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Hisar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Hisar district, Haryana
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A.F. Hansi B.OHisar125033
Agroha S.OHisar125047
Anaj Mandi Hansi S.OHisar125033
Arya Nagar B.OHisar125001
Auto Market Hisar S.OHisar125001
B.S.F Hisar S.OHisar125011
Balsmand B.OHisar125001
Banbhori B.OHisar125121
Bandaheri B.OHisar125001
Barwala Mandi S.OHisar125121
Barwala Road Hansi S.OHisar125033
Barwala S.O (Hisar)Hisar125121
Bass S.OHisar125042
Behbalpur B.OHisar125001
Bhagana B.OHisar125044
Bhaini Amirpur B.OHisar125039
Bhaini Badshahpur B.OHisar125121
Bhaklana B.OHisar125038
Bhatla B.OHisar125033
Bhatol Jattan B.OHisar125033
Bhoda B.OHisar125047
Biana Khera B.OHisar125121
Bobua B.OHisar125113
Budana B.OHisar125039
Bugana B.OHisar125121
Burak B.OHisar125001
C.S.F Hisar B.OHisar125001
Chakpanihar B.OHisar125001
Chamar Khera B.OHisar125113
Chanot B.OHisar125033
Chaudhariwali B.OHisar125001
Chaudhariwas B.OHisar125001
Chikanwas B.OHisar125047
Chirod B.OHisar125001
Chuli Bagrian B.OHisar125052
Chuli Khurd B.OHisar125052
Dabra B.OHisar125005
Dahima B.OHisar125006
Dahman B.OHisar125112
Daroli B.OHisar125052
Data B.OHisar125049
Daulatpur B.OHisar125121
Daultpur B.OHisar125121
Daya B.OHisar125001
Dhadh B.OHisar125121
Dhana Kalan B.OHisar125033
Dhana Khurd B.OHisar125033
Dhanderi B.OHisar125033
Dhani Khan Bahadur B.OHisar125121
Dhani Peeranwali B.OHisar125033
Dhansu B.OHisar125005
Dharam Kheri B.OHisar125038
Dobhi B.OHisar125001
Durjanpur B.OHisar125052
Ebs Hisar B.OHisar125001
Faridpur B.OHisar125121
Gaibipur B.OHisar125121
Gajuwala B.OHisar125120
Gamra B.OHisar125039
Gangwa B.OHisar125004
Garhi B.OHisar125033
Gawar B.OHisar125001
Ghirai B.OHisar125033
Ghursal B.OHisar125052
Gju Hisar S.OHisar125001
Glf Hisar B.OHisar125001
Gorakhpur B.OHisar125047
Gorchi B.OHisar125001
Gurana B.OHisar125121
Ha U Hisar S.OHisar125004
Haibatpur B.OHisar125039
Hansi City S.OHisar125033
Hansi S.OHisar125033
Harita B.OHisar125001
Hassangarh B.OHisar125113
Hazampur B.OHisar125033
Hisar Nai Mandi S.OHisar125001
Hisar Cantt S.OHisar125006
Hisar City S.OHisar125001
Hisar H.OHisar125001
Hisar Kty S.OHisar125001
Htm HisarHisar125001
Iacbp Hisar B.OHisar125001
Jakhod Khera B.OHisar125052
Jamauri B.OHisar125033
Jeora B.OHisar125121
Juglan B.OHisar125001
Kabrel B.OHisar125052
Kagasar B.OHisar125038
Kaimri B.OHisar125001
Kajlan B.OHisar125052
Kalirawan B.OHisar125052
Kaller Bhaini B.OHisar125113
Kanoh Punia B.OHisar125112
Kanwari B.OHisar125037
Kapro B.OHisar125039
Khairi B.OHisar125112
Khairmpur B.OHisar125052
Khanda Kheri S.OHisar125038
Kharak Punia B.OHisar125121
Kharar Alipur B.OHisar125044
Kharbala B.OHisar125042
Kharia B.OHisar125001
Kharkara B.OHisar125121
Kharkari B.OHisar125033
