjar124201
Dighal S.OJhajjar124107
Dubaldhan S.OJhajjar124202
Dujana S.OJhajjar124102
Dulhera B.OJhajjar124507
Gawalison B.OJhajjar124103
Gobhana B.OJhajjar124507
Gochhi B.OJhajjar124107
Goela Kalan B.OJhajjar124507
Goria B.OJhajjar124142
Gudha B.OJhajjar124103
Gurukul Jhajjar B.OJhajjar124103
Hasanpur B.OJhajjar124103
Hassangarh S.OJhajjar124404
I.A.Bahadurgarh S.OJhajjar124507
Jahangirpur B.OJhajjar124104
Jahazgarh B.OJhajjar124103
Jakhauda B.OJhajjar124505
Jassaur Kheri B.OJhajjar124505
Jhajjar S.OJhajjar124103
Jhamri B.OJhajjar124142
Jhanswa Kalan B.OJhajjar124146
Jharli B.OJhajjar124106
Jnv Kiloi B.OJhajjar124104
Jondhi B.OJhajjar124103
Kablana B.OJhajjar124104
Kabulpur B.OJhajjar124201
Kahri B.OJhajjar124108
Kanonda B.OJhajjar124507
Kasni B.OJhajjar124109
Kassar B.OJhajjar124507
Khachrauli B.OJhajjar124106
Khanpur Khurd B.OJhajjar124142
Kharman B.OJhajjar124507
Khatiwas B.OJhajjar124103
Kheri Asra B.OJhajjar124104
Kheri Jat B.OJhajjar124105
Kheri Kumar B.OJhajjar124103
Khetawas B.OJhajjar124109
Khorra B.OJhajjar124142
Khudan B.OJhajjar124108
Khungai B.OJhajjar124104
Kulasi B.OJhajjar124505
Ladain B.OJhajjar124146
Ladpur B.OJhajjar124105
Ladrawan B.OJhajjar124507
Line Par Bahadurgarh S.OJhajjar124507
Lohari B.OJhajjar124108
Lowa Kalan B.OJhajjar124507
Luksar B.OJhajjar124507
M.P.Majra B.OJhajjar124103
Machrauli S.OJhajjar124108
Madana Kalan B.OJhajjar124102
Main Bazar Bahadurgarh S.OJhajjar124507
Majra B.OJhajjar124202
Mandothi S.OJhajjar124506
Marot B.OJhajjar124106
Matanhail S.OJhajjar124106
Mehrana B.OJhajjar124102
Mundahera B.OJhajjar124146
Mundsa B.OJhajjar124106
Nehru College Jhajjar S.OJhajjar124104
Nilaheri B.OJhajjar124146
Niwada B.OJhajjar124109
Nogawan B.OJhajjar124108
Nogawan B.OJhajjar124106
Noona Majra B.OJhajjar124507
Palra B.OJhajjar124103
Pataudah B.OJhajjar124108
Pelpa B.OJhajjar124105
Pilana B.OJhajjar124202
Rewari Khera B.OJhajjar124504
Ritauli B.OJhajjar124201
Sahlawas S.OJhajjar124146
Samaspur Majra B.OJhajjar124109
Sampla S.OJhajjar124501
Sankhol B.OJhajjar124507
Sasroli B.OJhajjar124106
Sehlenga B.OJhajjar124106
Seria B.OJhajjar124102
Sewana B.OJhajjar124202
Silani B.OJhajjar124103
Silani B.OJhajjar124109
Soldha B.OJhajjar124507
Sondhi B.OJhajjar124105
Subana B.OJhajjar124109
Suha B.OJhajjar124104
Sulodha B.OJhajjar124103
Surheti B.OJhajjar124109
Talao B.OJhajjar124103
Tanda Heri B.OJhajjar124507
Tumbaheri B.OJhajjar124109
Ukhal Channa B.OJhajjar124104
Utlodha B.OJhajjar124103
Yakubpur B.OJhajjar124103
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