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Kheda Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Kheda district, Gujarat
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhripur B.OKheda387335
Abvel B.OKheda387650
Agarwa B.OKheda388230
Ajmavatkot B.OKheda387610
Ambaliara B.OKheda387620
Ambav (Thasra) B.OKheda388250
Aminpura B.OKheda387620
Amrapura B.OKheda387130
Anara B.OKheda387630
Angadi B.OKheda388250
Antisar B.OKheda387620
Antisar Gat- Kpdvj S.OKheda387620
Antroli B.OKheda387570
Antroli B.OKheda387365
Apruji B.OKheda387610
Arera B.OKheda387320
Asamli B.OKheda387530
Ashram Road -Nadiad S.OKheda387001
Attarsumba S.OKheda387610
Badarpur B.OKheda387635
Bamangam B.OKheda388180
Bandhani S.OKheda388410
Bar B.OKheda388265
Bavra B.OKheda387130
Betawada B.OKheda387650
Bhadkad B.OKheda387380
Bhadrasa B.OKheda388230
Bhailakui B.OKheda387610
Bhaner B.OKheda387630
Bhanthala B.OKheda388255
Bharkunda B.OKheda387430
Bharodi B.OKheda388260
Bhatera B.OKheda387630
Bhatpura B.OKheda388220
Bhavan ' S College B.OKheda388225
Bhoja Na Muvada B.OKheda387650
Bhumel B.OKheda387370
Bhungalia B.OKheda387620
Bhutia B.OKheda387620
Bidaj B.OKheda387120
Bilodara B.OKheda387002
Birpur S.O (Kheda)Kheda388260
Bngroli B.OKheda387350
Bnmroli B.OKheda387350
Bochasan B.OKheda388140
Bordi B.OKheda388225
Chaklashi S.OKheda387315
Chalali B.OKheda387115
Chandana B.OKheda387560
Chandasar B.OKheda388225
Changa S.OKheda388421
Charan Nikol B.OKheda387640
Chetarsumba B.OKheda388225
Chhapra B.OKheda387130
Chhipdi S.OKheda387635
Chhipial B.OKheda387635
Chikhlod B.OKheda387640
Chitlav B.OKheda388230
Chunel B.OKheda387330
Chuva B.OKheda388140
Dabhali B.OKheda388250
Dabhan S.OKheda387320
Dadusar B.OKheda387335
Dahiup B.OKheda387620
Dakor S.OKheda388225
Dampat B.OKheda387630
Dana B.OKheda387630
Danadra B.OKheda387620
Dasalwada B.OKheda387365
Davda B.OKheda387350
Debhari B.OKheda388260
Degam B.OKheda387320
Demol B.OKheda387710
Desai Vago S.OKheda387001
Dethli B.OKheda387210
Dev B.OKheda388265
Deva B.OKheda387380
Devki Vansol B.OKheda387130
Dharoda B.OKheda387540
Dhathal B.OKheda387550
Dhunadra B.OKheda388230
Dhundi B.OKheda388250
Dudhathal B.OKheda387620
Dumaral B.OKheda387355
Dumral Bazar S.OKheda387001
Fagvel B.OKheda387640
Fatepur B.OKheda387370
Felsani B.OKheda388255
Gadhavada B.OKheda388255
Gandhari B.OKheda388260
Garmala B.OKheda387510
Garod B.OKheda387620
Ghadia B.OKheda387620
Ghodali B.OKheda387130
Ghodasar S.O (Kheda)Kheda387110
Ghogawada B.OKheda387630
Gobalaj B.OKheda387540
Golaj B.OKheda388250
Gothaj B.OKheda387130
Gumadia B.OKheda388250
Guntheli B.OKheda388255
Gutal B.OKheda387370
Haldarvas B.OKheda387110
Handia B.OKheda388265
Hariala B.OKheda387570
Hathaj B.OKheda387360
