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Valsad Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Valsad district, Gujarat
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Achhari B.OValsad396105
Ambheti B.OValsad396191
Amboli B.OValsad396230
Amdha B.OValsad396126
Amli B.OValsad396125
Angam B.OValsad396155
Anjlav B.OValsad396055
Anklas B.OValsad396235
Anklash B.OValsad396051
Arnai B.OValsad396065
Aslona B.OValsad396065
Asma B.OValsad396125
Astol B.OValsad396065
Asura B.OValsad396050
Atak Pardi B.OValsad396007
Atgam S.OValsad396045
Atul S.OValsad396020
Avdha B.OValsad396050
Babarkhadak B.OValsad396126
Bagwada B.OValsad396185
Balda B.OValsad396125
Balitha B.OValsad396191
Balohondi B.OValsad396126
Bamti B.OValsad396050
Barai B.OValsad396145
Baroliya B.OValsad396050
Barpuda B.OValsad396065
Barsol B.OValsad396050
Bartad B.OValsad396051
Barumal B.OValsad396050
Bhadeli B.OValsad396030
Bhadeli Jagalala B.OValsad396030
Bhagal B.OValsad396385
Bhagod B.OValsad396020
Bhambha B.OValsad396050
Bhathi Karmbeli B.OValsad396165
Bhavthan Ambosi B.OValsad396051
Bhensdara B.OValsad396050
Bhilad S.OValsad396105
Bhutsar B.OValsad396055
Bildha B.OValsad396051
Bilpudi B.OValsad396050
Binwada B.OValsad396020
Bodlai B.OValsad396055
Bopi B.OValsad396051
Borigam B.OValsad396235
Borlai B.OValsad396105
Burla B.OValsad396065
Chala B.OValsad396191
Chandor B.OValsad396191
Chandvegan B.OValsad396065
Chanod Md B.OValsad396195
Chanvai B.OValsad396020
Chavshala B.OValsad396065
Chepa B.OValsad396065
Chharwada B.OValsad396030
Chhiri B.OValsad396191
Chichozar B.OValsad396050
Chival B.OValsad396126
Dabkhal B.OValsad396065
Dehli B.OValsad396105
Dehri B.OValsad396170
Deli B.OValsad396126
Dhamani B.OValsad396050
Dhamdachi B.OValsad396001
Dhanoli B.OValsad396105
Dhanori B.OValsad396045
Dharampur S.O (Valsad)Valsad396050
Dharasana B.OValsad396375
Dhodhadkuva B.OValsad396126
Dhodipada B.OValsad396130
Dholai Falia B.OValsad396385
Dived B.OValsad396020
Divsi B.OValsad396065
Dulsad B.OValsad396007
Dumlav B.OValsad396145
Dungra B.OValsad396193
Dungri (Udava RS) B.OValsad396185
Dungri S.O (Valsad)Valsad396375
Endergota B.OValsad396375
Faldhara B.OValsad396007
Fanaswada B.OValsad396045
Gadaria B.OValsad396055
Gadi B.OValsad396051
Ghadoi B.OValsad396001
Ghanveri B.OValsad396065
Ghotan B.OValsad396065
Girnala B.OValsad396065
Goima B.OValsad396145
Gorgam B.OValsad396375
Gowada B.OValsad396170
Gundia B.OValsad396050
Hanuman Bhagda S.OValsad396030
Hanumatmal B.OValsad396051
Haria B.OValsad396020
Jamalia B.OValsad396051
Jamburi B.OValsad396105
Jesia B.OValsad396375
Jespore B.OValsad396375
Jirval B.OValsad396065
Jogvel B.OValsad396126
Jujwa B.OValsad396007
Kachigam B.OValsad396007
Kachigam B.OValsad396235
Kakadkopar B.OValsad396126
Kakadkuva B.OValsad396065
Kakadmati B.OValsad396007
Kakwadi B.OValsad396385
Kalai B.OValsad396105
Kalgam B.OValsad396140
Kalsar B.OValsad396185
Kalwada B.OValsad396045
Kamparia B.OValsad396055
Kanadu B.OValsad396105
Kangvi B.OValsad396051
Kanjan Hari B.OValsad396055
Kanjan Ranchhod B.OValsad396055
Kaprada B.OValsad396065
Karajgam B.OValsad396155
Karambeli B.OValsad396105
Karambeli R.S. B.OValsad396105
Karanjveri B.OValsad396051
Karaya B.OValsad396191
Kewada B.OValsad396001
Khadakwal B.OValsad396065
Khadki B.OValsad396185
Khadoli B.OValsad396230
Khajurdi B.OValsad396001
Khanda B.OValsad396051
Kharvel B.OValsad396050
Khatalwada S.OValsad396120
Khatana B.OValsad396051
Kherlav B.OValsad396145