Kharkhara B.OHisar125033
Khedar B.OHisar125121
Kheri Barki B.OHisar125001
Kheri Jalab B.OHisar125039
Kheri Kangan B.OHisar125049
Khokha B.OHisar125033
Kinala B.OHisar125112
Kirmara B.OHisar125047
Kirori B.OHisar125112
Kirtan B.OHisar125001
Kishangarh B.OHisar125052
Kohli B.OHisar125052
Koth Kalan B.OHisar125039
Koth Khurd B.OHisar125039
Kulana B.OHisar125033
Kuleri B.OHisar125047
Kumaharia B.OHisar125047
Kumba Khera B.OHisar125113
Kumbha B.OHisar125033
Ladwa B.OHisar125006
Ladwi B.OHisar125052
Landhari B.OHisar125047
Litani B.OHisar125113
Lohari Ragho B.OHisar125039
M.C.Hisar S.OHisar125001
Madanheri B.OHisar125042
Madha B.OHisar125039
Mahalsara B.OHisar125052
Maijod B.OHisar125049
Majra B.OHisar125039
Mandi Adampur S.OHisar125052
Mangali B.OHisar125001
Marh B.OHisar125051
Masudpur B.OHisar125049
Matloda B.OHisar125121
Mattar Sham B.OHisar125001
Mayar B.OHisar125044
Meda Khera B.OHisar125052
Mehanda B.OHisar125033
Milakpur B.OHisar125039
Mini Secretariat Hansi S.OHisar125033
Mini. Sectt hisar S.OHisar125001
Mirchpur B.OHisar125039
Mirzappur B.OHisar125005
Modle Town Hisar S.OHisar125005
Mohbatpur B.OHisar125052
Mohla B.OHisar125042
Moth B.OHisar125039
Muklan B.OHisar125004
Muzadpur B.OHisar125037
N A M Hisar S.OHisar125001
Nalwa S.OHisar125037
Nangthala B.OHisar125047
Nara B.OHisar125039
Narnaund S.OHisar125039
Nehla B.OHisar125112
Neoli Kalan B.OHisar125004
Niyana B.OHisar125005
Pabra S.OHisar125112
Pali B.OHisar125049
Palsar B.OHisar125051
Panihari B.OHisar125121
Parbhuwala B.OHisar125113
Patel Nager Hisar S.OHisar125001
Petwar B.OHisar125033
Puthi Samain B.OHisar125042
Puthimangal Khan B.OHisar125033
Qutabpur B.OHisar125044
Raipur B.OHisar125044
Rajli B.OHisar125121
Rajthal B.OHisar125039
Rakhi Shahpur B.OHisar125039
Rawalwas Khurd B.OHisar125001
Sadalpur B.OHisar125052
Sahu B.OHisar125113
Salemgarh B.OHisar125052
Sandlana B.OHisar125121
Sandol B.OHisar125047
Saniana B.OHisar125113
Sarangpur B.OHisar125052
Sarhera B.OHisar125121
Sarsana B.OHisar125001
Sarsod B.OHisar125121
Satroad Kalan B.OHisar125006
Satroad Khurd S.OHisar125044
Shaharwa B.OHisar125001
Shahpur B.OHisar125004
Shaikhpura B.OHisar125033
Shamukh B.OHisar125047
Sindher B.OHisar125033
Singhwa B.OHisar125042
Sisai S.O (Hisar)Hisar125049
Siswal B.OHisar125052
Siwani Bolan B.OHisar125047
Sorkhi B.OHisar125033
Sotha B.OHisar125039
Sulchani B.OHisar125038
Sultanpur B.OHisar125033
Sundawas B.OHisar125001
Surewala B.OHisar125113
T C Hansi S.OHisar125033
Talwandi Rana B.OHisar125001
Talwandi Rukka B.OHisar125001
Thaska B.OHisar125047
Thurana B.OHisar125033
Tokas B.OHisar125001
Ttc Hisar B.OHisar125001
Ugalan B.OHisar125038
Uklana Mandi S.OHisar125113
Umra B.OHisar125033
Urban Estate 2 Hhisar S.OHisar125005
Vidut Nagar Hisar S.OHisar125005

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