Hathnoli B.OKheda387110
Heranj B.OKheda387330
Heranj B.OKheda387510
Jalia B.OKheda387335
Jamni B.OKheda387630
Janod B.OKheda388255
Jaravat B.OKheda387110
Jetholi B.OKheda388265
Jher B.OKheda387620
Jodhpur B.OKheda388265
Jorapura B.OKheda388255
Kachchhai B.OKheda387130
Kakarkhad B.OKheda387635
Kalaji B.OKheda387620
Kaloli B.OKheda387550
Kalsar S.OKheda388230
Kambopa B.OKheda388265
Kanera B.OKheda387540
Kaniel B.OKheda387365
Kanij S.OKheda387120
Kanjari S.OKheda387325
Kanjoda B.OKheda387115
Kapadwanj S.OKheda387620
Kaparupur B.OKheda387305
Karoli B.OKheda387710
Karoli B.OKheda387335
Kasodi B.OKheda388260
Kathana B.OKheda387640
Kathlal S.OKheda387630
Kavath B.OKheda387620
Keriavi B.OKheda387355
Kesara B.OKheda387430
Khada B.OKheda387530
Khadgodhra B.OKheda388255
Khadol B.OKheda387365
Khandhli B.OKheda387510
Kharanti B.OKheda387520
Kharod B.OKheda388265
Khata B.OKheda388260
Khatraj B.OKheda387130
Kheda H.OKheda387411
Kheroli B.OKheda388260
Khijalpur B.OKheda388215
Khumarwad B.OKheda387570
Khuntaj B.OKheda387430
Kosam B.OKheda388250
Kosam B.OKheda387610
Koshiyal B.OKheda387530
Kotlindra B.OKheda388230
Koydam B.OKheda388260
Koyla B.OKheda388260
Kumbharwadi B.OKheda388260
Kuna B.OKheda387110
Kuni B.OKheda388235
Ladvel B.OKheda387640
Lali B.OKheda387120
Lasundra S.OKheda387640
Laval B.OKheda387380
Letar B.OKheda387620
Limbarwada B.OKheda388260
Limbasi S.OKheda387520
Machhiel B.OKheda387530
Mahelaj B.OKheda387530
Mahemdavad S.OKheda387130
Mahi Itadi B.OKheda388235
Mahij B.OKheda387120
Mahisa S.OKheda387340
Mahudha S.OKheda387335
Mal Itadi B.OKheda387640
Malai B.OKheda388225
Malavada B.OKheda387520
Maliataj B.OKheda387380
Malvan B.OKheda388245
Manghroli B.OKheda387115
Manjipura B.OKheda387320
Manjipura B.OKheda388230
Mankwa B.OKheda387130
Marida B.OKheda387360
Masra B.OKheda388215
Matar S.OKheda387530
Methodist Hospital Tso Nad S.OKheda387002
Minavada B.OKheda387630
Mithapura (Jesapura) B.OKheda388230
Mitral B.OKheda387710
Modaj B.OKheda387110
Mohlel S.OKheda387330
Muliad B.OKheda388225
Nadhanpur B.OKheda387530
Nadiad H.OKheda387001
Nanadara B.OKheda388250
Nani Khadol B.OKheda387335
Narsanda S.OKheda387345
Navagam B.OKheda387620
Navagam B.OKheda387710
Navagam S.OKheda387540
Navagama B.OKheda388255
Nayka S.OKheda387550
Nenpur B.OKheda387130
Nepalpura B.OKheda388250
Nes B.OKheda388230
Nirmali S.O (Kheda)Kheda387650
Nizampura B.OKheda387340
Othwad B.OKheda388255
Ozarala B.OKheda388225
Padal B.OKheda388235
Palaiya B.OKheda387330
Palana S.OKheda387350
Palla B.OKheda387530
Pandva S.OKheda388265
Pandvania B.OKheda388220
Pansroda B.OKheda388265
Parsaantaj B.OKheda387130
Patel Society Area Tso Nad S.OKheda387002
Pij S.OKheda387230
Pipalwada B.OKheda388250
Piplag S.OKheda387355