Killa Pardi S.OValsad396125
Kolak S.OValsad396115
Koparli B.OValsad396191
Kosamba (Valsad) B.OValsad396007
Kosamkuwa B.OValsad396050
Kumbharia B.OValsad396125
Kundi B.OValsad396375
Kurgam B.OValsad396007
Lavachha B.OValsad396193
Lilapore B.OValsad396030
Machhiwad B.OValsad396125
Magod B.OValsad396020
Magod Dungri B.OValsad396020
Makadban B.OValsad396050
Malav B.OValsad396105
Malvan B.OValsad396385
Manaichondi B.OValsad396051
Manda B.OValsad396155
Mandva B.OValsad396065
Manekpore B.OValsad396120
Marla B.OValsad396055
Maroli Sanjan S.OValsad396130
Meghval B.OValsad396240
Meh B.OValsad396020
Mohan B.OValsad396105
Mohpada B.OValsad396065
Morai B.OValsad396191
Mota Pondha B.OValsad396191
Moti Tambadi B.OValsad396193
Moti Vahiyal B.OValsad396065
Muli B.OValsad396045
Murdad B.OValsad396051
Nadagdhari B.OValsad396051
Nagvas B.OValsad396235
Nahuli B.OValsad396105
Namdha B.OValsad396191
Nanapondha S.OValsad396126
Nandigam B.OValsad396105
Nani Dholdungri B.OValsad396051
Nani Tambadi B.OValsad396193
Nanivahiyal S.OValsad396065
Nargol S.OValsad396135
Navera B.OValsad396055
Nevri B.OValsad396126
Ozar B.OValsad396055
Ozar B.OValsad396191
Ozarda B.OValsad396065
Pachlai B.OValsad396125
Palan B.OValsad396001
Palgam B.OValsad396170
Pali B.OValsad396105
Palsana Pardi B.OValsad396185
Panas B.OValsad396126
Pandor B.OValsad396191
Pardi Paria S.OValsad396145
Pardi R.S. B.OValsad396125
Parnera (Urban) B.OValsad396020
Parnera Pardi B.OValsad396007
Parwasa B.OValsad396125
Patel Faliya B.OValsad396145
Phansa S.OValsad396140
Pindval B.OValsad396050
Pitha B.OValsad396045
Punat B.OValsad396155
Rabda B.OValsad396055
Rajpur Talat B.OValsad396051
Rata B.OValsad396191
Rohina B.OValsad396145
Rola B.OValsad396375
Ronvel S.OValsad396055
Sahuda B.OValsad396065
Salvav B.OValsad396191
Samarpada B.OValsad396126
Sanjan Bandar B.OValsad396150
Sanjan S.OValsad396150
Sarai B.OValsad396130
Sarigam S.OValsad396155
Sarodhi B.OValsad396001
Sarodhi B.OValsad396185
Saron B.OValsad396001
Saronda B.OValsad396135
Segva B.OValsad396045
Segvi B.OValsad396007
Shankar Talav B.OValsad396375
Shildha B.OValsad396065
Sidumber B.OValsad396050
Solsumba S.OValsad396165
Sondhal Wada B.OValsad396125
Sonwada B.OValsad396375
Sonwada B.OValsad396125
Sukesh B.OValsad396125
Sukhala B.OValsad396126
Sukhlav B.OValsad396125
Surwada B.OValsad396007
Tadgam B.OValsad396135
Tarmalia B.OValsad396145
Tembhi B.OValsad396150
Tighasa B.OValsad396375
Tiskari B.OValsad396050
Tithal B.OValsad396001
Tukwada B.OValsad396185
Tumb B.OValsad396150
Udvada R.S. S.OValsad396185
Udvada S.OValsad396180
Ukta B.OValsad396050
Umargam I.E. S.OValsad396171
Umargam S.OValsad396170
Umarsadi B.OValsad396125
Untdi S.OValsad396385
Vadoli B.OValsad396065
Vaghaldhara B.OValsad396375
Vaghchhipa B.OValsad396125
Valsad - Vankal B.OValsad396007
Valsad Abrama S.OValsad396002
Valsad Chhipwad S.OValsad396001
Valsad H.OValsad396001
Valsad I.E. S.OValsad396035
Valsad Mograwadi S.OValsad396001
Valsad Mota Bazar S.OValsad396001
Valsad Sugar Factory S.OValsad396007
Valvada B.OValsad396105
Vankas B.OValsad396150
Vapi I.E. S.OValsad396195
Vapi S.OValsad396191
Varna B.OValsad396126
Varoli Talat B.OValsad396126
Varvath B.OValsad396065
Vasan B.OValsad396375
Vatar B.OValsad396191
Velparwa B.OValsad396125
Velvach B.OValsad396007
Veribhavada B.OValsad396050
Virakset B.OValsad396065
Virval B.OValsad396051
Zaroli B.OValsad396105

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