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Solan Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Solan district, Himachal Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Anji Brahamna B.OSolan173215
Arki S.OSolan173208
Baddal Goela B.OSolan173206
Baddi S.OSolan173205
Badhalag B.OSolan173218
Badhaunighat B.OSolan173233
Badhokhari B.OSolan173218
Barog R.S.B.OSolan173211
Barotiwala S.OSolan174103
Baruna B.OSolan174101
Basal B.OSolan173213
Basha B.OSolan173215
Batal B.OSolan173208
Beral B.OSolan171102
Bhainch Kuftoo B.OSolan173207
Bhararighat B.OSolan171102
Bharti B.OSolan173206
Bhatian B.OSolan174101
Bhatoli Kalan B.OSolan173205
Bhiyunkhari B.OSolan174102
Bhogpur B.OSolan174101
Bhojnagar B.OSolan173229
Bhood B.OSolan173205
Bhumati B.OSolan173221
Bisha B.OSolan173215
Bohli B.OSolan173229
Brauri B.OSolan173207
Chail S.O (Solan)Solan173217
Chakhar Bughar B.OSolan171102
Chambaghat S.OSolan173213
Chamdar B.OSolan174102
Chandi B.OSolan173206
Chhausa B.OSolan173206
Chhiachi B.OSolan174102
Dabhota B.OSolan174101
Dagshai S.OSolan173210
Damkari B.OSolan173212
Dangheel B.OSolan173217
Danoghat B.OSolan171102
Darla S.OSolan171102
Darwa B.OSolan173206
Delgi B.OSolan173206
Deothi B.OSolan173211
Dhakriana B.OSolan173206
Dhar Ki Ber B.OSolan173209
Dharampur S.O (Solan)Solan173209
Dharmana B.OSolan174102
Dharot B.OSolan173213
Dheola B.OSolan173207
Dhundan S.OSolan173235
Diggal S.OSolan173218
Doli B.OSolan174102
Domehar S.OSolan173221
Domeharbani B.OSolan173215
Ekhoo B.OSolan173233
Gaighat B.OSolan173229
Galanag B.OSolan173212
Galote B.OSolan174101
Ganagughat B.OSolan171102
Garkhal S.OSolan173201
Gaura B.OSolan173212
Gharsi B.OSolan173206
Ghatti B.OSolan173211
Goela Panner B.OSolan174101
Gunahkalan B.OSolan174102
Gurumajra B.OSolan174101
Hanuman Barog B.OSolan171102
Haripur B.OSolan173206
Haripur Sandoli B.OSolan173205
Hinner B.OSolan173217
Jabli B.OSolan173209
Jagjit Nagar B.OSolan173225
Jainagar B.OSolan173221
Jaunaji B.OSolan173212
Jhaja B.OSolan173217
Jhajra B.OSolan174101
Jobri B.OSolan173221
Joghon B.OSolan174101
Jubbar S.OSolan173225
Jubla B.OSolan173207
Kabakalan B.OSolan173229
Kahala B.OSolan173207
Kaithlighat B.OSolan173215
Kakkar Hatti B.OSolan173206
Kalibari B.OSolan174101
Kanda B.OSolan173209
Kandaghat S.OSolan173215
Karuana B.OSolan173205
Kasauli MT S.OSolan173204
Kasauli RI B.OSolan173204
Kasauli S.OSolan173204
Kashlog B.OSolan171102
Katal B.OSolan173218
Kawarag B.OSolan173215
Khararhatti B.OSolan173207
Khera B.OSolan174101
Khillian B.OSolan174101
Kiarighat B.OSolan173215
Kohu B.OSolan174102
Kot B.OSolan173225
Kot Beja B.OSolan173233
Koti B.OSolan173207
Kotla B.OSolan173212
Kumarhatti S.OSolan173229
Kundlu B.OSolan174101
Kunhar B.OSolan173221
Kunihar S.OSolan173207
Kuthar B.OSolan173206
Lagdaghat B.OSolan174102
Lodhimajra B.OSolan174101
Loharghat B.OSolan174102
Lunas B.OSolan174102
Maan B.OSolan173218
Malera B.OSolan173206
Mamlig S.OSolan173222
Mandhala B.OSolan174103
Mandodhar B.OSolan173209
Mangal B.OSolan171102
Mangoo B.OSolan171102
Manjholi B.OSolan174101
Manjhyat B.OSolan173208
Manjoo B.OSolan173208
Manlogkalan B.OSolan173218
Manpura B.OSolan174101
Masulkhana B.OSolan173220
Materani B.OSolan173221
Matuli B.OSolan174102
Mittian B.OSolan174102
Nagali B.OSolan173217
Nagaon B.OSolan171102
Nalagarh S.OSolan174101
Nand Karlata B.OSolan174102
Nangal B.OSolan174101
Nauni S.OSolan173230
Nayagram B.OSolan173220
Oachghat S.OSolan173223
Palania B.OSolan173208
Palog B.OSolan173208
Panjhera B.OSolan174101
Parnoo B.OSolan171102
Parwanoo S.OSolan173220
Patta S.OSolan173233
Piplughat B.OSolan171102
Plassaikalan B.OSolan174101
Pole Da Khala B.OSolan174102
Pratha B.OSolan173220
Rajpura B.OSolan174101
Rampur B.OSolan173206
Ramshahar S.OSolan174102
Ratwari B.OSolan174101
Reru B.OSolan174101
Rouri B.OSolan173209
RR Solan S.OSolan173212
Sadhupul B.OSolan173215
Sai B.OSolan173205
Salogra B.OSolan173214
Sanawar S.OSolan173202
Saproon S.OSolan173211
Saryanj B.OSolan171102
Saur B.OSolan174102
Sayri B.OSolan173207
Sector-2 Parwanoo S.OSolan173220
Sewra Chandi B.OSolan171102
Shalaghat B.OSolan173208
Shamti B.OSolan173212
Shardaghat B.OSolan173207
Shehrol B.OSolan173221
Solan Brewery S.OSolan173214
Solan H.OSolan173212
Subathu S.OSolan173206
Sujhaila B.OSolan173208
Sultanpur B.OSolan173229
Surajpur B.OSolan174103
Taksal B.OSolan173220
Thana B.OSolan173205
Tikker B.OSolan173217
Tundal B.OSolan173215
Waknaghat S.OSolan173234

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