Piplata B.OKheda387355
Pithai B.OKheda387630
Porda (Bhatera) B.OKheda387630
Porda Fagvel B.OKheda387640
Punadra B.OKheda387610
Radhu S.OKheda387560
Radhvanaj B.OKheda387570
Rajnagar B.OKheda387345
Rajpur B.OKheda388255
Rakhial B.OKheda388225
Rampur B.OKheda387710
Rampura B.OKheda388260
Rania B.OKheda388230
Rasikpura B.OKheda387560
Raska B.OKheda387120
Rasulpur B.OKheda388250
Rasulpur B.OKheda388260
Ratankuva B.OKheda388260
Ratanpur S.O (Kheda)Kheda387570
Ravalia B.OKheda388225
Ravdavat B.OKheda387610
Ravli B.OKheda387375
Rinchhol B.OKheda387430
Rozva B.OKheda388235
Rudan B.OKheda387335
Ruppura B.OKheda387335
Rustampura B.OKheda388245
Saiyat B.OKheda388225
Salaiya B.OKheda388260
Saliawadi B.OKheda388255
Salun S.OKheda387360
Samadara B.OKheda387120
Sanadra B.OKheda388235
Sanali B.OKheda387330
Sandesar B.OKheda387610
Sandhana B.OKheda387350
Sandheli B.OKheda388250
Sanjaya B.OKheda387375
Sankhej B.OKheda387120
Sansoli B.OKheda387130
Saradia B.OKheda388260
Sarali B.OKheda387630
Saraswani B.OKheda387430
Sarkhej B.OKheda387635
Saroda B.OKheda388255
Sastapur B.OKheda387335
Savli B.OKheda387620
Sayla B.OKheda387530
Sevalia Rs S.OKheda388245
Shatrunda B.OKheda387430
Sheri B.OKheda387305
Shetra B.OKheda387560
Shurasamal B.OKheda387115
Silod B.OKheda387320
Singhali B.OKheda387430
Sinhuj S.OKheda387430
Sinjivada B.OKheda388180
Sodpur B.OKheda387330
Sokhada B.OKheda387570
Sonaiya B.OKheda388245
Sonipur B.OKheda388245
Sorna B.OKheda387620
SRP Group Area Nadiad S.OKheda387001
Sui B.OKheda388225
Sunda B.OKheda387620
Sutaria B.OKheda388265
Telnar B.OKheda387650
Thasra S.OKheda388250
Thavad B.OKheda387620
Torania B.OKheda387335
Torna S.OKheda387365
Traj B.OKheda387530
Tranja B.OKheda387530
Tundel B.OKheda387230
Ukardina Muvada B.OKheda387610
Undhela B.OKheda387510
Undra B.OKheda387335
Uttarsanda S.OKheda387370
Vadad B.OKheda388250
Vadadla B.OKheda387130
Vadali B.OKheda387620
Vadasinor S.OKheda388255
Vadasinor Town (Vadasinor) S.OKheda388255
Vaddala B.OKheda388255
Vadol B.OKheda387640
Vadtal S.OKheda387375
Vadthal B.OKheda387335
Vaghas B.OKheda387620
Vaghas B.OKheda388260
Vaghjipur B.OKheda387610
Valetva B.OKheda388440
Vanoda B.OKheda388235
Vanoti B.OKheda388225
Vansol B.OKheda387335
Vansol B.OKheda387115
Vansol Sundha B.OKheda387430
Vanthavali B.OKheda387430
Varsang B.OKheda387560
Varsola B.OKheda387130
Vasna B.OKheda387340
Vasna Buzarg B.OKheda387560
Vasna Margia B.OKheda387120
Vaso B.OKheda388245
Vaso S.OKheda387380
Vastana B.OKheda388180
Vina B.OKheda387430
Vinzol B.OKheda388220
Vishnupura B.OKheda387620
Vyas Vasna B.OKheda387650
Wanakbori .T.P.S. S.OKheda388239
Wanakbori B.OKheda388235
Wanghroli B.OKheda388235

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