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Una Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Una district, Himachal Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajauli B.OUna174301
Amb S.OUna177203
Ambehra Dhiraj B.OUna174314
Amboa B.OUna177204
Ambota S.OUna177205
Andora B.OUna177203
Arlu B.OUna174307
Arn Behal B.OUna177109
Babehar B.OUna177204
Badehar B.OUna174306
Badhera B.OUna177209
Badoh B.OUna177201
Badoli B.OUna174302
Badsala B.OUna174303
Barnoh B.OUna174303
Basal B.OUna174303
Basoli B.OUna174303
Bathri B.OUna174301
Bathu B.OUna174301
Batuhi B.OUna174302
Beetan B.OUna176601
Behdala B.OUna174306
Bhadarkali B.OUna177204
Bhadauri B.OUna177220
Bhadsali S.OUna174317
Bhadwar B.OUna174321
Bhalaun B.OUna174314
Bhanjal B.OUna177213
Bharwain S.OUna177109
Bhater B.OUna177110
Bhatoli B.OUna174315
Bhera S.OUna174316
Bhindla B.OUna177039
Biderwal B.OUna176601
Budhan B.OUna174308
Chaksarai B.OUna177210
Chalet B.OUna177204
Chalola B.OUna174303
Chamiari B.OUna174308
Charara B.OUna174307
Charatghar B.OUna174315
Chatara B.OUna174306
Chhaproh B.OUna174321
Chhatarpur B.OUna174301
Chintpurni S.OUna177110
Chowar B.OUna177203
Chowki Maniar S.OUna174314
Chulhari B.OUna177031
Churru B.OUna177211
Daloh B.OUna177203
Dangohkalan B.OUna177204
Dangoli B.OUna174303
Dathwara B.OUna174303
Daulatpurchowk S.OUna177204
Dehlan S.OUna174306
Deoli B.OUna177212
Dera Baba Rudra Nand B.OUna174303
Dhalwari B.OUna177110
Dhamandri B.OUna174303
Dharampur B.OUna177220
Dharamsal B.OUna177110
Dhundla B.OUna174308
Dhussara S.OUna174302
Diara B.OUna174316
Distt.Court Una S.OUna174303
Dohgi Upperli B.OUna174307
Dulehar S.OUna176601
Gagret S.OUna177201
Ganu B.OUna174319
Ghaloon B.OUna177041
Ghanari S.OUna177212
Ghangret B.OUna177110
Gindpur B.OUna177110
Gondpur Banera S.OUna177213
Gondpurbulla B.OUna176601
Gondpurjaichand B.OUna176601
Guglehar B.OUna177208
Hamboli B.OUna174316
Haroli S.OUna177220
Harot B.OUna174307
Hatli B.OUna174307
Hiran B.OUna176601
Ispur B.OUna177207
Jadla B.OUna177208
Jajjar B.OUna177109
Jakhera B.OUna174315
Jankaur B.OUna174303
Jassana B.OUna174307
Jatehri B.OUna174307
Jawal B.OUna177110
Jawar B.OUna177210
Jhamber B.OUna174303
Joh B.OUna177204
Kadh B.OUna177213
Kaloh B.OUna177201
Kalruhi B.OUna177203
Kanger B.OUna177209
Katauhar Kalan B.OUna177211
Kataur Khurd B.OUna177203
Kathiari B.OUna177211
Khad B.OUna177207
Khanpur B.OUna174301
Khurwain B.OUna174321
Kinoo B.OUna177109
Kohdra B.OUna174308
Kotla Kalan B.OUna174303
Kotla Khurd B.OUna174303
Kuneran B.OUna177219
Kungrat B.OUna176601
Kuriala B.OUna174303
Kuthar Beet B.OUna174503
Kuthera Jaswalan B.OUna177206
Kuthera Kherla B.OUna177203
Lalri B.OUna174301
Lamlehri B.OUna174303
Lathiani S.OUna174308
Lohara B.OUna177109
Loharli B.OUna177208
Mairi B.OUna177210
Makrer B.OUna174321
Malangar B.OUna174308
Mandli B.OUna174321
Marwari S.OUna174319
Mawa Kaholan B.OUna177204
Mawa Sindhian B.OUna177206
Mehatpur S.O (Una)Una174315
Mubarikpur S.OUna177202
Nagnoli B.OUna177208
Nakroh B.OUna177213
Nandpur B.OUna177211
Nangal Jarialan B.OUna177212
Nangal Kalan B.OUna174301
Nangal Khurd B.OUna174301
Nangal Salangri B.OUna174303
Nangran B.OUna174315
Nari B.OUna177110
Nari Devi Singh B.OUna174307
Nehri Nauranga S.OUna177210
Oel S.O (Una)Una177206
Palakwah B.OUna177220
Paloh B.OUna177039
Pandogha S.OUna177207
Panjawar S.OUna177208
Panjoa Ladoli B.OUna177211
Panoh B.OUna174303
Paroian B.OUna174321
Pirthipur B.OUna177204
Polian Beet B.OUna174503
Polian Purohitan B.OUna177210
Pubowal S.OUna174503
Rainsary B.OUna174303
Raipur S.O (Una)Una177031
Raipur Sahoran B.OUna174315
Rajpur Jaswan B.OUna177210
Rakkar Colony B.OUna174303
Ripoh Misran B.OUna177210
Sagnai B.OUna177212
Sainsowal B.OUna177220
Saloh Beri B.OUna174319
Saloh S.OUna177209
Saloi B.OUna177203
Samoor Kalan B.OUna174303
Sanouli B.OUna174301
Santokhgarh S.OUna174301
Sapauri B.OUna177210
Satother B.OUna174302
Singan B.OUna176601
Sohari S.OUna177039
Suhin B.OUna177109
Sunkali S.OUna177219
Suri B.OUna177210
Tabba Behdala B.OUna174306
Takarala B.OUna177211
Takka B.OUna174303
Talmehra S.OUna174320
Tanoh B.OUna174308
Teuri B.OUna174303
Thanakalan S.OUna174321
Thathal S.OUna177211
Thathoon B.OUna174307
Una H.OUna174303

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