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Gandhi Nagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Gandhi Nagar district, Gujarat
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
(Gandhinagar) Sector 16 S.OGandhi Nagar382016
(Gandhinagar) Sector 17 S.OGandhi Nagar382016
(Gandhinagar) Sector 19 S.OGandhi Nagar382021
(Gandhinagar) Sector 21 S.OGandhi Nagar382021
(Gandhinagar) Sector 22 S.OGandhi Nagar382021
(Gandhinagar) Sector 23 S.OGandhi Nagar382024
(Gandhinagar) Sector 24 S.OGandhi Nagar382024
(Gandhinagar) Sector 28 S.OGandhi Nagar382028
(Gandhinagar) Sector 29 S.OGandhi Nagar382030
(Gandhinagar) Sector 30 S.OGandhi Nagar382030
(Gandhinagar) Sector 6 S.OGandhi Nagar382006
(Gandhinagar) Sector 7 S.OGandhi Nagar382007
(Gandhinagar) Sector 8 S.OGandhi Nagar382007
(Gandhinagar) Sector 9 S.OGandhi Nagar382007
Adalaj S.OGandhi Nagar382421
Adrajmoti B.OGandhi Nagar382640
Ajol B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Ambapur B.OGandhi Nagar382421
Ambika Society Kalol B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Ambod B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Amja B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Amrajinamuvada B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Amrapur Gram Bharti B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Anguthala B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Anodia B.OGandhi Nagar382855
Badpura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Bahiyal S.OGandhi Nagar382308
Balva B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Bapupura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Bardoli-koti B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Baria B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Basan B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Bhat S.OGandhi Nagar382428
Bhoyan Moti B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Bhoyan Rathod B.OGandhi Nagar382422
Bilodra B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Borisana B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Boru B.OGandhi Nagar382845
BSF GANDHINAGAR S.OGandhi Nagar382045
Chadasana B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Chamla B.OGandhi Nagar382433
Chandrala B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Charada S.OGandhi Nagar382810
Chekhala Pagi B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Chhala S.OGandhi Nagar382321
Chhatral S.OGandhi Nagar382729
Chiloda B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Chiskari B.OGandhi Nagar382308
CRPF Campus G Nagar S.OGandhi Nagar382042
Dabhoda S.OGandhi Nagar382355
Dashela B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Dehgam S.OGandhi Nagar382305
Delvada B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Devkaran Na Muvada B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Dhamasana B.OGandhi Nagar382740
Dhanap B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Dharisana B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Dholakuva B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Dingucha B.OGandhi Nagar382740
Dolarana Vasna B.OGandhi Nagar382320
Fatepura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Galudan B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Gandhinagar (Gujarat) H.OGandhi Nagar382010
Ghamij B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Giyod B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Golthara B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Gujrat High Court S.OGandhi Nagar380060
Hajipur B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Halisa B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Harkhji Na Muvada B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Harsoli B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Hathijan B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Hilol B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Indrapura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Indroda B.OGandhi Nagar382007
Isand B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Isanpur-dodia B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Isanpur-mota B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Itadar B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Jakhora B.OGandhi Nagar382320
Jalia No Math B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Jamiyatpura B.OGandhi Nagar382423
Jamla B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Jaspur B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Jawaharmarket Dehgam S.OGandhi Nagar382305
Jethlaj B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Jindva B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Kadjodara B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Kadodara B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Kalol Desaivada S.OGandhi Nagar382721
Kalol Gandhi Road S.OGandhi Nagar382721
Kalol H.OGandhi Nagar382721
Kalol Industrial Estate S.OGandhi Nagar382725
Kalol Society Area S.OGandhi Nagar382721
Kanipur B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Karoli B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Kasturba Vidyalaya B.OGandhi Nagar382007
Kasturinagar S.OGandhi Nagar382423
Khadat B.OGandhi Nagar382855
Khanpur B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Kharana B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Khatraj I E B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Khoraj B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Koba B.OGandhi Nagar382007
Kolavada B.OGandhi Nagar382028
Kotha B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Kudasan B.OGandhi Nagar382421
Lakroda B.OGandhi Nagar382835
Lavad B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Lavarpur B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Lekawada B.OGandhi Nagar382042
Lihoda B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Limbodra B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Lodra S.OGandhi Nagar382835
Madhavgadh B.OGandhi Nagar382320
Magodi B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Mahudi B.OGandhi Nagar382855
Manekpura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Mansa Bazar S.OGandhi Nagar382845
Mansa S.O (Gandhi Nagar)Gandhi Nagar382845
Masang Moti B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Mokhasan B.OGandhi Nagar382740
Mota Jalundra B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Motipura B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Mubarakpura B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Nana Jalundra B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Nandol B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Nardipur S.OGandhi Nagar382735
Navanagar B.OGandhi Nagar382315
New Sachivalaya Complex S.OGandhi Nagar382010
Padusma B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Palaj B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Paliyed (Veda) B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Palsana B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Palundra B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Pansar S.OGandhi Nagar382740
Parbatpura B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Parsa B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Patna Kuva B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Pethapur S.OGandhi Nagar382610
Pindarda B.OGandhi Nagar382610
Piplaj B.OGandhi Nagar382610
Piyaj B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Por B.OGandhi Nagar382421
Prantiya B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Pratapnagar B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Pundhara S.OGandhi Nagar382855
Pundrasan B.OGandhi Nagar382422
Rakhial B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Rakhial RS S.OGandhi Nagar382315
Ramnagar B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Randheja S.OGandhi Nagar382620
Rangpur B.OGandhi Nagar382835
Raysan B.OGandhi Nagar382007
Ridrol B.OGandhi Nagar382835
Rupal S.OGandhi Nagar382630
Sadra S.OGandhi Nagar382320
Sahebji Na Muvada B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Saij B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Salki B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Samau B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Sametri B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Sampa B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Sanoda B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Santej B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Sardhav S.OGandhi Nagar382640
Sargasan B.OGandhi Nagar382421
Serisa B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Shahpur B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Shertha B.OGandhi Nagar382423
Shiholi Moti B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Siawada B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Soja B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Solaiya B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Sughad B.OGandhi Nagar382424
Thermal Power Station S.OGandhi Nagar382041
Tintoda B.OGandhi Nagar382422
Udan B.OGandhi Nagar382315
Unava Balva S.OGandhi Nagar382650
Uvarsad S.OGandhi Nagar382422
Vadodara B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Vadsar Air Force B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Vadsar B.OGandhi Nagar382721
Vadvasa B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Vagosana B.OGandhi Nagar382845
Valad B.OGandhi Nagar382355
Varsoda B.OGandhi Nagar382835
Vasan B.OGandhi Nagar382650
Vasna Sogthi B.OGandhi Nagar382308
Vasna Rathod B.OGandhi Nagar382305
Vasnachaudhary B.OGandhi Nagar382321
Vavol B.OGandhi Nagar382016
Veda (Paliyed) B.OGandhi Nagar382735
Veda B.OGandhi Nagar382855
Vidhansabha S.OGandhi Nagar382010
Vihar B.OGandhi Nagar382810
Zundal B.OGandhi Nagar382421

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